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Truth, Justice, Freedom and Lulz (2019 Edition)

As the whole world’s going to shit, it’s really important to make time for peurile lulz.

I’ve fortunately managed to get Linux Ubuntu running on this laptop with my preferred video editing software, kdenlive and of course, GIMP. It not only runs but is infinitely smoother, I should have done it ages ago! Thanks so much the amazing developers who put together this incredible software and kept it free and opensource for penniless creative proles like me.

I had a lot of fun celebrating by tarting up the Ann Narkeh Media farting unicorn banner for 2019. While there’s still time. (as self indulgent as it was).

It’s still set to the dulcet tones of Angry Band but now with a couple of added sfx. Apologies if it’s too crude for some folks’ tastes…

GIF series to follow…I’ve already put one up on the homepage…

The ‘Ask’ Bit…

…ALL Ann Narkeh’s stuff is offered free, with no paywalls, and no advertising. Ann Narkeh is skint and this laptop is in urgent need of a rererefurb, or really, a replacement that’s up to doing video editing EVEN faster!

IF YOU’RE ABLE, please consider making a regular, (or a one-off), micro (or macro) paypal contribution towards the wordpress subs, rererefurbing, (or replacing) this laptop and to help keep Ann Narkeh Media online and productive:

If you like it, think it’s useful, or if it speaks for you, any help sharing this stuff is equally much appreciated. Thanks all.

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