Thoughts and Prayers [Post Satire]

Who needs gun control when you’ve got thoughts and prayers?
Murica’s addiction to guns isn’t funny, it’s Post Satire.

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Cop Drops BARS on Amber Rudd in Poetic Police Petition


A COP has started a poetic petition to the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd to stop single crewing (screwing) them. It has been written in bars of emotional rhyming verse.

I recommend reading the whole thing but here’s an excerpt:

Last week I was hit, spat at and punched.
There wasn’t one day that I ate my lunch.
I held a man’s hand who’d just lost his wife,
I took a child from his Father who was wielding a knife.
I pulled a girl off a bridge who was mentally ill,
I locked up a worker who had nicked from the till.
I persuaded a battered woman to finally speak,
After seeing her every day, week after week.

At time of writing, the petition has received over 100, 000 signatures. 

As an artivist and anarchist, it gave me some serious pause for thought before signing it. Locking up anybody, let alone workers who are so skint they have to steal is extremely problematic for me, as is any monopoly on the use of violence, but still,

Not All Cops Are Bastards

(the ratio is debatable).

Despite my currently taking legal action against the police.

Despite my being appalled by their track record of endemic racism.

Despite my outrage at the way they are used as corporate-state enforcers to infiltrate, distract, suppress and destroy peaceful, democratic protest in the UK and worldwide.
Despite all these reasons (and more), I recognise that not ALL cops are bastards. I doubt very much that the individual who started this petition is a bastard. 

I’ve made the same point about ACAB before. Now, in light of the recent police violence in Catalonia, I think we would all do well to heed Julian Assange’s warning that this change of relationship between state and population threatens to ripple throughout Western Europe and America.

These ‘ripple effects’ have been ebbing and flowing for centuries…where are we now?

In the UK, where public police numbers have already been cut dramatically, private security firms G4S and Serco are soon to be given the power of arrest in a £290 million deal with the Tories.

We must prevent these ripples of neo-fascism becoming a wave as they have in the past. We need to focus on resisting the apparent rise of extreme fascism in the new millennium through all non violent means.

That’s going to mean more than just repeatedly getting our fucking heads kicked in for practising non-violent civil disobedience.

The Wrong Side of History

The police and security services are tools which can be used to either create, or destroy individuals and societies. Historically, the police have always been on the wrong side of civil rights movements. When they go native en masse tends to mark the end of one struggle and the beginning of a new one. This petition isn’t exactly going native, but it does send a stark message which deserves support.

Grinding down the public police while creating and now empowering private police as the war drums grow ever louder are extremely disturbing trends which echo the rise of fascism in the past.

I value, respect and extend solidarity to all those cops who are not bastards. Those who save lives and especially those who have sacrificed their lives to save lives; those who try to keep us safe from the fascist corporatocracy, rather than enforcing it; those who find a way to actually do the job of protecting people in spite of the impossible situations they are placed in.
In particular, I respect those who find the courage to speak out. Those who refuse to follow orders which they know to be wrong, those who blow the whistle on their colleagues who ARE bastards. Those who stand up to UK Gov Plc and their chums in positions of power.
Hopefully, the cop who started this petition will read this and know that they have the public support of at least one anarchist. I hope this small gesture gives cops and private security pause for thought the next time they receive orders to spy on us, or to drag us out of a peaceful demonstration, occupation or lock-on.

I will almost certainly lose a few subscribers for reiterating my position on the ACAB trope. This is a contentious point for an anarchist to make but I don’t give a fuck, I think it’s a necessary discussion, particularly as we are rapidly sliding into ecocide and neo-fascist dystopia.

In my anarchist utopia, we would still have cops but their only role would be to protect people from violence. As things are now though, I would far rather a publicly accountable police force than the clunking fist of G4S, an unaccountable, profit driven transnational corporation who have an appalling track record of oppression and human rights abuses.

Thought Crime?


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Donald and Theresa got to see some art [Post Satire]

After all the excitement of the week of action to #StopDSEI with Stop the Arms Fair, Occupy The Arms Fair, Art the Arms Fair (and many more…) I had to make a Post Satire homage to Banksy’s piece ‘Civilian Drone Strike’.

‘Civilian Drone Strike’ by Banksy raised £205,000 for Campaign Against The Arms Trade. Well done Banksy and Art the Arms Fair. If you missed the exhibition, or want to take another look, there’s an excellent 3D digital version of it here.

I was kept busy during the week of action against DSEI, downloading and editing livestreamed video reports for the recently rebooted Occupy News Network.

Here’s the playlist with all 28 videos:

Solidarity with everybody who took action, particularly the 109+ brave activists who were arrested. Court support is ongoing until October. If you can get along to Thames Magistrates Courts to show solidarity, please do.

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Daily Wail 


Donald Trump: The Bane of Our Existence


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Daily Wail 


This is NOT a Good ‘Precedent’…

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Seize The Memes of Production!

In the current Orwellian, TrumpistaniPost-BREXIT, Post-Truth, Post-Satire, Post-Apocalyptic socio-political cultural landscape, it is vital right now that we netizens of all backgrounds and persuasions engage in rational, truthful discussion with each other – as difficult as this can often be.

