Angry Band

“To live through, not just survive the post-apocalyptic, dystopic miasma of the modern world, Angry Band are determined to channel our righteous rage into positive energy”

I’ve definitely drifted away from music in recent years but when I do write stuff these days, it’s usually as Angry Man, with Angry Band. I am the ‘behind the scenes’ multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer and artistic director, in collaboration with the Blues Fairy.

I’m especially proud of this music video I produced recently; ‘Terrorists’, using found footage and original artworks/animations.

Angry Band frequently contribute original soundtracks for Ann Narkeh Media.

There’s a ‘work in progress’ playlist, with about an album’s worth of recentish material.

Our first album – ‘Post Apocalyptic Dystopian Blues‘ was released in 2013 and is available for FREE download, as .mp3 from reverbnation, or as .wav from soundcloud.

I produced double sided, printable  artwork for Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Blues, and for each track.
PADB Front


Angry Band are also on fedbook, twitter and youtube.


By Ann Narkeh

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