The tabloids, their corporate advertisers and chums in government started it…

The last 7 years of the far-right 1%’s constant, vicious, brutal ‘austerity’ (or class war), punishing the most vulnerable members of society is beyond ‘bullying’. As new Sheffield MP, Jared O’Mara says, it’s eugenics. Shadow chancellor, John McDonnell has rightly called for Iain Duncan Smith to face criminal charges over WCA ‘fit to work’ deaths.

The Tories’ Victorian throwback, Jacob Rees-Mogg has barely been slapped on the wrist for associating with nazis. Racist Tory MP, Anne Marie Morris has been suspended from the party, when she should have been expelled and arrested for using hate speech.

It is laughably hypocritical for the 1% to use their gutter press to point the finger at the ‘hard-left’ when their far-right propaganda is so demonstrably damaging to the national psyche in terms of it’s racism, classism and fearmongering.


It’s not just the fail, either…


It’s the lot of em.


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Make Today The End of DIS-MAY [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun 

Make Today The End of



Make up your own mind. But please, for the love of commonsense, DON’T VOTE TORY


The Occupied Sun Says

TODAY you can help rescue Britain from the catastrophic corporate takeover we have all been suffering under.

It’s not really about who wins though. It’s about us and what we do next, regardless the results on Friday. It’s about how many of us maintain our focus once the election is over and how many of us go back to consuming shit and waiting to die.

Stay strong. Keep it lit.

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VOTE TORY – [Post Satire]

There now follows a partly satirical broadcast from the Tories.

Here’s the first Vote Tory campaign video by Ann Narkeh.

Loads more Post Satire here.giphy (8)

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#GE2017: Seriously Considering Voting, Despite the Crushing Realities of Corporate Rule.

I’ve never voted, despite being seriously tempted to in recent years. With the snap general election announced, I’m now considering it more seriously than ever before.

I ‘vote’ with the little money that I have, by consuming as little and as ethically as I can. I try to make life choices which I consider more significant than a ‘vote’ on the establishment’s terms. The party political spectacle is ubiquitous and hypnotic though. It is forced upon us, to maintain the illusion of democracy while dividing and conquering most of us.

Not voting is generally frowned upon by those who do. Voters say things like, “You’re disrespecting the people who died for your right to vote“. Respectfully, the greater disrespect is to ignore the blatant corruption of the institutions which people fought and died for, surely? Participating in ‘elections’ and ‘referendums’ only validates a corrupted structure. Regardless who is ‘in power’ in parliament we are ruled by banks and corporations, as we have ever been. The Tories, their Blairite chums here and the 45th American presidency should by now have made this abundantly clear for all with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Elections and referendums provide the vital illusion of democracy, while restricting the parameters of mainstream debate and consciousness. They are less about democracy and more about sculpting objective reality. We are encouraged to have ‘opinions’ on ‘discussions’ which are controlled to deliver the outcome preferred by corporate overlords. These ‘discussions’ are more often than not divisive, absurdly polarised slagging matches (see Brexit). Meanwhile, debates of actual substance (TTIP, or whatever they’re calling it now, NATO, foreign policy, ‘security’, nuclear ‘deterrents’ etc) are had in private. Prior to the digital age, ‘shadow governance’ was dismissed as a fringe conspiracy theory. Today though, many of these theories have been substantiated, particularly those concerning toxic banking (see ‘too big to fail’).

Are insurrections within the mechanics of power, like those of Bernie Sanders and Jeremy Corbyn staged or genuine? If they are genuine, is it really possible for such insurrections to influence real change within structures which are so demonstrably corrupt, or will they always be quelled?


The only political party that really inspires me to ask this question is the Green Party of England and Wales. I’ve been tracking their activity for some years now. Their rhetoric is not hollow. They talk the talk and walk the walk. Their manifesto is outside the controlled parameters of debate. Their policies are solution based. They are 100% funded by their members and supporters, actively avoiding the toxic investments which have polluted the mainstream political parties. They’re calling for a progressive alliance “giving people the best possible chance of defeating the Conservatives and bringing in a truly democratic voting system”. (as I’m writing this, Corbyn and Farron have rejected these calls, again…). The policies and campaigns the Greens support almost exactly mirror my own (though their methods to promote these policies and campaigns differ somewhat).

