National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist, London, 13th October 2018


I’m very proud to have collaborated with my mate, Donnachadh McCarthy again, helping to put together the posters, flyers and social media materials for the National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist, organised by Stop Killing Cyclists and supported by a broad coalition of campaign groups.


The event will honour and mark the deaths of:

  • over a thousand cyclists killed on our roads in the last decade
  • the thousands of cyclists killed by traffic pollution
  • the hundreds of thousands of people who wanted to cycle but were afraid to, due to the lack of protected cycle lanes and who thus died from horrific lung & heart diseases, asthma, diabetes and a plethora of other diseases brought on by the sedentary, petrochemical lifestyle.


National_Funeral_800X800_V3UK Gov. Plc has invested almost nothing on safer cycling but tens of £billions on ever more roads for the car-lobby. £billions more is given in annual tax-cuts to the toxic diesel/petrol lobby, which is accelerating the 6th Mass Extinction.

The excellent photograph in the poster captures the scale of Stop Killing Cyclists’ first mass die-in, at Tfl headquarters, 5 years ago. 1500 people came together to protest, after 6 people were killed while cycling in one month.

This year’s National Funeral for the Unknown Cyclist hopes to be the largest ever Die-In in UK history, to ensure the Chancer of Death, Phillip Hammond, the incumbent PM, Jeremy Corbyn and his incumbent Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell hear two clear demands for the Autumn budget:

£3 Billion per year investment in cycling

A reversal of tax cuts on toxic diesel and petrol


Donnachadh explained how they had arrived at the £3 Billion per year figure based on doubling the Dutch model, which invests the equivalent of £30 per person per year on cycling. The UK needs to catch up with 50 years of failure to invest in safer cycling.

The Dutch have the safest cycling infrastructure in the world. Despite some hotspots, they also enjoy some of the cleanest air in Europe.

More Dutch Cycling = Safer Cycling + Less Pollution + Cleaner Air



The second demand, a reversal of the year on year tax-cuts on toxic fuel should be a no-brainer, given the calamitous state of our collapsing climate. If we are to survive the 6th Mass Extinction, we must create a cleaner, safer world. Electric vehicles alone aren’t going to cut it, especially if the electricity which powers them is still produced by burning toxic fossil fuels and distributed across an ancient, inefficient power grid. Electric vehicles still have a massive embedded carbon footprint.

The UK, and the world must fully divest from fossil fuels as Ireland has done and properly invest in safe cycling infrastructure.

Righteous Rage to Peaceful Action.


Channel your anger at all these injustices into peaceful direct action and demand better from UK Gov. Plc.

If you’re not able to attend, please share this event with your networks.



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The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction, particularly as corporate power invests so much pretending that it isn’t really happening…



EXTINCTION OR SURVIVAL? Imagining a Future for our Scorched Planet.


In my lifetime, I’ve witnessed a lot of batshit crazy. I suppose I should feel privileged to live in a time of such unprecedented global challenges.

We were taught about global warming in school. It was all a bit flakey back then because the fossil fuel corporations had just started distorting and disputing the climate science. A school of science which incidentally they had pioneered. The basic principles were understood long before I was born. #ExxonKnew

When I started primary school, we were being taught that the apocalyptic climate collapse we’re witnessing now might happen in a few hundred years but if we recycled more and changed our light bulbs and used catalytic converters and stopped using CFCs everything would  probably be OK.

By the time I started secondary school, they were saying this cataclysmic tragedy might unfold in about a hundred years and we should probably all recycle more to be on the safe side. By the time I finished, they were saying maybe 50 years, if we didn’t take more meaningful action.

As I got older, they  revised it down further, saying probably within our lifetimes. Then the IPCC report. The World Scientists’ Warnings to Humanity. TWENTY THREE years of annual international climate conferences (COP24 will be in December this year). All too little too late and still held back by an industry determined to protect it’s short term shareholder interest.

Now, everything’s collapsing around our ears and it has become difficult to imagine a future in which organised human life on planet Earth is viable. Or life at all for that matter.  It turns out most of the recycling we’ve been diligently doing has been going to landfill and incinerators all these years. Increasing numbers of people believe that we’ve already passed the tipping point. An uninhabitable planet is now baked in to the mix.

Corporate media have starting to make the most monumental U-turn in history: We should now accept that an increasingly chaotic climate is the ‘new normal’. We should be preparing for more heatwaves and sea level rise of 60m. (normally I wouldn’t link to sky news but it’s interesting that even they are now starting to accept the stark reality). It has become undeniable. Much of humanity’s minds are being blown. Like frogs in boiling water, slowly realising our shared fate too late.

