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Friends, comrades, netizens, I need a little help if any of you are able.

Almost a year ago, I registered this domain, with wordpress on their basic package – £22 per year. That year is now almost up, but like everybody, I’m flat broke and struggling to find the money to keep myself going, (let alone pay to keep this url for another year).

If you’re able, please consider making a micro-contribution via paypal to help keep Ann Narkeh Media online. Any surplus contributions will be put towards reconditioning this ancient laptop before it finally falls to bits.

If you’re also skint, likes and shares are very much appreciated too.



Going Offline For a Bit

The internet will have to cope without me while I try to get on top of my parlous financial situation. I urgently need to raise funds for food and other essentials. I’m down to my last tin of bean soup, half a jar of caffeine and no nicotine. I’ve got almost 3 weeks to get thru before I next receive money that I can spend, rather than repay. I really can’t face another period of fasting.

If you enjoy the stuff I make and do, please consider making a small donation (or a loan) to help me out – (or you could commission me to make or do something).


Don’t worry if you can’t afford to – it seems almost everybody’s struggling at the moment.

Keep it lit and watch this space, Ann Narkeh Media will be back in production mode asap.


Fundraising Appeal [Contributions]

Ann Narkeh Media receives no funding – which is good because it means I’m in control of what I publish, but also means I’m mostly flat broke.

If you enjoy the content I create, please consider making a contribution, cheers.
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If you’re also skint, likes and shares are very much appreciated too.


Massive thanks to everybody who’s supported the stuff and things I do. You’re the best!