Love Activists and Opsafe Brighton: STREET STORIES EXHIBITION – Poster/Flyer

Exhibiting photographs of people's experiences of different types of homelessness Every Saturday in May, come along to share your own stories and to hear other peoples Everybody is invited to write in the book of street stories, to share past and present experiences with our community The exhibition will be facilitated by Love Activists Brighton and OpSafe Brighton, in solidarity with the homeless folk of Brighton & Hove

March With The Homeless 2016: Placards

March with The Homeless is this Friday 15th April, worldwide. In Brighton, the Anonymous Opsafe crew have organised the march for this Saturday, 16th April, (meet 11am, Old Steine). #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets #MarchWithTheHomeless #SolidarityNotCharity #HomesNotBanks #HomesNotBombs #HomesNotHandcuffs


This is not OK. Do whatever you can to let our elected representatives know that this is not OK. Take direct action. March With the Homeless in Brighton this April 16th. Meet 11am, Old Steine. #SolidarityNotCharity #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets

We Can’t Ignore the Homelessness Crisis Anymore

Personal Blog: 16-1-16 #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets Late last night, I was walking along on the phone with a friend who was worried about a homeless comrade who's been having suicidal thoughts. Talking and walking, I passed a bloke dead or dying on the pavement. A man and a woman had stopped to help him. She was calling an… Continue reading We Can’t Ignore the Homelessness Crisis Anymore

HOMES NOT BOMBS – Reflections on BHCC Homeless Summit

By ANN NARKEH It would be too easy to just slag off Brighton & Hove City Council's (BHCC) recent homeless summit and consultation, so I'm going to do my best to resist that natural impulse, but I'm not going to hold back my criticisms of it. The summit was hosted by BHCC last Friday 4th… Continue reading HOMES NOT BOMBS – Reflections on BHCC Homeless Summit