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MASK UP! 3D Self-Portrait


It’s quite astounding how dramatically IQs have fallen over the last 100 years.

During the last airborne killer plague pandemic, it was just common sense to mask up. Pretty much everybody did it. This century however, there’s a (ludicrous) debate about whether or not to protect your airways and the airways of those around you from the lethal, killer, airborne virus that infamously attacks the lungs.

So, I made my first ever 3D self portrait, to encourage everybody to #WearAMask

Here it is as a still image:

Here it is as a GIF (might take a few seconds to load):

Here it is again as a smaller GIF:

Here’s the full HD video clip, with Angry Band audio.



Masks also offer some protection against mass surveillance programs, teargas and other chemical agents.


I used and GIMP and kdenlive to make this 3D self-portrait. Massive thanks to all the wonderful freeware developers who make my creative outbursts possible.

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