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Tory Labour Unveil FLAG-MAN™ ‘Inaction Figure’

A FLAG-MAN™ comic book featuring Sir Kieth’s socialist arch-nemesis, Jimminy Crombob is also in development, according to a fictional leak from one of Sir Ken’s focus groups.

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Department of Post Truth [Post Satire]

There now follows a partly satirical broadcast from the Department of Post Truth.


Britain is Becoming a SCARED SOCIETY [The Occupied Sun]

2017 is SO 1984…
#SharedSociety #ScaredSociety

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THOUGHT CRIMES…[Comicbook Meme Series]

Monday 6th February, 2017 is NetPol’s annual “Domestic Extremist Awareness Day”, calling for “a complete end to the meaningless but sinister use of the ‘domestic extremist’ label against all legitimate political dissent”.