Technical [Freeware for Digital Creatives]


UPDATED 29.10.18

For anybody that’s interested in what kit I’m using, or who just wants to find FREE tools to express themselves with.

I’m immeasurably grateful to all the open source, freeware developers and communities for providing all the FREE tools I use.

Much respect to you all.

These days, I’m using a laptop which a generous comrade gifted me, using Windows, Android and Linux Ubuntu.

Graphic Design/Image Editing


pixler is a FREE basic image editor that runs from your browser (no need to install).



I’m mostly using GIMP at the moment.

GIMP is a much more powerful, FREE open source image editor.


1001 free fonts is an excellent resource, with over 30, 000 FREE custom fonts.

Giphy is another cool tool which runs from your browser. I’ve been using it to learn how to make .gifs (web animations) . Which is much fun.



I’m currently using kdenlive – which is FREE open source video editing software.


Previously, I was using a FREE month’s trial of camtasia, sadly that expired. Camtasia is excellent software, but unfortunately quite expensive to buy.

For sourcing, I refer mostly to wikimedia, the Prelinger archives, creative commons and of course, youtube.

I use the FREE 4k video downloader and YTD Video Downloader to rip video.


OBS – Open Broadcast Studio has loads of functionality for both video livestreaming and recording, including screen capture, for any video you can’t download.



I was using an ancient, FREE trial of Cubase SX since 2003, with a bunch of FREE open source plugs and softsynths, but it’s too old to install on my current laptop, so I’m currently without a DAW. Opensource, freeware recommendations would be most welcome.

I was particularly fond of greenoaks’ FREE Crystal softsynth, which is/was awesome.

For voice synthesis, I’ve been using from text to speech , which is a FREE service which runs from your browser. It creates mp3s which don’t sound too lovely, but are workable once beefed up a bit.

Livestreaming Video

I used to stream quite regularly to my bambuser channel using the giffgaff network but their free community streaming service is sadly now offline. To their credit, I agree with their farewell statement in which they claimed to have accomplished their mission to bring live video technology to the mainstream. Well done team bambuser, thanks for everything you accomplished, I wish you well.

I’ve roadtested some of the contemporary free livestreaming services. Predictably facebook was the most reliable technically. Youtube also works but was much more glitchy. I haven’t properly tested twitter’s live service yet. Both facebook and youtube have a track record of redacting videos whereas bambuser had a track record of never having doing that. As far as I’m aware.

Any recommendations for more secure livestreaming platforms would be welcome but for now it looks like I’m stuck with f***book.

Contracts? No thanks.

£25 buys you one month of ‘unlimited’* data on a giffgaff no contract, pay as you go sim.

giffgaff offer monthly ‘goodybags’ from as little as a fiver and FREE calls and texts to other giffgaff phones, so long as you top up once every three months. If I was a breadhead I could be earning points to use as phone credit or cash out by plugging them but I’m not a breadhead…yet.


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By Ann Narkeh

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