Humanity has been gifted the most awesome communications tool ever created, but thus far we have been using it mostly to share pictures of cats and other funny but pointless memes…




noun: meme; plural noun: memes
  1. 1.
    an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. 2.
    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Memes (especially funny ones) are powerful.

The internet offered us all the ability to express ourselves with unprecedented nuance, which we were woefully underprepared for. This new technology has revealed an overwhelming plethora of beliefs, ideas and perspectives, challenging everything we thought we knew about the human condition.

Hence cat pics, trolls, meme wars and now, ‘Fake News’…the latest phase of the establishment resisting our rising consciousness.

The difficult conversations which need to happen right now are being made yet more difficult by the phenomenon of ‘ideological echo chambers’. Harmonious group of people developing tunnel vision by virtue of social media marketing algorithms. filterbubbles

Overall awareness suffers when people have a narrow information base. The longer we spend in our safe little bubbles reinforcing our beliefs about the nature of reality, the harder the conversations which we urgently need to have outside those bubbles become; the more entrenched and dogmatic we become in our beliefs and the more we resist engaging in anything but vitriolic expressions of fear and hatred towards those who would dare disagree with us.

As Adam Curtis puts it, people have come to thinking that the point of it all is to simply agree or disagree with things.  So, we either hide in our ‘safe spaces’, or argue with people who disagree with us, within prescribed parameters of a controlled debate.


Meanwhile, multiple apocalyptic, extinction level crises are still converging.

***If you’d rather keep your head in the sand, stop reading now***


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Daily Wail 


For ‘Christian’ nations, the UK and US sure are mean to refugees and poor people generally…



#FreePalestine #RefugeesWelcome

#NoBorders #NoNations #StopDeportations

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  • Water is LIFE!
  • Defend the Sacred

Water protectors fighting the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) in North Dakota have declared a global day of action on Thursday December 1st. With calls to Obama to stop the pipeline falling on deaf ears, the water protectors are calling for protests at banks financing the $3.8 billion pipeline.

In the UK we have multiple targets to choose from: Barclays, HSBC, RBS, ICBC London. There are also US banks located in London, J.P. Morgan Chase, Credit Agricole, Citigroup, Citibank.


#DefundDAPL #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

Sacred Stone Camp UK Solidarity have a fedbook event page with more details, here.

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Apologies to Tracy Chapman, we mashed up your tune. This is #TrumpStep!

Taken from the brand new Angry Band LP, “Anthems For The Barricades“. Available NOW for FREE download from


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President Trump: What Hope Now?

Everybody seems to be freaking out about who America “chose” to be their new puppet president, so here are my current top 10 reasons to remain hopeful for the future…

  1. Ultimately, it’s all just a barely scripted pantomime. People are finally waking up to this fact worldwide, and starting to take action en masse. Hilary Clinton is just as bad as Trump but hides it (slightly) better. Her gender was her singular redeeming feature. They’re both just puppets, actors, tools of the establishment, icons to divide us, distract us and disempower us.*
  2. On the same day Trump was elected, three more women of colour were elected to the senate. Four out of a hundred may still be a small concession in a pantomime which is designed to divide, distract and disempower us, but it is still the largest leap in any US election so far.
  3. The Tories’ loathsome bedroom tax has been defeated. Or was this just UK Gov. Plc throwing the proles a sliver of hope for the day to keep us going? We’ll see.
  4. Dong energy, a major oil and gas company is dumping their 1.5bn fossil fuel portfolio to go 100% renewable.
  5. The standoff at Standing Rock has reached global awareness. Redhawk has reported that at least 2 cops have handed in their badges to join the water protectors. Practical, effective international solidarity is also growing, at standing rock and beyond.
  6. Trump can’t stop the energy revolution. Renewable energy capacity has overtaken coal according to a report by the IAE which says half a million solar panels were installed every day last year globally. In China, two wind turbines were set up every hour. Policy changes in China, India and Mexico have been important forces behind the growth of the renewable energy sector.
  7. If you loved Hitlery and wanted her to win, you can reassure your ego (and your ideological echo chamber) that according to many analysts, had there been proportional representation in the US, she would have won. (She is still just an icon to divide, distract and disempower us, just like Trump).
  8. Voter turnout has dropped to 50% in the US. While some will argue that this is a bad thing, I would have to refer you to the 1st reason to be hopeful. Participating in an oversimplified, absurdly polarised slagging match, or “voting for the lesser of two evils” for generations is what got us into this mess. If people stop participating in the pantomime, they are more likely to be doing something useful with themselves. If enough people chose not to participate, it would disempower the puppet masters and we could all crack on with building a better world!
  9. Katie Hopkins promised to move to the US if Trump was elected. Yes, I know including this on the list is playing into the divisive, disempowering distraction thing, but she’s too vile not to celebrate her departure…
  10. ‘President Trump’ should serve as a call for everybody to wake the f*** up to how absolutely, royally f***ed we all are if we don’t become more actively and effectively involved in changing the world for the better.

*This election campaign should have made it absolutely clear to everybody that mainstream democracy has become a sick joke. While traumatic for many people to come to terms with, this raising of consciousness is a good thing, on balance.

Don’t let the bullshit merchants divide, distract and disempower us! If you’ve been keeping it lit, now is the time to spread it around good people.

If you’re just waking up and shaking off the cognitive dissonance, welcome! Take a deep breath and try not to lose your shit. It’s going to be OK.