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Here are a few upcoming and ongoing happenings to get on your to do-list and in your diary. Please help distribute this content, cheers.

Firstly, a quick rant…

Followers of this site may or may not have noticed that recently Ann Narkeh Media has refocused on promoting upcoming actions and demonstrations, rather than commenting on the partly political pantomime. Things were getting a little bit silly…


And that’s without mentioning all the Post Satire

The allure of the parliamentary spectacle is hypnotic. We suspend our disbelief, forgetting that the system is inherently corrupt. Even if by some miracle a decent group of people managed to ‘get into power’, very little would actually change because we would still be ruled by banks and mega corporations.

It’s worth fighting for that little sliver of change, sure. Every sliver is worth fighting for, but if we put all our eggs in one basket – particularly a basket as broken and corrupt as Westminster, we are setting ourselves up for a fall. Just imagine being a Bernie Sanders supporter now…or an Obama supporter on the day he received the nobel peace prize while bombing a wedding in Afghanistan…I don’t think Corbyn, or Lucas are corrupt, or corruptible – but the game they’re playing most certainly is.


We should not be kidding ourselves that a regime change alone would lead to a positive system change. We urgently need to be taking action outside of the stale, divisive party politics of the past. It’s time for real unity.

“They’re not afraid of Corbyn, they’re afraid of YOU

Ann Narkeh is proud to have produced what the Canary recently described as “some of the most brilliant front pages in Britain right now”  and will still be taking the piss out of the establishment for pure lulz if and when appropriate. It would be too easy and relatively ineffective to just keep creating populist memes commenting on a controlled narrative though.

It’s time to own the narrative.

Send stories/ideas you would like to see Ann Narkeh Media make things for, to:

theoccupiedsun (at) gmail (dot) com

annnarkeh (at) gmail (dot) com

***END RANT***

Here are a few upcoming and ongoing happenings to get on your to do-list and in your diary. Please help distribute this content, cheers.



4th-10th September 2016 Disabled People Against Cuts want RIGHTS NOT GAMES. WEEK OF ACTION for disability rights. Solidarity Not Charity.



1st October 2016 Reclaim the Power and others are calling for safe and peaceful action against the aviation industry, with a family-friendly flashmob and critical mass bike bloc at a London airport, (to be announced nearer the time).



People’s Assembly and others have called for a national #ToriesOut demonstration at the Tory Party Conference, 2nd October 2016 – Birmingham.



Campaign Against The Arms Trade are rallying for a full year of action to make 2017 the year we shut the arms dealers down. Get involved here. #StopDSEI #DSEI2017

#DeAdvertise Climate De-Advertisement Campaign


***ONGOING*** Britain’s Corporations must stop funding climate sceptic propaganda with the advertising they buy in the Mail, Sun, Times, Star, Express and Telegraph. These papers are currently the biggest threat to Britain’s future. #Deadvertise to Save Britain…AND THE PLANET!

The Daily Wail front page is another thing Ann Narkeh Media publishes.

More from the Occupied Sun on this site and on fedbook, twitter and youtube.

If you dig Ann Narkeh’s doings, all likes, shares, comments and contributions are very much appreciated, thank you.







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