“100s of interviews with people from all walks of life… uploaded in realtime, a unique “open source practice”, an important social document, a witness to our times, culminating in a major, in an extra ordinary, 3hour 30 minute movie.. 12months of filming… Brexshit the Movie coming soon the rise of the right and how to defeat it”

Tell Cuadrilla to #FrackOff…

Remind the odious corporation that #WeSaidNo and still, #WeSayNo! If they don't #FrackOff once and for all, we're going to #BankruptCuadrilla!

JUSTICE FOR THE M4 15! [Court Support]

Support the "M4 15", a group of concerned citizens on trial for standing up against Heathrow airport expansion. December 22 at 9:30 AM Ealing Magistrate Court

GOOD LUCK TINA! #BankruptCuadrilla

Modern day Spartacus, Tina-Louise Rothery will be on trial tomorrow, 9th December 2016. She faces 14 days in prison for daring to stand up to fracking bullies, Cuadrilla. Fractivists worldwide will be hoping that the judge is a rational human being...