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What Will It Take?


Britain’s Corporations must stop funding climate sceptic propaganda with the advertising they buy in the Mail, Sun, Times, Star, Express and Telegraph. These papers are currently the biggest threat to Britain’s future.


Support the Advertising Action on Climate Project

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Why Should We Pay Tax If the 1% Don’t? #TaxDisobey

The Daily Wail #TaxDisobey

The Golden Rule: Tax Rebellion Works!

It’s not about left and right anymore. it’s about right and wrong. It’s not about ancient dogmatic party politics. It’s about hierarchy. Top and bottom. It’s not about Dodgy Dave, it’s about justice.

The Golden Rule Tax Disobedience Initiative asks UK citizens to withhold a small amount of tax (through VAT or their tax return – everyone can join in) and the donate this to useful campaigns.

Principled tax activism has a long and distinguished history in circumstances where the state has shown itself to be incapable of defending the public interest. Read more and get involved at


The Daily Wail

I was commissioned by realmedia to help build a website and to produce and edit a whole bunch of content for their week of action against the Daily Mail in March this year.

I’d never built a website before and had to outsource some of the more complex coding to a good mate of mine who’s a genius.

It was also a last minute brief with a really tight deadline, but I think it turned out pretty well – real media were happy with it, I’m very proud of it and I got to learn more about wordpress/website building –

I set up the associated fedbook and twitter pages, I wrote some original articles and created some original artworks.


I also helped produce and edit the full size print version which was distributed at real media’s conference and all over the country.


More recently, Occupy The Media Billionaires asked me to create another double-sided, black and white printable Daily Wail to support their climate crisis vigil outside Daily Mail HQ:


Part of the routine I intend to establish will involve updating this site and associated social networks more regularly.