Crossing the Streams [PRAXIS]


The pace and scale of the chaotic changes we are living through today is bewildering. Terrifyingly dystopian, while brimming with potential for a better world out of all the madness. Cognitive dissonance and existential angst have become near inescapable aspects of conscious life. It’s no wonder that so many people chose to remain asleep for so long. Sleep is no longer an option though. The climate has collapsed. The fascists are in charge. The sky is falling in. We are out of time.

I have been an avid spectator and supporter of alternative, independent media for most of my adult life. Growing up in the 80s and 90s, the UK’s alt media scene was then a vibrant sub culture. A smattering of local and national freesheets and websites offered windows out of the saccharin neo-liberal myopia, speaking truth to a generation of otherwise silent witnesses. I would occasionally engage in memery, art, video and music, but mostly I was just a spectator back then.

The history of the struggle for a more truthful, independent media goes way back, to well before they tried to brand it ‘fake news’. It predates Iraq, Hillsborough and Orgreave, Murdoch, Bernays and Machiavelli. Like most controversial struggles, it’s not on the prescribed curriculum but thanks to the tireless work of many digital activists and independent publishers, it is now available online…if you know what to look for.

First the internet, then smartphones with cameras and now livestreaming have been massive gamechangers in this aspect of the struggle. Today, anybody who is privileged enough to have a smartphone and an internet connection can become a source in realtime, almost anywhere. Like agent Smith from the matrix, (but hopefully with somewhat better intentions and outcomes).

The first ever TV shows were broadcast live. Videotape wasn’t invented until the late fifties, and didn’t become really affordable until the seventies. Modern livestreaming technology has been around since the late nineties. With a few notable exceptions, the ability to broadcast live video had been limited almost exclusively to corporate media until fairly recently.

By 2011, most people had livestreaming technology in their pocket. The freeflow of uncensored information and ideas online had already monumentally shifted our perceptions of ourselves and each other. The Occupy movement was arguably the first global movement which was able to see each other in realtime, uncensored, worldwide.

There has since been a massive groundswell in grassroots-led, social media powered citizen journalism, reporting on injustices being suffered all over the world, from Palestine to Syria, from Standing Rock to Preston New Road. Arguably, this groundswell is what led to the bizzare, post truth spectacle of ‘mainstream’ corporate media denouncing social media as #FakeNews…

2017 is the year that the livestreaming subculture finally started to go mainstream in the UK. Facebook launched their streaming feature in January this year, making the technology accessible to their 2 billion users., the pre-eminent videogame streaming service added an ‘IRL’ (In Real Life) streaming functionality in March.

Now, it seems that some sections of the 1%’s corporate media are finally changing too. Empowered by social media, the massive groundswell in grassroots-led citizen journalism is apparently forcing them to.

In July this year, during the BBC’s gender pay gap scandal, Sky News political correspondent, Lewis Goodall (who is a self declared comprehensive school boy), acknowledged that their whole profession’s class gap is ‘worse’.* He said: “And it’s quite unfair to single out the BBC in this regard anyway, I’m sure the pattern of private school dominance is repeated across our industry: at Sky, ITV and across Fleet Street“.

In August, Channel 4’s Jon Snow used his McTaggart lecture to tell his colleagues that they have become too far removed from ordinary people. He said that the media was “comfortably with the elite, with little awareness, contact or connection with those not of the elite” and that Grenfell had shown this lack of connection was “dangerous”.

Snow was acknowledging the media’s responsibility for the tragedy, which was so eloquently expressed by Ishmail Blagrove in the video that went viral of him telling sky news.

Last week, the BBC’s Nick Robinson whined that “guerrilla war” is being waged on the BBC. As Thomas Barlow of Real Media and the Media Fund points out, “We know why: Robinson’s not as afraid of the independent media as he is of the Murdoch press, and he shares more political and personal affinity with the tabloid press. It’s not just that he’s a Conservative, it’s that the BBC’s news agenda is largely set by the tabloid press.

