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Extinction Report. 10/10 – 3/12, 2018

Extreme Weather events are becoming more frequent and getting worse.


Extreme Weather events are becoming more frequent and getting worse. This data was compiled from the Extinction Rebellion newsletter hivemind, updated and compressed into chronological order by Ann Narkeh.

October 2018

October 10th. Fatal flash floods in Majorca killed at least 10 people.

October 13th. In the UK, Storm Callum Killed 3 People, Amidst landslides, floods, power cuts and evacuations.

In the US, Hurricane Michael killed at Least 17 People.

October 15th. Fatal flash floods in south west France killed at least 13 People.

October 17th. Flooding in Tunisia killed at least two people. Over 1000 people were still reportedly missing after storm Michael.

October 18th.  Flooding collapsed a bridge, killing at least two people in Texas.

October 20th. Qatar was flooded by a year’s rainfall in one day.

October 21st. A Firefighter was killed by flooding, hundreds evacuated from Malaga. Flooding and landslides in Trinidad affected 120,000 people.

October 22nd. Rome was struck by freak hailstorm and flooding.

October 24th. Hurricane Willa made landfall in Mexico with 120mph winds.

October 25th. At least 18 people were killed, most of them children as a schoolbus was swept away by flash floods in Jordan.

October 30th. Death toll rose to eleven in Italy as storms continued to hammer the coast


November 1st. 150,000 people in Myanmar have been dispossessed by climate collapse.

November 5th. The deathtoll after the flooding and landslides in Italy has risen to 29 people. 14 million trees over thousands of hectares have been razed to the ground.

November 8th, 9th. Flash flooding struck the Persian Gulf, with heavy rain which burst through the roof of the King Khalid International Airport airport near Ryadh. Flash flooding killed at least another 12 people in Petra, Jordan, just 2 weeks after the flooding which killed at least 18 people, mostly children there. 4000 people have been evacuated.

November 10th. Storm Deirdre hit the UK bringing chaos with 70mph winds, flooding some parts of West Wales and leaving 2500 homes without power. The  A38 was blocked by floodwater again. Homes were submerged under 10 feet of water. Cornwall was ‘cut off’.

At least one person was killed in Kuwait amidst floods which damaged roads, bridges and homes. Kuwaiti oil firms and ministries have announced a state of emergency.

At least two people have been killed by flash flooding in Thailand.

November 11th. Flash flooding struck parts of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

November 12th. In the US, there was ‘localised’ flooding in North Georgia and across Atlanta.

November 15th. At least 59 people were confirmed dead, over 300 missing and more than 250,000 evacuated amidst the deadliest wildfires in California’s history. 150ft flames, ‘firenados’ and smoke plumes visible from space. Trump shamefully responded by attacking the state’s forest management and threatening to cut their federal funding.

November 27th. Lake Chilwa, the second largest lake in Malawi has dried up.

November 28th. Flash Flooding killed at least three people in Sydney, Australia, while thousands were evacuated from the north-east of the country, which was hit by 200 simultaneous wild bushfires

November 29th. Storm Diana left at least 40 000 UK homes without power, amid 80mph winds. Roads flooded and trees were uprooted in BristolWigan and right across England, WalesIreland and Scotland. Train, plane and road travel was disrupted across the country for days. The M6 was closed by flooding.

California was struck by flash flooding and mudslides, 3 weeks after the worst wildfire in a century which killed at least 88 people. 196 people are still missing

A storm has uprooted trees and cut power in Paphos, Cyprus one week after flash flooding there

November 30th.4.5 Magnitude Quake which struck British Columbia was “Most likely caused by fracking”

Flash flooding struck Bodrum, Turkey for the second time in 10 days.


December 1st.7.0 magnitude quake struck Alaska, wrecking roads and leaving thousands without power

December 2nd. Hamilton, New Zealand was evacuated after flash flooding

Nineveh Province, Iraq has declared a state of emergency after more flash flooding. Last month, floods killed dozens and displaced tens of thousands there.

December 3rd. Floodwater has inundated Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta


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