For these reasons and many more, I recognise the Greens as the only real opposition serious about reforming parliament. This is why they are so marginalised by the controlled media.

Getting rid of the Tories would be good, but the absence of a truly democratic voting system is the more substantial root which we would do well to properly weed lest they return. This fundamental reform has been one of the main planks of the Green’s manifesto for a long time. Is it a deliverable promise, or the sweetest of false hopes? Am I naive to be even thinking about participating this time? Or could voting really be another platform from which to direct real change?

I’ve got over a month to decide whether I can stomach registering – May 22nd is the deadline. Any and all advice would be gratefully received.

Regardless whether I vote or not, I will certainly be doing whatever else I can to support the Greens’ efforts to unfuck parliament over the next two months and beyond.

Perhaps this election really could be an opportunity to finally direct our consciousness out of the myopic box of nightmares it has been trapped in for so long, towards a fairer, saner future.

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IDS [Post Satire]


More Post Satire here.giphy (8)

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Department of Post Truth [Post Satire]

There now follows a partly satirical broadcast from the Department of Post Truth to the #ScaredSociety.

More Post Satire here.giphy (8)



Don’t let UK Gov Plc’s Orwellian police state turn us into The Scared Society.



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HUNT MUST GO [Daily Wail]

Daily Wail 





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The Occupied Sun

Tories Now More Racist Than UKIP



#CPC16 #ToriesOut

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Firstly, a quick rant…

Followers of this site may or may not have noticed that recently Ann Narkeh Media has refocused on promoting upcoming actions and demonstrations, rather than commenting on the partly political pantomime. Things were getting a little bit silly…


And that’s without mentioning all the Post Satire

The allure of the parliamentary spectacle is hypnotic. We suspend our disbelief, forgetting that the system is inherently corrupt. Even if by some miracle a decent group of people managed to ‘get into power’, very little would actually change because we would still be ruled by banks and mega corporations.

It’s worth fighting for that little sliver of change, sure. Every sliver is worth fighting for, but if we put all our eggs in one basket – particularly a basket as broken and corrupt as Westminster, we are setting ourselves up for a fall. Just imagine being a Bernie Sanders supporter now…or an Obama supporter on the day he received the nobel peace prize while bombing a wedding in Afghanistan…I don’t think Corbyn, or Lucas are corrupt, or corruptible – but the game they’re playing most certainly is.


We should not be kidding ourselves that a regime change alone would lead to a positive system change. We urgently need to be taking action outside of the stale, divisive party politics of the past. It’s time for real unity.

“They’re not afraid of Corbyn, they’re afraid of YOU

Ann Narkeh is proud to have produced what the Canary recently described as “some of the most brilliant front pages in Britain right now”  and will still be taking the piss out of the establishment for pure lulz if and when appropriate. It would be too easy and relatively ineffective to just keep creating populist memes commenting on a controlled narrative though.

It’s time to own the narrative.

Send stories/ideas you would like to see Ann Narkeh Media make things for, to:

theoccupiedsun (at) gmail (dot) com

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***END RANT***

Here are a few upcoming and ongoing happenings to get on your to do-list and in your diary. Please help distribute this content, cheers.



4th-10th September 2016 Disabled People Against Cuts want RIGHTS NOT GAMES. WEEK OF ACTION for disability rights. Solidarity Not Charity.



1st October 2016 Reclaim the Power and others are calling for safe and peaceful action against the aviation industry, with a family-friendly flashmob and critical mass bike bloc at a London airport, (to be announced nearer the time).



People’s Assembly and others have called for a national #ToriesOut demonstration at the Tory Party Conference, 2nd October 2016 – Birmingham.



Campaign Against The Arms Trade are rallying for a full year of action to make 2017 the year we shut the arms dealers down. Get involved here. #StopDSEI #DSEI2017

#DeAdvertise Climate De-Advertisement Campaign


***ONGOING*** Britain’s Corporations must stop funding climate sceptic propaganda with the advertising they buy in the Mail, Sun, Times, Star, Express and Telegraph. These papers are currently the biggest threat to Britain’s future. #Deadvertise to Save Britain…AND THE PLANET!

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We Can’t Wait For 2020 To Get The TORIES OUT! [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun

We Can’t Wait For 2020 To Get The


  • Protest the Tory Party Conference

  • Birmingham, 2nd October 2016



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