Despite the Nick Robinsons of this world, there have been acknowledgements in word and we’re slowly starting to see them in deed from factions within the ‘mainstream’ media. Channel 4, ITV, Sky, the independent, the grauniad, all seem to be accepting that they need to shape up. Social media and citizen journalism are here to stay. People are sick of corporate bullshit and they have an alternative now. Who’s going to pay to be lied to when you can access truthful, firsthand information for free? Even the Daily Fail and S*n have started to report slightly more accurately (online, if not in print).

Crossing The Streams

It is no longer unusual for corporate media to suddenly appear on independent livestreams hurriedly setting up their cameras and asking people for interviews. Yesterday, I was watching the Occupy News Network streams from the last few days’ #StopHS2 action at Colne Valley. On the last stream, 24 hours into a seven person lock-on, a journalist from ITV news turned up just as the protectors were starting to be removed. He explains that ITV are planning to do a live report that evening. Dan, the livestreamer laughed, “yeah, yeah, yeah, I’m already live…

The game is changing. Livestreaming technology (and internet access generally) are levelling the battlefields for truth and justice. It is a reason to be hopeful, but we must not become complacent.

The independence referendum in Catalonia is one of the most striking recent example of how most corporate print and broadcast media are still trying to distort people’s perceptions of reality.

This photo was published with the caption: “Firemen try to hold a group of people in front of Spanish Guardia Civil officers outside a polling station in San Julia de Ramis CREDIT: LUIS GENE/AFP/GETTY IMAGES


The firefighters were actually defending the voters from riot police who were attacking them with batons. (Again, even the S*n newspaper acknowledged the reality of the situation).

I share Craig Murray’s suspicion that “were it not for social media, UK mainstream media would have told us very little at all. This is an object lesson in how the mainstream media still seek to continue to push fake news on us in the age of citizen journalism. They no longer have a monopoly on the flow of raw information; what they can do is to attempt to distort perceptions of what people are seeing.

Corporate media had near exclusive access to livestreaming technology when it first appeared. Today, the technology has been democratised and corporate media are playing catch up with it.

Whether this results in a more or less truthful account of our objective reality is up to us. There are at least 7 billion different ways of seeing the world. None of us have a monopoly on truth, all of us do. We don’t have to be passive, silent spectators, consuming the corrupt corporate culture which guards the status quo anymore. We can all be active, outspoken participants, creating meaningful change in our daily lives and sharing the effort with each other. In realtime.

The culture we are finally outgrowing has historically thrived on division and conflict. It is designed to pit all struggles against each other, in it’s preferred language: Violence.

We can keep getting drawn into the dominant culture’s outdated, ultrapolarised, dogmatic and combative worldview, or we can keep tuning in to real life and getting on with helping to build the other world that we all know is possible.


—End Rant—

* It’s a shame that Lewis hung this article on the gender paygap headline, because the class gap is equally deleterious to our cultural diversity. ‘The gap’ is the fulcrum of intersectionality, not the identities of all those disenfranchised by the gap. The headline: ‘class gap is worse’ risks setting feminists against class warriors, which is unhelpful. Reading beyond the headline though, it is apparent that the author is sincere in their conviction and makes some excellent points.


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Dear internet: if you’re able, please help.


Hello internet.

In brief: This laptop is on it’s last legs and can no longer produce audio or video. It can barely browse the interwebs anymore. Also, my health is deteriorating. I have a degenerative condition which affects my mobility. This has been exacerbated by years of sofasurfing. I want to continue being a productive digital artivist, but could do with some support, if you’re able.

Two years ago, I was able to download, edit and reupload videos from Occupy Democracy comrades, who occupied and livestreamed from Stop The Arms Fair’s week of action against the biennial #DSEI arms fair in London.

