Secret Trick to Help Choose Your Page’s Best Content!

If you manage a progressive, radical or otherwise r3VOLutionary page on facebook, you may have noticed the words ‘boost unavailable’ appearing on your posts with increasing regularity recently.

A ‘boost’ is when stupid people with more money than sense pay facebook to spam other users with their content. Stupid rich people ‘boosting’ their posts means they get to force their worldview on everybody else. As everyone knows, the richer you get, the stupider you get and as the social media algorithms hand increasing amounts of control to stupid rich people, the stupider our culture becomes.

In this landscape, the words ‘boost unavailable’ appearing under your post probably means that it’s the most radical stuff your page has to offer and that some shady corporate-governmental Bond villain types have arranged for such content to be D-noticed down the old memory hole.

Conversely, if fb is letting you pay them to ‘boost’ certain content, then your content is probably, well..stupid in some way. (Sorry not sorry).

Therefore, the ‘unboostable’ content is likely the most radical and revolutionary your page has to offer and therefore you should probably focus on sharing that information by other means; via other platforms; your own website if you have one; or why not go old school – text, phone, even (shudders) face to face? ūüėģ

Does anybody have another explanations for why fb might be making certain posts ‘unboostable’ (even for their preferred clientele, the stupid rich)?


*This particular ‘unboostable’ article can be read at Baroness Jenny Jones’ website, here.


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The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction, particularly as corporate power invests so much pretending that it isn’t really happening…

Occupy News Network launch new fedbook page

In August last year, Occupy News Network’s fedbook channel was hacked by a small number of selfish fkwits the original co-founders. At that time, the page had 17k followers and dozens of contributors. It had become a significant hub of the movement, sharing information, news and views which corporate media had censored or distorted.

For a short while the page was renamed “The ‘O’ News Network”, posting distinctly white brocialist bullshit before vanishing from my prolefeed altogether. I don’t know if they renamed it again, blocked me, or sold it for profit. Those responsible claimed with much fanfare that they were launching a new ONN website, scheduled for October last year. I suppose given the parlous state of their few postings after the hack, we should be grateful that this never happened.

ONNlogo1v2GreenOccupy London stalwart, Obi has been hard at work reclaiming and rebooting the ONN youtube and twitter channels.

I was flattered to be asked to create the new logo and banners, which look quite good.

Today, we have begun rebuilding the old facebook channel from scratch.

If you were one of the original contributors, or if you want to join this new hub, get in touch.

Capitalists, egotists and control freaks need not apply.

All Ann Narkeh Media’s doings are produced for FREE. There is not and never has been a budget for advertising. If you’re reading this, you are the distribution network.

If you’re able, any and all contributions would be most gratefully received, cheers.


THOUGHT CRIMES…[Comicbook Meme Series]

Monday 6th February, 2017 is NetPol‘s annual ‚ÄúDomestic Extremist Awareness Day‚ÄĚ,¬†calling for “a complete end to the meaningless but sinister use of the ‚Äėdomestic extremist‚Äô label against all legitimate political dissent”.

Here’s a new series of¬†Thought Crime¬†comicbook memes to help spread awareness of the neo-McCarthyist chilling effect that the surveillance state has been using against the movement; (right-click, ‘save image as’ to download).

A4/A3 etc


Square (profile pictures)

thoughtcrimes4square    thoughtcrimes8square

More comicbook/toons here:


And here




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Hello internet.

This will hopefully be my last update on the digital censorship mullarkey for a while. Investigating #GhostBanning has distracted me and taken up a lot of time that should have been better spent getting on with making and doing new stuff and things.

First of all I want to say massive thanks to all the randoms¬†who got in touch to feedback and discuss my previous¬†#GhostBan investigations and conclusions¬†and to help distribute my other doings.¬†In particular, thanks to the nice person who contributed ¬£2 ¬†yesterday – very much appreciated. ūüôā

Secondly, I want to overemphasise the usefulness of just Keeping Calm.¬†It’s easier to¬†focus if you’re calm. This neo-McCarthyist chilling effect only works as¬†long as the majority of people are too scared¬†to speak out, or too angry to be understood.

