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FAO: Red London

I like the Red London facebook page. A lot. It’s one of the best at balancing horrific truth with the need for lulz to cope. In a hysterical, hostile environment with a collapsing climate and fascists apparently emboldened, this is an increasingly difficult balancing act to maintain.

On Saturday, Bookmarks socialist bookstore in London was “ambushed” by far-right thugs, chanting “Trump” and “Make Britain Great Again”.  There is very little that is lulzworthy about this.

Without reading the full post, I watched and shared Red London’s mirror of the footage to a number of pages. Shortly after, I received the following message from a comrade via The Occupied Sun facebook page.

“Ginger is he? You’re lowering yourselves to their level, which is very sad. His hair colour has fuck all to do with anything, fascists.”

Confused and intrigued, I clicked through and read the full OP from Red London’s mirror of the video:

“painfully stupid crew of Alt-Right morons The People’s Charter Foundation – Make Britain Great Again under the leadership of gimpy ginger midget Luke Nash-Jones decided to, in their own words, “ambush” Bookmarks socialist bookshop after their demo in support of fat lunatic Alex Jones outside the BBC. Pathetic scenes follow, with the cameraman picking up random books and getting bamboozled trying to think of reasons why they’re bad, before the whole lot of them get ushered gently out by the shopkeepers like the care-in-the-community cases they are. Absolute freaks! 😄original uploadeders title was “MAKE BRITAIN GREAT AGAIN INVADES COMMUNIST BOOKSTORE”

Edit to add: look out for Margate’s own David Coppin, confirmed fascist who kicks about with the South East Alliance and the Infidels. Yet this lot are going on about ‘anti-semitism’!

update: they’ve deleted the video off they’re channel”

Thinking I understood the problem, I wrote to Red London, pointing out that “they’re” choice of language was unhelpful and offensive to various comrades. I asked them to edit it. I expected them to respond positively, but their response was juvenile, unhelpful and depressing.

The irony of further alienating “gimpy, ginger, midget, fat and care in the community (sic)” comrades is apparently lost on them.

So anyway, having asked nicely, I decided to indulge my equally juvenile anarcho-pedantry and correct the post for them:


Hopefully this is just helpful and lulworthy enough to get us all back on track, fighting the fascists, together. With lulz and unity.

No comrades were harmed in the writing of this post.

All comments in solidarity.

PS: It occurs that now might be a good time to share that cool meme that Anarchist Federation edited and made even cooler.


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The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction, particularly as corporate power invests so much pretending that it isn’t really happening…

Seize The Memes of Production!

In the current Orwellian, TrumpistaniPost-BREXIT, Post-Truth, Post-Satire, Post-Apocalyptic socio-political cultural landscape, it is vital right now that we netizens of all backgrounds and persuasions engage in rational, truthful discussion with each other – as difficult as this can often be.

Humanity has been gifted the most awesome communications tool ever created, but thus far we have been using it mostly to share pictures of cats and other funny but pointless memes…




noun: meme; plural noun: memes
  1. 1.
    an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. 2.
    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Memes (especially funny ones) are powerful.

The internet offered us all the ability to express ourselves with unprecedented nuance, which we were woefully underprepared for. This new technology has revealed an overwhelming plethora of beliefs, ideas and perspectives, challenging everything we thought we knew about the human condition.

Hence cat pics, trolls, meme wars and now, ‘Fake News’…the latest phase of the establishment resisting our rising consciousness.

The difficult conversations which need to happen right now are being made yet more difficult by the phenomenon of ‘ideological echo chambers’. Harmonious group of people developing tunnel vision by virtue of social media marketing algorithms. filterbubbles

Overall awareness suffers when people have a narrow information base. The longer we spend in our safe little bubbles reinforcing our beliefs about the nature of reality, the harder the conversations which we urgently need to have outside those bubbles become; the more entrenched and dogmatic we become in our beliefs and the more we resist engaging in anything but vitriolic expressions of fear and hatred towards those who would dare disagree with us.

As Adam Curtis puts it, people have come to thinking that the point of it all is to simply agree or disagree with things.  So, we either hide in our ‘safe spaces’, or argue with people who disagree with us, within prescribed parameters of a controlled debate.


Meanwhile, multiple apocalyptic, extinction level crises are still converging.

***If you’d rather keep your head in the sand, stop reading now***


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Daily Wail 


  • Racist Tabloid Hatemongering and Vicious Tory Austerity Forcing UK Workforce to Seek a Better Life Overseas
  • Underappreciated EU Migrants and Struggling Millennials Abandon Britain for Chance of a Saner Future Abroad


#NoBorders #NoNations #StopDeportations

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Daily Wail 


From the Celts to the Romans to the Germans to the French to the Vikings to the Scandinavians to the Dutch, the UK is a nation of immigrants and refugees.


#NoBorders #NoNations #StopDeportations

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SCANDAL of 185,000 HOMELESS in UK [Daily Wail]

Daily Wail SCANDAL of 185,000 HOMELESS in UK

  • Executive pay at the UK’s top charities haz become obscene.
  • Why not support your local Street Kitchen, Anonymous Opsafe and Love Activists instead?


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  • Water is LIFE!
  • Defend the Sacred

Water protectors fighting the Dakota Access pipeline (DAPL) in North Dakota have declared a global day of action on Thursday December 1st. With calls to Obama to stop the pipeline falling on deaf ears, the water protectors are calling for protests at banks financing the $3.8 billion pipeline.

In the UK we have multiple targets to choose from: Barclays, HSBC, RBS, ICBC London. There are also US banks located in London, J.P. Morgan Chase, Credit Agricole, Citigroup, Citibank.


#DefundDAPL #NoDAPL #WaterIsLife

Sacred Stone Camp UK Solidarity have a fedbook event page with more details, here.

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I AM TINA TOO! #IamTinaToo [Daily Wail]

Daily Wail I AM TINA TOO!

Fracking monsters, Cuadrilla are trying to JAIL anti-fracking nana-in-chief, Tina-Louise Rothery

  • 11am, Friday December 9th
  • The Law Courts, Openshaw Place, Preston, Lancashire PR1 2LL

READ Tina’s Courageous Statement to The Court.



Cuadrilla can #FrackOff

#IamTinaToo #WeSaidNo #BankruptCuadrilla

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#SystemChange #RiseUp #DeAdvertise


Support the Advertising Action on Climate Project

DeAdvertise banner

Take action with Compassionate Revolution and RisingUp!

Join the next Aviation Action TOMORROW, 18th Nov.


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Shit The Bed [VIDEO]

Spent all day filming to get one minute of footage…

WWOOFing is great!


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