I was able to create 27 videos that week and got my production time down to under an hour, from downloading the live broadcasts to uploading the edited clips via The Occupied Sun’s youtube channel. I created video, web banners and a brandalised film poster to promote the occupation and published a unique The Occupied Sun front page matching the theme of each day’s action. I’d like to be able to do the same but better in terms of amplifying the peace movement’s efforts for this year’s week of action, September 4th-12th.

I launched this website in January 2016, to start collecting and organising all my doings into one place and to start accepting contributions.

In January 2017 in the face of apparent ghostbanning and digital censorship, I redoubled my efforts on all fronts, creating and publishing original content each day of that month. My trusty laptop finally collapsed under the strain. This was the machine I had been using for graphics, animations, video, sound and music. It had been becoming increasingly difficult to do anything except write and make graphics as the processor began to struggle with sound and video.

Fortunately, I was gifted this laptop, which has allowed me to struggle on thus far, albeit with significantly limited software and hardware capabilities. It can’t handle DAW/audio/music software, but had been just about able to create basic, short videos.

Now however, this machine too is on the verge of collapse. It can’t handle creating video at all anymore.

Because of this, my rate of creative output has dwindled over the course of the year, to the point where the last two videos (here and here) took about a week each to make and the resolution was disappointing by the final render.

I updated everything and cleaned it up but it’s made matters worse. I think the last update made the software too heavy for the processor. Even web browsing is now becoming difficult.

I know that in perspective, it’s not an ’emergency’ at all. If Ann Narkeh stops being able to make stuff, I’ll carry on with whatever tools are available and almost certainly find other things to do. But of all the things I’ve done, Ann Narkeh’s have been the most impactful and felt the most right. I’m proud of what I’ve managed to accomplish with your support. I’ve learned a lot and I have loads of ideas for new, better content;

  • I want to start producing regular, alternative headline news reports again, but better.
  • I want to promote solution based thinking and doing.
  • I want to highlight the urgency of the climate crisis.
  • I want to produce materials to help stop international terrorism and war.

My network and platform have expanded and my skills have developed but my capacity to create quality stuff has diminished. It’s most frustrating, hence writing this letter.

I enjoy using the digital skills I’ve developed and would very much like to be able to keep creating things and stuff under these auspices.  What I really want is to be able to make the best stuff I possibly can, including video and music.

To do this, I need a powerful laptop loaded with the necessary software to produce video and ideally music again.

But I’m skint.

Too skint to acquire a new laptop, let alone a powerful laptop loaded with the necessary software.

I’ve been sofasurfing and surviving hand to mouth for about 5 or 6 years now, I’ve lost count.  My health is deteriorating. I could really do with raising a deposit for a place of my own and a decent #BasicIncome too, but that’s a big ask. One kind subscriber recently set up a £2 monthly contribution. If everybody put in a quid a month I could sign off the dole, get a laptop and a flat, eat well and start funding other people’s eatings and doings!

Despite my disadvantages, I’m still a relatively privileged white man in a suffering, dying world. I’m lucky to have been born in a country which still has a welfare system, as battered as it is. I’m lucky to have friends and family who love and support me by letting me share their spaces. Everybody’s struggling, so I’m uncomfortable asking for further support. For many years, I operated a strict no money, no profit rule, but it wore me down and burnt me out.

I’m infinitely grateful to the comrades who persuaded me to compromise and start accepting contributions from those who are able. I’m humbled that whenever I’ve had to ask, good people have come through for me. When the subscription for this website came up recently and I didn’t have it, you paid it for me. When I ran out of cash last month and when I was sanctioned by the DWP, you kept me fed and watered.

I wouldn’t be able to have reached so many people without all the likes, shares and comments I’ve received either. Thankyou all so much for your emotional and material contributions to my doings.

Your generosity and support so far has been humbling. I’m really chuffed that you like the stuff and things that I make and do. I’m still determined not to become a feckless, breadheaded anarcho-capitalist and will continue to limit sending the hat round for ’emergencies’ only.