The Global heatwave is symptom of early stage cycle of civilisational collapse

Extinction_RebellionThe world’s ‘leaders’ (such as they are) have procrastinated and lied and squabbled and squandered decades that could have made a difference. The farcical folly of the greenwashing industry; recyling going to landfill and incinerators,  ‘catalytic converters’,  ‘carbon trading schemes’ and so on tell us all we need to know about their ‘leadership’ on the issue.

You need only look at the brutal corporate policing of protests from Standing Rock to Preston New Rd to understand how intractable the problem is.

The fact that at least FIVE pacific islands have already been lost to rising sea levels is not yet commonly known or understood. I had hoped that this news might have woken up more people when it happened. Two years ago.

Imagining Hope

I’m suppose I’m lucky to have been engaged with the problem of catastrophic climate collapse and human extinction for quite a long time. I’m not as panicked by it as people who are just coming round to the concept now, so I can at least offer a relatively calm perspective. Continue reading EXTINCTION OR SURVIVAL? Imagining a Future for our Scorched Planet.

Our scorched Earth needs humans to put more heat on their politicians and media.

Climate Media Coalition

Corrections and Clarifications Department

It’s good that corporate media is finally starting to discuss the climate crisis, but yesterday’s grauniad (28/7/2018) still carried FIFTEEN pages of adverts promoting the petrochemical lifestyle.


The entire global climate emergency movement concentrates on 3 key pillars – civil society, government and business.

The Climate Media Coalition believes that there is one crucial pillar which needs to be added – the Fourth Estate i.e. the global media.

The Climate Media Coalition’s core purpose is to urgently get this fourth pillar installed into the global climate movement’s campaigning architecture i.e. we want the global media to be a core part of the movement’s strategy to eliminate carbon emissions.

Without the backing of the media for radical action on the climate crisis we will fail to reduce carbon emissions fast enough to maintain human civilisation on planet Earth.

The existential stakes for nature and humanity are higher than they’ve ever been.

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The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction, particularly as corporate power invests so much pretending that it isn’t really happening…

No More Climate Disaster Martyrs

RIP David Buckel

(This image was  created by Donnachadh McCarthy, who wrote passionately about David’s passing on facebook here.)

Rest in Power David Buckel, prominent US gay rights lawyer and environmental activist, who tragically burnt himself to death this week. He set himself alight with petrochemicals to draw attention to the escalating climate crisis, which the corporatocracy has been persuading people to ignore for decades. In his note, he said “Pollution ravages our planet, oozing inhabitability via air, soil, water and weather,

Most humans on the planet now breathe air made unhealthy by fossil fuels, and many die early deaths as a result — my early death by fossil fuel reflects what we are doing to ourselves.” He expressed hope that his death would serve as a call to action, saying, “Honourable purpose in life invites honourable purpose in death“.

David Buckel is sadly not the deep green movement’s first martyr.

Earlier this year environmental activist, Kavous Seyed Emami, a professor and prominent environmental activist, apparently committed suicide while detained in a Tehran prison.

In late October 2016, Environmentalist Jawahar Kumaran killed himself and left a video protesting about toxic plastic. In the video, he said “I am sacrificing my life in the hope that it will trigger serious concern about plastic use in India. Since all of my peaceful means of protest failed, I’m forced to choose suicide. To save the lives of millions of people affected by toxic plastic, I don’t think it’s wrong to kill myself.”

In July 2016 a pioneering environmentalist couple, Judi and Lou Friedman had apparently also killed themselves. They had been extremely active in educational, environmental, peacekeeping, alternative energy and anti-nuclear efforts locally, nationally and internationally.

In December 2005, ELF environmental activist and animal rights activist, William C Rodgers was found dead in his cell. According to police, he had used a plastic bag to commit suicide.

In September 2003 ecologist and author, Dr Garrett Hardin and his wife, Jane Hardin took their own lives. Dr. Hardin was suffering a heart disorder, and Jane had Lou Gehrig’s disease. They were both members of End-of-Life Choices, formerly known as the Hemlock Society.

Kristin Marie Snyder, a self-employed environmental consultant apparently took her own life in February, 2003. A search for information about her tragic passing certainly raises far more questions than it does answers.

In July 1995: Alexander Langer ended his life by hanging himself from an apricot tree at Pian de’ Giullari, close to Florence. His note read: “Don’t be sad, continue doing what is right.” He was active in the social movements of 1968, a renowned journalist, and the founder and leader of the Italian Greens.