I was bouncing between angry and despondent about the situation for months before I properly stepped back from it all and took time to calm down, focus and reflect. If everybody speaking out is confused and self censoring or angrily ranting and raving, it makes the conversation that much harder to have. We need cool heads to prevail if we are to overcome.

GCHQ are bragging about the¬†army of ‘PREVENT’ snoopers they’ve trained¬†to monitor UK¬†society,¬†but then they would brag about it¬†wouldn’t they? They’re projecting a terrifying, all powerful Orwellian superstate. Perhaps it’s bullshit, to frighten those of us with a conscious conscience into shutting up? Perhaps it’s all true and the dream of a free future is actually lost already…*

Regardless,¬†nobody should be bullied into self-censorship or freaked out to the point that they can’t articulate themselves. Whether the snooper army reports are¬†true or not, the fact that they’re publicly gloating about the omnipotence of their (public) surveillance programs and that they’re using this program to vilify peaceful activists; anti-capitalists and anti-frackers¬†is an¬†assault on our capacity for critical thought and freedom of self expression.

But as Hate and Fear are contagious, so are Love and Courage!

Don’t buy into the SHOCK! PANIC! HYSTERIA!¬†

I’m of the opinion that the ‘fedbook security’ story is/was almost certainly ‘viral misinformation’ – smoke and mirrors¬†to freak everybody out and thereby further divide us online and out there in the ‘real’ world…

Thanks to Jay Gonzo from Fucking, Austria for sharing this neat summary of how the story spread.

facebook-sec fedbooksecurity








#GhostBanning¬†on the other hand is definitely a thing though…

Since my last report, I have figured out a few more useful things about #GhostBanning and digital censorship which should have been obvious to me sooner really.


Facebook ‘Security’: More #GhostBan Investigations.

I just read this article¬†from Andrew Pontbriand on¬† He claims you can identify who is monitoring your fedbook page(s).¬†Upon following his directions, my ‘facebook security’ voyeurs are apparently as follows (screenshot).
fedbooksecurityRather than just taking Andrew’s word for it and blocking them, I first visited each of these people’s profile pages. I don’t know who they are, but we have ‘mutual friends’ and each page looked very much like ‘my sort of people’. ie; eviction resistance, helping homeless people, anonymous, antifa etc.¬†Two of these people had posts stating¬†that they (and their friends) were aware that they had been identified as ‘facebook security’ – yet they both claim not to be.

Of course, they would say that¬†that though, wouldn’t they?

I’m not going to block them on such scant information, especially considering that the directions Andrew received came from fedbook themselves.

  • How likely is it fedbook would share the actual means of identifying their own ‘security’?
  • How much more likely is it that fedbook¬†might be directing people to block potential allies?

Not sure what to make of it yet, so sharing these initial findings and thoughts for my little filter bubble’s edification.¬†If you’re interested, you can read my previous ghostban investigations and conclusions here:


Ann Narkeh Media‘s Radical Resolutions for a rEVOLutionary 2017 are mostly focused on overcoming the challenge of digital censorship:


#1: Keep it lit, don’t let the fkrs get to you.


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Radical Resolutions for a rEVOLutionary 2017

Hello, Happy New Year.

I’m very excited to be reaching the end of the¬†reflection point in my annual PRAXIS cycle. Here is my list of Radical Resolutions for Ann Narkeh Media – strategies¬†for an active, productive, rEVOLutionary 2017.

This year’s list is¬†mostly focused on overcoming the challenge of ghostbanning and other neo-McCarthyist censorship and mind control mechanisms.

