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Over 100 MPs From All Parties Unite to Condemn The Murdoch Problem.

107 MPs from all UK political parties are finally doing something about the Murdoch problem.

They’ve signed a scathing letter to The S*n’s editor, calling for the scalp of the journo who wrote their most recent incendiary, racist article. The article in question plumbed new depths for the S*n’s depravity and has been likened to nazi propaganda.

OS5in5The letter was organised by Naz Shah, the Labour MP for Bradford West and details precise examples of how the S*n’s increasingly racist content correlates with spikes in hate crimes.

It follows a joint complaint about the article to the press regulator, IPSO (the Independent Press Standards Organisation), issued by Jewish and Muslim organisations last week. IPSO have received a further 150 complaints about the article so far.

Given that IPSO are famously toothless and Murdoch is notoriously powerful, letter writing and complaining might appear like futile gesture politics at this point.

Here’s why I think it might not be just that.

Firstly and most broadly, gesture politics are not in and of themselves futile. They are a means to an end. An end to the beginning. Doors opening to new possibilities. Politicians from all parties, people of all faiths and none are uniting against racism and Murdochian propaganda. This marks yet another significant milestone in the struggle for real democracy.

During Occupy Democracy‘s occupations of Parliament Square in 2015-16, we heard from numerous ‘insiders’, including politicians and ex-politicians that they and their colleagues were terrified of the tabloids’ power to snoop, smear and blackmail. The corrupting influence of the media was then and is still now one of the fundamental pillars of corruption in Westminster’s Prostitute State and beyond. No politician would propose or support legislation to meaningfully reform the media, for fear that their character and career would be assassinated by the gutter press, such was the reputation of the billionaires behind the curtain.

Reforming and democratising media ownership became one of Occupy Democracy’s principle demands. During these occupations, some of us co-founded Occupy The Media Billionaires working group. One of the core objectives we set ourselves was to embolden and empower good politicians to end the tabloids’ stranglehold over our democracy.

Two years ago, a gesture like this letter from such a large number of the political classes seemed impossible.

The fact that the letter has cross-party support might also prove to be significant in terms of the progressive alliance for electoral reform, which continues to evolve backstage, regardless what the various party leaderships say. (Jeremy Corbyn’s signature was notably absent from the letter of condemnation, though he has warmly welcomed it’s contents).

Out of all the hatred and fear, does this cross-party political faction represent real hope?

dontletmurdochshitinyourheadMurdoch’s power and influence is not to be underestimated. His empire is vast. We must not be complacent or naive, but we should certainly celebrate the victories when they come. We can also celebrate (but not overstate) the fact that newscorp suffered another loss of £629m (2%) in the first quarter of this year.

Two years ago, corporate 1% media held the monopoly on information and the way in which it was shared.

They were ignoring, censoring or distorting social media and citizen journalism.

Over the last year or so, #PostTruth, #AlternativeFacts and #FakeNews was them laughing at us, trying to distract, divide, demoralise and disempower everybody with infantile astroturfing, gaslighting, flame wars and worse.

Now they’re so desperate that they’re literally printing nazi propaganda, blatantly inciting violence. They’ve been fighting citizen journalism since long before social media arrived. The internet offers us the edge we have desperately needed.

This letter marks another significant win in the struggle for a truly independent media, a real democracy and a fairer, more truthful and compassionate world.

This was only the politicians’ first hurdle though. Next, they should be bringing criminal prosecutions against all the Murdochian, Machievellian hatemongers masquerading as journalists.

If they can introduce some meaningful, strong legislation to democratise media ownership then that would be the cherry on the cake.

Here’s the full letter, as originally published by the independent.

Sincere thanks to all the MPs involved, even the Tories and Blairites.


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DISARM AVALON 2017 [The Occupied Sun, Straya Edition]

The Occupied Sun [Straya Edition]

END Global Terrorism.



 #DisarmAvalon #Avalon #Avalon2017



  • JOIN peace activists mobilising from Melbourne to London!

  • Let’s make 2017 the year we shut down the arms trade for good!!


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BE KIND TO EACH OTHER [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun



“Kindness is a language that the deaf can hear and the blind can see”.

– Mark Twain


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President Trump: What Hope Now?

Everybody seems to be freaking out about who America “chose” to be their new puppet president, so here are my current top 10 reasons to remain hopeful for the future…

  1. Ultimately, it’s all just a barely scripted pantomime. People are finally waking up to this fact worldwide, and starting to take action en masse. Hilary Clinton is just as bad as Trump but hides it (slightly) better. Her gender was her singular redeeming feature. They’re both just puppets, actors, tools of the establishment, icons to divide us, distract us and disempower us.*
  2. On the same day Trump was elected, three more women of colour were elected to the senate. Four out of a hundred may still be a small concession in a pantomime which is designed to divide, distract and disempower us, but it is still the largest leap in any US election so far.
  3. The Tories’ loathsome bedroom tax has been defeated. Or was this just UK Gov. Plc throwing the proles a sliver of hope for the day to keep us going? We’ll see.
  4. Dong energy, a major oil and gas company is dumping their 1.5bn fossil fuel portfolio to go 100% renewable.
  5. The standoff at Standing Rock has reached global awareness. Redhawk has reported that at least 2 cops have handed in their badges to join the water protectors. Practical, effective international solidarity is also growing, at standing rock and beyond.
  6. Trump can’t stop the energy revolution. Renewable energy capacity has overtaken coal according to a report by the IAE which says half a million solar panels were installed every day last year globally. In China, two wind turbines were set up every hour. Policy changes in China, India and Mexico have been important forces behind the growth of the renewable energy sector.
  7. If you loved Hitlery and wanted her to win, you can reassure your ego (and your ideological echo chamber) that according to many analysts, had there been proportional representation in the US, she would have won. (She is still just an icon to divide, distract and disempower us, just like Trump).
  8. Voter turnout has dropped to 50% in the US. While some will argue that this is a bad thing, I would have to refer you to the 1st reason to be hopeful. Participating in an oversimplified, absurdly polarised slagging match, or “voting for the lesser of two evils” for generations is what got us into this mess. If people stop participating in the pantomime, they are more likely to be doing something useful with themselves. If enough people chose not to participate, it would disempower the puppet masters and we could all crack on with building a better world!
  9. Katie Hopkins promised to move to the US if Trump was elected. Yes, I know including this on the list is playing into the divisive, disempowering distraction thing, but she’s too vile not to celebrate her departure…
  10. ‘President Trump’ should serve as a call for everybody to wake the f*** up to how absolutely, royally f***ed we all are if we don’t become more actively and effectively involved in changing the world for the better.

*This election campaign should have made it absolutely clear to everybody that mainstream democracy has become a sick joke. While traumatic for many people to come to terms with, this raising of consciousness is a good thing, on balance.

Don’t let the bullshit merchants divide, distract and disempower us! If you’ve been keeping it lit, now is the time to spread it around good people.

If you’re just waking up and shaking off the cognitive dissonance, welcome! Take a deep breath and try not to lose your shit. It’s going to be OK.