The list goes on and on. I can’t bring myself to keep compiling it. I’ve been trying to remember the name of the first such deep green suicide I heard of, some years ago now. He was an American hermit concerned with overconsumption who had been living a sustainable lifestyle off-grid. I’m ashamed to admit that I can’t remember his name now. If anybody knows who I’m talking about, please remind me. (*update – a kind reader has emailed to remind me that his name was Michael Ruppert, a writer, musician, police officer, investigative journalist, political activist, and peak oil awareness advocate who tragically chose to end his incredible life with a gunshot to the head in April 2014).

With the utmost respect to their individual right to self-determination, all of these climate disaster martyrs could have achieved much more if they were still alive and campaigning with a crew of supportive people around them.

As noble as the motivations for their choices might be, we really don’t need any more conscious, conscientious human beings to go this way. Particularly as there are so few like them and especially as corporate power is assassinating environmental activists in their hundreds across Latin America and worldwide. 200 environment protectors across 24 countries were killed in 2016. That’s four murders a week. If the trend has continued, it should be around one a day by now.

As the overwhelming savagery of the 6th Mass Extinction continues to escalate, we’re going to need to really look out for and help each other cope.

If anybody reading this is feeling so low as to consider doing something so radical as to take their own life in the name of any cause, (or none), please reach out for help first. If you don’t have friends or family you can talk to, I’ll always be here to listen and to help if I can. annnarkeh(at)gmail(dot)com – (remove brackets, insert symbols).

You are not alone, even if it feels like you are.

Don’t burn out. Keep it lit.

Be excellent to each other.



The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction, particularly as corporate power invests so much pretending that it isn’t really happening…

Santa’s Warning To Humanity: #ShopLessLiveMore [Subvert]


Over consumption is destroying the planet. Our home. But it’s not all ho ho hopeless.

This year, spend time not money.

Shop less. Live more.

Buy nothing.

Terms and conditions do not apply.

Participate by not participating.


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World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice [Short Film]

Signed by 15,364 scientists from 184 countries around the world, the “World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity, A Second Notice” was published on November 13th, 2017.

This short film was produced by Ann Narkeh for all you internet zombies. Some parts have been paraphrased for legibility. The original text with acknowledgements, references and supplementary materials can be found here.

Keep it lit.


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Damage Report: 11th July, 2017.

The following is a roundup of just some of the last week’s extreme weather disasters from around the world. This article was created to help end climate change denialism and to persuade the fossil fuel industry and the Trumps of this world to put their resources towards mitigating the crisis rather than fuelling it.

While it’s technically easy to compile all this information, it’s emotionally traumatic to catalogue all the tragedy and suffering which is apparently escalating so dramatically. My condolences to all those directly affected. Whatever you’re doing to avert, or otherwise survive the sixth great extinction, stay strong and be excellent to each other.

It’s useful to be aware of how bad things are, but it’s equally if not more important to remember that there are solutions to these challenges which we should also be focusing on.

Please note: Some of these links are to dubious corporate media sources which Ann Narkeh Media would ordinarily boycott. However, taking the escalating ecological crisis seriously is an exception, because it is one of the many conversations which urgently need to be dragged into the public sphere. If they get clicks for significant, truthful coverage, it might persuade them to do more of it.

ALASKA: Bogoslof volcano has erupted again.

ANTARCTICA: 20,000 Sq mile Larsen C ice shelf expected to break off at any moment.*

CANADA: Ongoing, out of control BC wildfires have forced 14 thousand people and rising to evacuate. 29 new fires broke out over the weekend, bringing the total to 218 with many of these 0% contained. Meanwhile Saskatoon was flooded amidst damaging wind and ‘bullet like’ hail.

CHINA: 1.2 million evacuated, at least 56 people dead as over 60 rivers burst their banks in the South.

CZECH: Deploying drones to help search for abandoned drainage systems to fight third consecutive year of drought.

FRANCE: Many parts of the country including Paris have flooded again.

GREENLAND: Accelerating loss of ice sheet is main contributor to sea level rise.*

INDIA: Floods in Assam and across the North West claim over 25 lives. Situation ‘to worsen’.

ITALY: Drought and ‘a billion euros of agricultural damage‘.

JAPAN: Flooding forces thousands to evacuate. 500 people cut off from help. Deathtoll risen to 18.

KENYA: Drought is driving women and girls as young as 12 into sexual exploitation.

NIGERIA: Unprecedented, torrential rainfall and flash flooding has submerged much of the country and killed at least 18, so far.

NORTH KOREA: School hours have been limited so students can water crops to help fight drought.