  1. Keep It Lit. No matter what happens, I will not be confused, distracted and divided by the smoke and mirrors. I will not be cowed into self-censorship. I will not stop using the internet to express my thoughts and feelings, as vociferously as I am able. I will keep finding ways to direct my righteous anger towards helping create a saner, more compassionate world.
  2. Don’t Believe the Hype. I will resist being drawn into the controlled debate, unless there is an opportunity to broaden it. I will try to remember to focus on the solutions, rather than the¬†problems.
  3. Don’t Believe the Hope. I will not be fooled¬†by false hope. I will be more critical of sources claiming to offer hope.¬†I will try to remember that hope is just a passive expectation of a future I¬†should be actively engaged in creating.
  4. Make Better Stuff. I will produce higher quality stuff. I will stop rushing things out. I will try to collaborate with others more. I will ask for second and third opinions before publishing things.
  5. Make More Stuff. I will increase my output and mirror my content on different platforms.¬† I will expand my targeting to include mainstream advertisements. I will find the resources (¬£24 per year) to get rid of the bloody adverts on this website. (hint hint…)
  6. Share More Stuff. I will share more stuff more regularly. I will adapt my means of distribution to include direct personal messages to my friends, subscribers and peers. I will explore other methods. I will expand my presence to other social media platforms.
  7. Support my Peers More.¬†I will try to remember that I’m not alone in this struggle and be¬†more active and consistent with¬†distributing other’s work.¬†I will credit those¬†who inspire me to action.
  8. Print (or paint) More Stuff. I will find the resources to get my best stuff printed. I will start designing stuff with print in mind. I will have a go at creating stencils for paint.
  9. Be More Direct. I will try to make my content more concise and acute. Where appropriate, I will charge the authority with responsibility for rectifying the issue, directly, using all available means.
  10. Livestream More and Better.¬†Livestreaming is powerful. I’ve had a good long break from it now and am up for lending my weight to the inexorable push of this overwhelmingly good technology.
  11. Find Time to¬†Relax in Nature. I’ve become really quite unwell with the cumulative stress of the last couple of years. I need to go WWOOFING¬†for a bit.
  12. Stop Smoking.¬†You can’t buy a packet of baccy for less than a tenner now. It’s not a healthy habit. I should have started trying to quit ages ago really.

Thanks to the 60 odd people in my ideological echo chamber/filter bubble who are still reading these¬†ramblings.¬†I hope you’re finding it¬†useful, even if only to let you know that you are not alone – your efforts, our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Let’s make 2017 the year when we win the internetz, unite humanity and save what’s left of the world. Go!




Ghostban Investigations, Concluded.

Hello. Hope you had a good Christmas.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably in my dwindling little filter bubble. I would be interested to know who you are and how you got here…please leave me a comment or DM me. Nobody talks to me anymore. I’ve been effectively shunned online without having been told why.

I first noticed that Ann Narkeh Media‘s¬†social media ‘reach’ had dropped off a cliff a few months ago, shortly after being booted from the Occupy News Network. Ostensibly I was removed for being too Post-Satirical…though with the current state of play, I now wonder if it was an opening salvo in the ongoing¬†#FakeNews¬†#PostTruth assault on humanity’s capacity for¬†critical thought…

According to Techopedia, Ghostbanning¬†“is a process through which a user is invisibly banned from a social network, website or online community.¬†a ghost banned user can access the social network, review updates from his or her connections, etc., but none of that user’s activity, such as content or link sharing, is visible to connections or even general subscribers. This enables the website administrator to segregate spammers from the lot and to put ‘suspicious’ users under scrutiny until their activities are on par with the terms and conditions of the site in question”.

Ann Narkeh Media‘s flagship publication, The Occupied Sun has 4,773 likes on fedbook.¬†On December 22nd, I reposted the previous ghostban report and asked people to RSVP in some way if they could see the post. One week later, only 27 people have ‘liked’ it,¬†4 people commented.¬†Out of an apparent 4,773. Recently, the front pages I’ve been creating have been seen by even smaller numbers. Another weird glitch is that¬†the page’s stats have indicated a consistent +12 – +30 odd new ‘likes’ every day for months now, yet the total has¬†remained at the same number. It’s the same picture with virtually all my other channels.

It’s all become quite disheartening.

