A Day of Peaceful Action Against Aviation Expansion - Saturday, 1st October 2016 - Family Friendly Flashmob - Critical Mass Bike Block

An Apology and Announcement from the Bored Room

Over the coming days, Ann Narkeh Media's publications will return to promoting what's happening on the frontlines of British activism - refocusing on setting the agenda, rather than commenting on the prescribed narratives - on policies more than personalities and on action, not naval gazing...

Love Activists and Opsafe Brighton: STREET STORIES EXHIBITION – Poster/Flyer

Exhibiting photographs of people's experiences of different types of homelessness Every Saturday in May, come along to share your own stories and to hear other peoples Everybody is invited to write in the book of street stories, to share past and present experiences with our community The exhibition will be facilitated by Love Activists Brighton and OpSafe Brighton, in solidarity with the homeless folk of Brighton & Hove

March With The Homeless 2016: Placards

March with The Homeless is this Friday 15th April, worldwide. In Brighton, the Anonymous Opsafe crew have organised the march for this Saturday, 16th April, (meet 11am, Old Steine). #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets #MarchWithTheHomeless #SolidarityNotCharity #HomesNotBanks #HomesNotBombs #HomesNotHandcuffs