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THE PROSTITUTE STATE by Donnachadh McCarthy [The Occupied Sun Book Review]

Whether you’re well aware of the revolving door or just noticed it’s existence, The Prostitute State is a must read for truth seekers worldwide.

The Prostitute State
is a transformative read.

book cover 24mmI was lucky enough to spend time with the author, Donnachadh McCarthy during Occupy Democracy’s Tarpaulin Revolution in 2014, where he was arrested several times for peacefully protesting the UK’s scandalous democratic deficit.

We occupied Rupert Murdoch’s news HQ together in 2015, where he generously gifted me a copy of his third book, The Prostitute State.

Donnachadh McCarthy

The book is semi-autobiographical and explains how Donnachadh arrived at his conclusions. His insights into the inner workings of the corridors of power are as remarkable as his personal journey. Donnachadh is an incredible human being; a rare combination of fierce intellect and compassionate, sensitive humility.

The former vice chair of the Liberal Democrats turned whistleblower on corruption within the party, he has been tirelessly campaigning on environmental issues for over two decades both outside and within the system. His Victorian terrace home in Camberwell was London’s first carbon negative house.

Despite Donnachadh’s impressive CV, when I sat down to read The Prostitute State I wasn’t really expecting to glean much new information from it. In my arrogance, I thought I had already picked apart and understood the pillars of corruption which we all suffer under. I could not have been more mistaken. Donnachadh offers up revelation after revelation, backed by dense references, citations and peer reviewed datasets.

Whether you’re well aware of the revolving door or just noticed it’s existence, The Prostitute State is a must read for truth seekers worldwide.

In Donnachadh’s analysis, there are four main pillars of The Prostitute State; the Corrupted Political System; the Prostituted Media, Perverted Academia and the Thieving Network of Tax Havens. The book not only examines and exposes each of these pillars, but most importantly, it explains how the rich elites and corporations control the production of thought, the dissemination of thought, the implementation of thought and the funding of thought, and why this means we no longer live in a democracy.

Unlike other books which examine the doings of the 1%, The Prostitute State isn’t thin on suggestions for what can be done about the challenges we are facing either.



Broadly, it’s still up to you. And me. And everyone. There is good in the world. There is hope. Stop being a mindless consumer. Stop buying stuff you don’t need. life is what you make it. Donnachadh puts it better himself here:

“Whilst the forces ranged against our ecosystems and social justice are immense. Societies have successfully overcome such odds before. The first and simplest thing is for each of us personally to stop feeding The Prostitute State. Stop giving it your money. Move your bank accounts, energy supply, newspaper, food buying etc away from the corporate controllers.”

If you are interested in freeing your mind, body and spirit of The Prostitute State‘s influence over the course of our shared destiny on this fragile planet, I strongly recommend reading this book.


Knowledge is power.bookreview

Donnachadh has generously offered a FREE .pdf copy  (RRP £9.99) to any occupiers, or anybody who’s too skint to buy a copy.

email:  contact (at) 3acorns (dot) co (dot) uk

If you can afford to buy a copy, buy two. Or three.   Several. (buy the ebook and recycled paper versions direct to avoid tax dodgers, amazon).


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