PHILIPPINES: 6.5 Magnitude earthquake. At least two people dead, hundreds injured. This comes amidst flooding and landslides which has seen hundreds evacuated.

SPAIN: Relentless drought is making it difficult for plants and animals to survive.

S AFRICA: Dam levels ‘critically low‘ in ongoing Western Cape drought. Stricter water rationing being established.

US: Damaging winds,  flash flooding, hail across mid-west as the hydrological extremes of floods and drought conditions threaten the south while north-western wildfires consume at least 37 homes in North California with thousands evacuated.  Billion dollar weather disasters are at near record pace for the US in the first half of 2017. Disaster capitalists are gobbling up wheat amidst a drought in the Great Plains. (paywall)

UK: Flooding across the country, amidst +30C heatwaves.

This list is by no means comprehensive. You might also be interested in this report from the World Meteorological Organization, regarding the last two months of this “spell of exceptional global warmth” that has now lasted since mid-2015. This article offers another overview of the unprecedented heatwaves currently gripping the planet and their consequences.

*A study by Henry Patton, a researcher at The Arctic University of Norway warns that a similar collapse of the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets at the end of the last ice age led to chaos across the European continent with floods forming ‘mega rivers’ that swept some of the continent (including the English Channel) clean, affecting the human habitability of the region.

The extinction symbol is intended to help raise awareness of the urgent need for change, in order to address the crisis.

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Extreme Weather Report, 1st July 2017

July 1st.

Massive A-B march and demonstration in London today to get the #ToriesOut.

Great turnout, atmosphere and rhetoric, with many speakers calling for more strikes, occupations and direct action. Well done to the thousands who turned out to support comrade Corbyn’s movement to occupy democracy.

Resistance continues at Preston New Road, Lancashire on day 124 of their rolling blockade against fracking idiots, Cuadrilla. All love and power to the brave protectors holding their ground to protect the UK’s drinking water.

Here’s some of today’s extreme weather from around the world;

Berlin and Moscow are both flooded.

Karachi is flooded.

Parts of New York are also underwater.

The heatwave plaguing South Eastern Europe has killed five in Bulgaria.

Unprecedented out of control wildfires in Siberia can be seen from space.

Wildfires in SW Colorado (US) are only 29% contained.

China is battling floods in the South and a heatwave in the North.

All these links/articles were posted in the last 24 hours of writing. It’s the same thing almost every day now, if you can bring yourself to take a few minutes to check. Keywords: weather, floods and fires.

Sad as hell. Be excellent to each other.


If you’d like to read more regular Extreme Weather Reports like this, let Ann Narkeh Media know by helping to SHARE it.

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Reconsidering Voting and Democracy. [PRAXIS]



Followers of this blog will be familiar with my longstanding position on fake democracy. I actively campaign for a real democracy but I’ve never registered to vote; ‘I don’t negotiate with terrorists’. ‘I refuse to legitimise a rigged game’. ‘Don’t vote it only encourages them’. ‘Whoever wins, we’ll still get corporate governance’,…(and other snidey one-liners).

I believe real democracy should be practised daily with our families, friends and the communities we share. If parliament conducted itself with the actual democratic rigour and discipline that most occupations, squats and protest camps do, it would be in a much better state than it currently is.

DeMOCKracy banner

Each time the electioneering machine starts up, I stand on the sidelines terrified by the effect it has on everybody, voters and non-voters alike. It’s horrible. You can’t just turn it off, because it effects (infects) everybody. We’re all supposed to have black and white  opinions on things which aren’t black and white and which otherwise wouldn’t interest us in the slightest…we’re supposed to pick a ‘leader’ and a ‘party’…(or snipe and heckle from the sidelines…)

I have expressed my cynicism about the state of electoral politics in this blog and elsewhere ad nauseum.

I’ve also discussed the paradox of the ‘diamonds in the rough’. Principled politicians who actually speak truth to power, offering us hope for a better world. Idealists, in an environment where we must hesitate before using the word ‘idealist’, or ‘idealism’. When did ‘idealism’ become an insult? Idealism should be a virtue but it is generally conflated with naivety….why?

stop wars

Continue reading Reconsidering Voting and Democracy. [PRAXIS]

Toxic Barclays Bank [Subvert]

More #ToxicBankers deadverts here:

Created by Ann Narkeh to support the Advertising Action on Climate Project, RisingUp!, and everybody else campaigning to #Divest – MoveYourMoney out of the #ToxicBanks!

The extinction symbol is intended to help raise awareness of the urgent need for change, in order to address the crisis.

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