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LOL! F**k you f***book!

Yesterday, I logged in to f***book to share my new “Track and Trace” meme, only to be greeted by the following popups

Hello internet.

As followers of this blog will know, I broke up with facebook in February last year, after they started interfering in (censoring) my private messages on that platform. I’ve only logged in a handful of times since then to share things I’d made with people who are still stranded on that hellsite.

Yesterday, I logged in to f***book to share my new “Track and Trace” meme, only to be greeted by the following popups:

I have no intention of completing two-factor authentication with f***book, because I don’t trust them with my personal information. So, I’ve deactivated my facebook account again. This means that a number of Ann Narkeh Media pages for which I was the only admin will be unpublished. It also means my social media ‘reach’ has decreased by about 98%, from 140k+ down to about 2k, (of whom only a couple of dozen visit this site regularly anyway).

My only remaining social media presence is on twitter, where I have a tiny fraction of the followers that I had on f***book.

So dear reader, can you guess what comes next? That’s right! I’m asking for your help. There’s nothing more soul destroying than creating content which nobody will see, so if I’m to keep at it I require assistance with;

a) getting my content out on f***book
b) getting more subscribers for and
c) getting more twitter followers.

Also, it’s almost that time of year when the wordpress subs are due again, so any contributions would also be most gratefully received right about now!

Here’s some recent content I created, which you might have missed:

‘Track and Trace’ is the new ‘Mass Surveillance’ (meme)

MASK UP! 3D Self Portrait

Stay Alert to Baffling Kafka-esque Mindfuckery (memes)

Sir Forensic BootlicKeir (memes and words)

Sir ForensicBootlicKeir™ Memes and Words

UK: Highest Deathtoll in Europe. PM Getting Cull Done! [Daily Wail]

UK Records Highest Number of Covid-19 Deaths in Europe [The Occupied Sun]

UK has highest number of Covid-19 deaths in Europe, 2nd highest in world [Torygraph]

The Other Side of That Brexshit 50p…

Sunset Peddler | Beach Sunset Timelapses | Jan-Feb2020

Sunset Peddler | Beach Sunset Timelapses| Dec2019-Jan2020

Sunset Peddler | Beach Sunset Timelapses | Dec 2019-Jan2020

Any help sharing this stuff to f***book, acquiring new subscribers for this site, acquiring more twitter followers, or contributions would be most gratefully received.

Many thanks all, stay safe and be excellent to each other.

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