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Covidiots VS Sheeple

Thoughts on ‘Plandemic’ Denialism Amid Civilisational Collapse

Personal Blog: Thoughts on ‘Plandemic’ Denialism Amid Civilisational Collapse

Disclaimer: I am not an epidemiologist and have had almost no medical training apart from basic first aid and short courses related to managing my health conditions.

Since the pandemic began I’ve fallen out with the vast majority of my friends and allies over masks, lockdown, vaccinations and ultimately pandemic denialism.


Personally, I’ve chosen to have the vaccine but I was hesitant and am still not sure whether it was the right choice or not. Having spent some not inconsiderable amount of time over the last couple of decades researching and factchecking the veritable warren of Big Pharma conspiracy theorist rabbit holes, I can totally sympathise with people who have chosen not to take the vaccine, for a number of reasons;

  • The Covid vaccines that are currently available are still experimental. The experiment seems to be going relatively well but this could change rapidly because the virus is still mutating and may well be for some time.
  • The latest data from the worst hit countries suggest the CV-19 crisis has become a ‘pandemic of the unvaccinated’ but it is still possible that naturally produced antibodies may yet prove to be more efficacious in the long run. Future variations might become vaccine resistant – there is some evidence to suggest the delta variant has evolved some resistance already. I don’t know what the balance of probabilities is but it seems the experts don’t have a clue either.
  • An addition to decades of heinous, unethical shitfuckery, Pfizer holds the inglorious honour of receiving the largest ever criminal fine ($1.3 BILLION) in US history, for overstating the efficacy of their treatments. If I had been offered the Pfizer vaccine, I would have refused it and I worry about fam who took it, though they all seem fine so far.
  • The anti-vax movement has been around as long as vaccines have and some of their more generalised arguments do seem to make a degree of sense. It isn’t batshit lunacy to believe that an independently strong immune system is preferable to topping up with synthetic compounds and ‘booster shots’ on a regular basis.

So despite having taken the vaccine myself, I can totally understand and sympathise with people who are ‘vaccine hesitant’, or ‘anti-vax’. If I didn’t have fam who work in the NHS and if almost all of my fam hadn’t taken it then I probably wouldn’t have.


Having spent the first 18 months of the plague shielding alone in my single roomed flat, I can even sympathise with people who are anti-lockdown, to an extent. It was miserable being stranded indoors without human contact for so long. It is miserable to see the state moving to criminalise yet more forms of protest and further stifle dissent under cover of Covid mitigation.

So I can totally understand why so many people want things to go back to ‘normal’ (as abnormal as things already were before covid…)


I really struggle to understand people who are anti-mask. Particularly anti-maskers who were literally campaigning for masks before Covid, as a means of resisting the police state’s surveillance technologies.

The arguments against masks are for the most part, entirely bizarre. If “masks limit oxygen intake to unsafe levels”, how is it that surgeons are able to wear them all day throughout their careers? “Wearing a piece of cloth over your mouth and nose is a restriction of my freedom”…eh? You whut mate? (Also, masks are only “muzzles” if you’re planning on biting somebody, dickheads).

The only case against masks that makes any sort of sense to me is the detrimental psychological impact of not being able to see each other’s faces. This becomes a wafer thin argument when you balance the tried and tested science of masks against the scale of death and suffering that we’re witnessing worldwide though. A world without smiles and all the other facial expressions we communicate with is depressing as hell, particularly for those of us who prefer non-verbal forms of communication. It’s not as depressing as dying of the plague though…or passing it to your loved ones and killing them…

Heroes’ and ‘Villains’

As the world has become so extremely fractured and polarised on so many issues, it’s become difficult to remember that we’re all just making the best decisions we can with the best information available to us at any given time. We all see ourselves as the heroes of our own stories.

Off the top of my head, we already had;

  • Climate Alarmism and Caution vs Climate Denialism and Skepticism
  • Brexiteers and Lexiteers vs Remainers and Reformers (notwithstanding Abstainers)
  • Racists and Fascists vs Normal People
  • The Gammons vs The Woke
  • The TERF War
  • The Class War

…and now on top of all that we’ve got the Covidiots vs the Sheeple. The Covid Cautious vs the Covid Deniers. The Vaxxed vs the Unvaxed. The Masked vs the Unmasked. All of these lines of division are emotionally charged minefields that would ordinarily be managed by political parties but since the political parties have effectively merged into a single policy bloc, political parties have become largely meaningless, outside of their laws and diktats.

Being one of the 28% who abstained from voting in the referendum saved me from all the Brexshit fallout but Covid has absolutely fucked my social circle. I’ve become almost completely isolated from every fellow traveller I was in touch with pre-pandemic. I am a ‘sheeple’, a ‘fake anarchist’, a ‘shill for Big Pharma’, a ‘government stooge’, etc etc.

To be fair, I probably haven’t helped matters by using words like ‘covidiot’ and blocking everybody who’s been spouting anti-mask, anti-lockdown, anti-mask, covid denialism and conspiraloonery…

It would be much easier to double down on the positions I’ve taken over Covid. To identify the conspiraloons I used to roll with as enemies, idiots and villains. To rant self-rightously about why I think I’ve made the best decisions based on the best data available to me and why those who disagree with me are fools and lunatics. The thing with Covid though is that there’s a real possibility that whichever side you’ve fallen on, the other side is quite likely to die en masse as a result of their decisions.

Imagine if everybody on all sides of our fractured society just stopped trying to win all these arguments. If we all just stopped trying to persuade each other that our way of thinking about a given issue is correct, or that their way of thinking about things is incorrect. If everybody just accepted that we’re all the heroes of our own stories, – we’re all just trying our hardest and doing our best.

If everybody made the effort to understand each other instead of constantly explaining and justifying ourselves, I think we’d be a lot kinder to each other. I think we’d have an infinitely more bearable apocalyptic civilisational collapse and I think if any of us survive we’d be able to have much better memories of all those who aren’t going to make it.

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