Truth, Justice, Freedom and Lulz

As we bear witness to the apocalypse, it’s important to make time for lulz. So, I made my unicorn do a rainbow fart.

That is all.

Music: ‘Focus’ by Angry Band.

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BRAGGING RIGHTS! Beautiful Trouble are quoting Ann Narkeh on their homepage! :D

Is it narcissistic to brag about an achievement like this?
Is it even really an achievement, or a thing?
It is for me!  (even if you do have to refresh the page half a million times to find the quote…)

I felt a similar way when meeting Russell Brand…and when David Graeber retweeted me that one time,…and when the Canary said those nice things about the Occupied Sun,…but Noam Chomsky was the one who told me that gratuitous namedropping isn’t cool, so I didn’t brag about it…too much! 😉 (!)

In all seriousness though, I love the beautiful solutions in Beautiful Trouble.os_bookreview_beautifultrouble

The review I wrote, which they’ve quoted from could never do real justice to my deep affection for both the ongoing work and the people doing it.

I feel very proud to be namedropped by them alongside so many great individuals and organisations I admire and respect so much.

Yay Ann Narkeh Media!


That is all.

As you were.

Carry on.


About Ann Narkeh

“The creative ego of an over-privileged, white, cis-male anarchist unleashed…”

cropped-anm_cheesygrin.pngAnn Narkeh is an Occupier, Love Activist and Compassionate R3VOLutionary. An artivist; activist, artist, post satirist and citizen journalist who livestreams interesting things and creates original writingbrandalismvideo and music, using virtually all freeware, digital tools you can download and use yourself for FREE!

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Ann Narkeh is perhaps best known for producing and publishing spoof, ‘alternative’ and ‘corrected’ front pages of national and local newspapers;


The Occupied Sun was launched in January 2015 and has now produced over a hundred of “the most brilliant front pages in Britain”, (according to The Canary).

dailywaillogo Originally commissioned by the excellent Real Media for their week of action against the Daily Mail in March 2015,  Ann Narkeh still creates occasional Daily Wail front pages now.


Ann Narkeh is a long time contributor to and livestreamer for Occupy News Network.


Ann Narkeh also creates original music and video with Angry Bandwho have released two albums so far;  “Post-Apocalyptic Dystopian Blues”, (2014)and “Anthems For The Barricades“, (2016).

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