About Ann Narkeh

“The creative ego of an over-privileged, white, cis-male anarchist unleashed…”

cropped-anm_cheesygrin.pngAnn Narkeh is an Occupier, Love Activist and Compassionate R3VOLutionary. An artivist; activist, artist, post satirist and citizen journalist who livestreams interesting things and creates original writingbrandalismvideo and music, using virtually all freeware, digital tools you can download and use yourself for FREE!

ALL Ann Narkeh’s stuff is offered to the interwebz for FREE!

Likes, shares, comments and contributions are very much appreciated.

This site is an ADVERTISEMENT FREE ZONE, because #AdvertisingShitsInYourHead.

Ann Narkeh is perhaps best known for producing and publishing spoof, ‘alternative’ and ‘corrected’ front pages of national and local newspapers;


The Occupied Sun was launched in January 2015 and has now produced over a hundred of “the most brilliant front pages in Britain”, (according to The Canary).

dailywaillogo Originally commissioned by the excellent Real Media for their week of action against the Daily Mail in March 2015,  Ann Narkeh still creates occasional Daily Wail front pages now.


Ann Narkeh is a long time contributor to and livestreamer for Occupy News Network.


Ann Narkeh also creates original music and video with Angry Bandwho have released two albums so far;  “Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Blues”, (2014)and “Anthems For The Barricades“, (2016).

Available for FREE download via soundcloud.com.


I chose the pseudonym Ann Narkeh because;

  1. I thought it was quite funny.
  2. I want to detach my personal ego from my work  as much as possible.
  3. The meaning of the word ‘anarchy’ has been much maligned, I want my work to reassert it’s true meaning (see below).
  4. As a heterosexual male, I thought it might be a good way to challenge patriarchy and assumptions about gender and sexual identity, while being quite funny.


I had long supported deep ecology and the peace movement, The Zeitgeist Movement since 2008 and had co-founded Occupy Brighton in 2011.

After burning out by late 2012, my focus had drifted into survival mode and I’d become somewhat apathetic, overwhelmed, depressed, resigned and unproductive. I got what Adam Curtis has described as the socially transmitted disease of ‘oh dearism’.

In October 2014, I was inspired as much by  Occupy Democracy‘s bold ambition as I was appalled by the state’s violent crackdown on them for daring to dream. I joined the tarpaulin revolution – the first nine day occupation of Parliament Square in October 2014. I attended the ongoing monthly occupations and committed to refocusing all of my creative energy  and skills into producing media to support the rƎVOLution

I co-founded Occupy The Media Billionaires at Tarpaulin Square. I launched The Occupied Sun in collaboration with the group and produced content for various other doings, which I am documenting on this website.

2015 was probably my most productive year yet, but I’ve never been very good at cataloguing my work and I am not interested in making money out of it. However, I also know that I could be much more productive if I had a less chaotic routine, and if I wasn’t struggling to eat half the time…

This website is an effort  to start keeping track of all the stuff and things I’ve done/am doing, to get better organised and to start accepting contributions from people who want to support me and my work.

But profit is the enemy?

For many years now, I have worked towards renouncing the profit motive, and thus I have avoided engaging with the sort of financial bureaucracy necessary for me to accept contributions – I have been persuaded by various comrades to compromise on this front, in order to become more stable/productive.*

I’ve put together a set of New Year’s Resolutions. Basically, I’m going to experiment with being a breadhead, completely reversing my longstanding ‘no profit’ policy. It’s going to be a bit of a battle to get back on-grid, as I’ve been half off it for years now – but I’m up for having a go/seeing what happens…I’m going to find out if it helps me become a more productive activist, or if it turns me to the dark side (!).

So, if you dig my stuff so far and want to help me keep producing, you can commission me to produce something original for your campaign. (Or, if you’re loaded you could just give me some money and I will spend it on food, equipment and other things I need to survive).


I’ll keep a public record of any monies received and will still be undertaking bespoke, reLOVEutionary productions for social, economic and environmental justice, pro-bono (for free).

*note for ‘intellectuals’/economists/monetary reformists/purist freegans/militant anti-capitalists…: Renouncing the profit motive entirely was the most insightful life choice I ever made, but I accept that I have become quite dogmatic and purist about this, which is never a good thing.**


28 August 2016 – So far this year, I’ve received about £500 in contributions via the paypal button. I’ll get a more precise figure together next time I update this. Your contributions kept me going while I was sanctioned and I’m currently living on £140 a fortnight ESA.

I don’t thiiink I’m turning to the darkside, but then I haven’t really done that well at becoming a breadhead tbh…

The contributions have been mostly reinvested in livestreaming airtime, on purchasing the domain name for this site and on feeding/watering/caffeining/nicotining and keeping my mobile. Huge thanks to everybody who’s made a contribution, I’m keeping a record of where the money’s going on my wishlist.

If you’re keen to collaborate on something, or to bung me some spending credits, get in touch using the form below, or the paypal button in the sidebar.

Peace, Love, Respect, Anarchy.


29 August 2016
Maybe I wasn’t being dogmatic and purist about it – maybe capitalism’s just never been natural to me…

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