If you’re skint too but want to help, please pass the hat on by sharing this letter.

If you’re able, please sling me a few quid towards refurbing or replacing this laptop, so I can get stuck into making r3VOLutionary animations, video, sound and music again.

If you’re regularly flush, setting up a monthly micro-contribution gets me closer to generating my own #BasicIncome and signing off the dole.

Love, respect, gratitude,

Ann Narkeh


An awesome, generous comrade has ordered me a new laptop! I should receive it and be returning to full production mode in the next few days. You know who you are and you rock – thankyou so much! I’m going to leave this post up for posterity (and because I’m still flat broke..)

Any and all contributions towards Ann Narkeh Media’s doings would still be most gratefully received.


Counting the Empty Buildings and Homeless People of Brighton and Hove

After livestreaming with Love Activists Brighton at the Housing and New Homes Committee meeting, I finally got around to filming a few of Brighton’s empty buildings, from halfway down North St to the top of St James St.

There were 16 visibly empty buildings in that short route – some long time derelict, some being refurbished.

Empty Buildings of Brighton 2-3-16

I’ve been meaning to do this for ages, as it’s so blatant and deplorable a juxtaposition, when so many people are sleeping in the doorways of shops which have been covered in steel.

The people who are responsible for these spaces actually employ round the clock private security to protect their investments from people desperately in need of shelter.

This investment could be transferred to a homeless person as a 24-7 live-in property guardian, with a mutually vested interest in maintaining and improving the property, rather than protecting it while it rots and people die in their doorways.

Needless to say, there were also several people bedding down for a night sleeping rough in shop doorways and/or begging and/or in need of medical assistance from our massively overburdened, undervalued and underfunded NHS.

Continue reading Counting the Empty Buildings and Homeless People of Brighton and Hove

Love Activists Brighton – is Their Patience Running Out?

Love Activists Brighton demonstrated outside the Housing and New Homes Committee today through rain, sleet and snow, to once again tell the council,  #‎NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets‬

I livestreamed from the demonstration outside and from the committee inside, here.

The links to the streams are at the bottom of this blog.

2-3-16_4The Solution Based Proposals were, perhaps unsurprisingly kicked into the long grass again – referred for a report to the draft Rough Sleeping Strategy, which is due in June, another 3 months from now.

This follows a referral from the full council meeting, which Love Activists attended at the end of January, 2 months ago.

2-3-16_3Love Activists were unexpectedly invited to speak to the committee. Lionel and Ree stepped up and represented off the cuff. Lionel drew everybody’s attention to the recent news that people are once again climbing into recycling and rubbish bins to seek shelter, and thereby dying horrible deaths. Ree drew our attention to the number of deaths we have suffered on our streets and expressed everybody’s frustration with the sluggish, apparently unresponsive bureaucracy.

All the councillors again agreed that many of the solution based proposals are not ‘in the gift’ of the council, meaning it is not in their power, that power lies with central Government.

Some councillors seemed warmer to the idea of fighting central government than others, in particular Green Cllr David Gibson, who was again the most vociferous supporter of the proposals. Labour Cllr Claire Moonan was also supportive.

Nobody had a bad word to say about the proposals or the Love Activists.

Negative outcomes

  • Sluggish, unresponsive, frustrating bureaucracy.
  • Still some party political footballing going on.
  • Emotions running understandably high.

Positive outcomes

  • The Love Activists were invited to speak and were allowed to respond. Though it became fiery at points, it was still mutually respectful (notwithstanding the Love Activists’ understandable frustration with the laboriously drawn out process).
  • Many councillors seemed genuinely warm to ‘working with’ the Love Activists.
  • There has been some movement on the SWEP Severe Weather Emergency Protocol.

My last word?

Despite some positive noises from the council, the Love Activists’ patience seems to be wearing thin.

Party political posturing2-3-16_5 and bureaucratic wrangling over this issue are in extremely poor taste.

