Tell Cuadrilla to #FrackOff…

Against the will of the people, fracking monsters Cuadrilla have started drilling in Lancashire. Reclaim The Power made this statement regarding the odious corporation’s move.

Why not get in touch to gently remind Cuadrilla that #WeSaidNo and still, #WeSayNo!

Here’s their contact details:


Tina-Louise graciously called off the last blockade after winning her court case just before Christmas last year.

If they don’t #FrackOff once and for all, we’re going to


That is all.









JUSTICE FOR THE M4 15! [Court Support]

Join RisingUp! to support the “M4 15“, a group of concerned citizens on trial for standing up against Heathrow airport expansion.

  • December 22 at 9:30am

  • Ealing Magistrate Court

There will be speakers, songs, music, hot drinks, games and colourful banners and placards at this family friendly gathering. fedbook event page, here.

The Government’s inaction on environmental issues and in particular the reckless decision to expand Heathrow meant that, once again, democracy has become secondary to the pursuit of profit at any cost. On November 19th, 15 people put their bodies on the line on behalf of the local communities and victims of climate change all around the world to oppose the third runway.

The 15 will be trialled on 22nd December at Ealing. We will use this opportunity to keep the momentum against the third runway and to say it loud and clear: the real crime is to expand airports to benefit the richest frequent flyers, when the science is clear that this will cost the lives of millions. The M4-15 are therefore only guilty of opposing climate injustice.

Come along and support them in any way you can, bring banners, music and fierce hearts!

A few facts:

  • Out of control climate change will put the lives of hundreds of millions at risk, especially in the global south, and has already destroyed the lives of millions through increased incidence of extreme weather events.
  • Expansion at Heathrow will cause the UK to break it’s own national laws to reduce emissions, as well as undermining the international climate commitments agreed only a year ago in Paris.
  • Nationally, aviation emissions are already dangerously high and will be responsible for 1/4 of UK carbon emissions by 2050 even without the expansion of existing infrastructure.
  • If Heathrow expands, it would be responsible for more emissions than any other single site in the UK, including the UK’s largest power station (Drax)
  • At a local level, the new runway will devastate local communities. Families will lose their homes. They will suffer dangerous levels of air pollution, which will be responsible for trebling deaths directly caused by Heathrow aviation emissions, and contribute to the 4000 annual deaths from air pollution in London.
  • Investments in low carbon infrastructure creates more jobs than fossil fuel infrastructure. 


    Please come along and support those who are continuing to fight for climate justice.










First new Angry Band tune for a while. This is SUN GAZING.

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The Occupied Sun

A Day of Peaceful Action Against Aviation Expansion

  • Saturday, 1st October 2016, HEATHROW AIRPORT
  • Family Friendly Flashmob
  • Critical Mass Bike Block

Tell UK Gov. Plc & their chums in the aviation industry to #StayGrounded.
In solidarity with local and international groups, and in defence of climate and social justice all over the world, Reclaim the Power and others are calling for safe and peaceful action against the aviation industry, with a family-friendly flashmob and critical mass bike bloc at Heathrow airport.



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