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“Oh Come On Now, Give Him a Chance”…(meme)

Parliamentary politics is completely stitched up again now, thanks to this Max Headroom looking bootlicker.

Ann Narkeh Media subscribers will already know that I’m not a big fan of Mr Sir Licksbootsalot QC MP LOTO. I’m an anarchist now but was born to a Labour party household. I was still at school when Blair was elected and I remember the celebrations, the sense of relief. Then, in my early twenties he turned me to anarchy, by ignoring the biggest global peace protests ever, to help Bush kill a million Iraqis and steal their resources.

So I’d never voted before supporting comrade Corbz’ efforts to reclaim and reform the Labour party. This guy though? Keir Hardly? The Blairite and literal Knight of the Realm? Destroyer of Socialists and self proclaimed Zionist? pfffft. Nah m8. Parliamentary politics is completely stitched up again now, thanks to this Max Headroom looking bootlicker. No point voting for any of these arseholes anymore. Extra-Parliamentary strategies and tactics are all that can challenge UK Gov. Plc now.

Still, some people on the internet keep saying…

Despite writing behind right wing paywalls, refusing to do anything about the #LabourLeaks and letting the Tories get away with absolute fucking murder, the #Starmergeddon penny is somehow still dropping for many Labour party members and supporters. When you finish figuring him out and come to terms with the loss, I encourage all of you to try anarchism. Once you get a taste for actually getting stuff done, you’ll never go back to the pantomime of party politics!

You can read more about why I can’t stand Starmer in this thing here, which has more hilarious internet memes for you to laugh at with your face.

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Huge thanks to all the wonderful freeware developers helping to make the world a better place.

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8 replies on ““Oh Come On Now, Give Him a Chance”…(meme)”

Non-Party revolution and protest IS the future – Parliament has unutterably failed – an endless Establishment Stitch-Up with a dodgy trade deal with the US that NOBODY WANTS!

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