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Backwards Together!™©® a new but familiar British political party

Concept art by Ann Narkeh for the imaginary centrist campaign group, inertia™©®.

After a lifetime of not understanding how ‘centrism’ could possibly be a helpful idea for a healthy, functioning democracy, I’ve finally seen the light. Having heard that there is a serious prospect of one Mr Chuka Ummuna MP forming a new, radically regressive ‘centrist’ political party, undermining the huge gains Corbyn has made for Labour and for the quality of public awareness fills me with delight*.

The fact that it’s apparently called ‘Back Together’ leaves it wide open for this obvious pun, and probably much more hilarity.

So I’ve started designing some concept art for ‘inertia™©®’, an imaginary new centrist activist group, to spread the good word about Backwards Together! and why we should keep things how they’ve been going for the last three decades or so.  If you think I should keep going with this, let me know.

*This entire post is just satire.


If you loved Neo-Liberalism, Thatcherism, Blairism, Centrism and want to keep Britain going the way it had been for the last three decades or so, join us, Backwards Together! to fight against the progressive politics that is threatening to redistribute our wealth and power.

Concept art by for the imaginary grassroots group, inertia™©®

If this Blairite ‘centrist’ party thing ever does happens, I might waste some more time setting up accounts to take the piss out of it all further. Which is sometimes the only way to stay sane in the face of the madness of party politics absorbing so many people’s hopes, dreams and nightmares.

Oh and by the way, the planet’s actually burning up in places it shouldn’t with increasing regularity and intensity. Lots of people and other lifeforms are dying, everywhere on an unprecedented scale. Wake the fuck up you bunch of utter wankpuffins! Join the Extinction Rebellion if you’re interested in helping some life survive the 6th mass extinction. (update – I’ve sadly quit XR since writing this). Or, if you just need a break from it all, maybe consider a WWOOFing holiday?

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The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction, particularly as corporate power invests so much pretending that it isn’t really happening…

By Ann Narkeh

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3 replies on “Backwards Together!™©® a new but familiar British political party”

This is a great article that really hits the problem of the centrists on the heid’ in a comic fashion. Here’s a song that can go with this article, about ‘Sensible Centrists’

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I wish that the mask was not used as a symbol of revolution. It just encourages more people to buy those masks made in sweat shop conditions, out of plastic. It fails on two counts. Otherwise, good idea that already pulls the rug out from under Umunna.

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