We can’t wait 3 months.

We certainly can’t wait until 2020.

Give us #100Crowbars and we’ll end homelessness in 20 minutes!


Big love and respect to everybody who came down and represented today.



Livestreamed footage;

#NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets Love Activists #Brighton HAILSTORM! 2-3-16 #olsx #onn

#NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets INTERVIEWS Ree, Dave-O, #LoveActivists #Brighton 2-3-16 #onn #olsx

Stevie G spittin BARS! + Interview with Josh from #LoveActivists #Brighton #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets #onn #olsx 2-3-16

Righteous rage. Very sad interview with Ruby who is grieving for her brother, Casey. #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets Love Activists #Brighton 2-3-16

#LoveActivists #Brighton at the Housing and New Homes Committee #NoMoreDeathsOnourStreets #onn #olsx 2-3-16 (2omins 30secs in)

The council’s somewhat higher definition stream of the meeting can also be viewed here.

After the meeting I filmed a few of Brighton’s empty buildings, from halfway down North St to the top of St James St. There were 16 visibly empty buildings – some long time derelict, some being refurbished.

Empty Buildings of Brighton #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets #onn #olsx 2-3-16



Fairness Commission: Housing

I livestreamed Brighton & Hove’s Fairness Commission meeting on Thursday evening, where Ree from Love Activists Brighton gave voice to the Solution Based Proposals to End Homelessness.

LAB fairness commission

The commission also heard from the National Housing Association, the Community Land Trust, Our London (regarding self build), Royal Greenwich, (regarding Gold Standard in Housing Options), and from Brighton and Hove Energy Services Co-op, (BHESCO, regarding fuel poverty & community energy schemes).

There was an open session in the middle and at the end.

I crossed the streams with the council again, who were also broadcasting the meeting. You can watch their somewhat less shaky, higher definition footage, here.

1/5 What is the Fairness Commission?

2/5 Fairness Commission Brighton: Housing

3/5 Fairness Commission Brighton: Housing

4/5 Nice Spread at the Fairness Commission

There was a lovely spread of locally sourced food from ethical suppliers courtesy of The Big Fig.

5/5 Fairness Commission Brighton: Housing

BH Fairness Commission - logo

The Fairness Commission want to hear from all residents of Brighton and Hove about how to make the City a fairer place to live.

Their call for evidence closes on Monday 29 February.

You can participate here, if you’re of a mind to.





Love Activists Meet The Council

I’ll be livestreaming from outside Brighton Town Hall today with Love Activists Brighton, who will be delivering their petition in support of the Solution Based Proposals to End Homelessness to the full council meeting.

The council will hear the Love Activists for 3 minutes and debate the proposals for 15 minutes.

People will be gathering in support from 3.30pm outside Brighton Town Hall, Bartholomew Rd, BN1. The meeting is scheduled from 4.30pm.

I’ll be livestreaming updates on my bambuser channel.

The council will be webcasting the meeting, here.



#HomesNotHandcuffs Interviews: 20/1/16

I livestreamed from Love Activists’ #HomesNotHandcuffs demo outside Brighton Law Courts yesterday, 20/1/16. There was a good turnout and a warm reception from the public and passing motorists who were encouraged to honk their horns in solidarity with the homeless.

Love Activists Brighton gathered another 50 signatures in support of the Solution Based Proposals to End Homelessness petition.

Here are some interviews which I broadcast live from the demo – thanks again to everybody who spoke with us.

Mo, Anonymous Opsafe

An anonymous individual

Ben, 25 year old homeless man – fined for eating a chicken sandwich in a public place

Ree, Love Activists Brighton

Lionel, who was arrested and prosecuted for begging

Esme, Love Activists Brighton

Liam and Dave-O


Ree, Love Activists Brighton

Paul, Homeless Student

Dave-O – BHCC homeless strategy

If anybody knows the html to embed bambuser video on wordpress please let me know eh?