Love Activists Brighton – is Their Patience Running Out?

Love Activists Brighton demonstrated outside the Housing and New Homes Committee today through rain, sleet and snow, to once again tell the council,  #‎NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets‬

I livestreamed from the demonstration outside and from the committee inside, here.

The links to the streams are at the bottom of this blog.

2-3-16_4The Solution Based Proposals were, perhaps unsurprisingly kicked into the long grass again – referred for a report to the draft Rough Sleeping Strategy, which is due in June, another 3 months from now.

This follows a referral from the full council meeting, which Love Activists attended at the end of January, 2 months ago.

2-3-16_3Love Activists were unexpectedly invited to speak to the committee. Lionel and Ree stepped up and represented off the cuff. Lionel drew everybody’s attention to the recent news that people are once again climbing into recycling and rubbish bins to seek shelter, and thereby dying horrible deaths. Ree drew our attention to the number of deaths we have suffered on our streets and expressed everybody’s frustration with the sluggish, apparently unresponsive bureaucracy.

All the councillors again agreed that many of the solution based proposals are not ‘in the gift’ of the council, meaning it is not in their power, that power lies with central Government.

Some councillors seemed warmer to the idea of fighting central government than others, in particular Green Cllr David Gibson, who was again the most vociferous supporter of the proposals. Labour Cllr Claire Moonan was also supportive.

Nobody had a bad word to say about the proposals or the Love Activists.

Negative outcomes

  • Sluggish, unresponsive, frustrating bureaucracy.
  • Still some party political footballing going on.
  • Emotions running understandably high.

Positive outcomes

  • The Love Activists were invited to speak and were allowed to respond. Though it became fiery at points, it was still mutually respectful (notwithstanding the Love Activists’ understandable frustration with the laboriously drawn out process).
  • Many councillors seemed genuinely warm to ‘working with’ the Love Activists.
  • There has been some movement on the SWEP Severe Weather Emergency Protocol.

My last word?

Despite some positive noises from the council, the Love Activists’ patience seems to be wearing thin.

Party political posturing2-3-16_5 and bureaucratic wrangling over this issue are in extremely poor taste.

We can’t wait 3 months.

We certainly can’t wait until 2020.

Give us #100Crowbars and we’ll end homelessness in 20 minutes!


Big love and respect to everybody who came down and represented today.



Livestreamed footage;

#NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets Love Activists #Brighton HAILSTORM! 2-3-16 #olsx #onn

#NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets INTERVIEWS Ree, Dave-O, #LoveActivists #Brighton 2-3-16 #onn #olsx

Stevie G spittin BARS! + Interview with Josh from #LoveActivists #Brighton #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets #onn #olsx 2-3-16

Righteous rage. Very sad interview with Ruby who is grieving for her brother, Casey. #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets Love Activists #Brighton 2-3-16

#LoveActivists #Brighton at the Housing and New Homes Committee #NoMoreDeathsOnourStreets #onn #olsx 2-3-16 (2omins 30secs in)

The council’s somewhat higher definition stream of the meeting can also be viewed here.

After the meeting I filmed a few of Brighton’s empty buildings, from halfway down North St to the top of St James St. There were 16 visibly empty buildings – some long time derelict, some being refurbished.

Empty Buildings of Brighton #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets #onn #olsx 2-3-16



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