I abandoned fedbook for twitter, to test reports that it might be less Orwellian. Unfortunately, my interactions there only peaked for a day. Craig Murray apparently suffered a 90% drop in traffic after his site was ghostbanned on twitter.

I had never heard of ghost banning until I was ghost banned by twitter. That of course is the idea ‚Äď they censor you without realising you are censored. People no longer get notifications when I post, and the tweet only turns up in the twitter line of followers who happen to be logged in at the time my tweet goes out. Those logging in later will no longer see tweets I issued while they were away. Most of my tweets no longer show up on twitter searches, and further restrictions are applied when people retweet my tweets.

Since ghost banning, traffic to this website from twitter has fallen 90%.

Ghost banning is a particularly pernicious form of censorship for delicate artivists like myself, as it can make you question the quality of your output, wonder if your stuff’s become shit, worry that you pissed people off…thankfully my ego is sufficiently detached that I’m able to analyse the situation fairly objectively and share my conclusions with you.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been¬†digitally censored. I first experienced it on myspace years ago, then youtube…I’ve been trying to encourage¬†the difficult, uncomfortable conversations that we are increasingly¬†being forced to have¬†for quite a¬†long time now, under various¬†guises and on different platforms.

It’s not about me and my efforts, or you and yours either. It’s not just ‘alternative news’ that’s under attack. It’s critical thought and objective reality itself. It’s journalists, activists and artists of all varieties. Musicians. Poets. Whistleblowers. Writers. Bloggers. Livestreamers. ‘Truthers’… and if you don’t care about all this stuff that we call ‘objective reality’, if you don’t participate in the conversation at all, it cares the most about you. The spectators. The consumers.

Fake News is just the latest phase of a full spectrum culture war which has been going on forever. It’s currently at¬†an ultra paranoid neo-McCarthyist juncture, which is quite scary. The establishment do not want us to talk about the things we want to talk about. They don’t want us to think about what we¬†want to¬†think about. They want us to retreat into myopic¬†polarised¬†factions. Brexit¬†or¬†Bremain. Globalist¬†or¬†Nationalist. ‘Left’ or¬†‘Right’. Capitalism or Communism.¬†Those who refuse to pick a side and fight are shunned,¬†censored and worse, depending on how successful they are at promoting unity over division, or love over fear.

According to wikipedia, ghost banning is just the latest rebranding of a form of censorship which is probably as old as the internet. Stealth banning (also called shadow banning and hell banning) goes back to at least 2006,¬†Comment ghosting (or selective invisibility) is another practice deployed to render individual comments invisible to everyone except the poster, in order to eliminate disruption it might otherwise cause.[1] Stealth banning is sometimes also called “Coventry” or “ghost-posting“. apparently…the history of the internet’s dark arts go way back (arguably before the internet…). It’s nothing new.¬†As Orwell said in 1945, “The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary”… the desired outcome is to frustrate the user to the point that they give up, as I’ve done more than once.

Stealth banning can be detected by using an anonymous proxy service to see if a post is visible to a separate user; if not, stealth banning is likely to have occurred.

As far as I can tell, I’m either in a very small filter bubble, or I’ve been ghost banned, or both. Perhaps this¬†whole little bubble of mine has been¬†filtered? Maybe it’s one small bubble kept within a series of¬†other¬†bubbles, (labelled ‘dissenting’…kept well away from the bubbles labelled ‘conforming’….perhaps…). As I said, if you’re one of the few people still reading my scribblings, I would be interested to hear from you.

I’ve been giving this problem a great deal of thought over the holidays. Having confirmed what I can of the situation, broadly my conclusion is that it is more urgent than ever that we¬†reclaim the interwebz. We must somehow circumvent these algorithms to allow everybody the opportunity to be meaningfully involved in the conversation again.

I’m going to write up Ann Narkeh Media‘s¬†list of new year’s resolutions, which will be¬†the strategies I’ve formulated so far towards overcoming this challenge and others.

If you’re¬†in my¬†small, but perfectly formed filter bubble reading this and want to collaborate on ways¬†and means to burst our way out, please do get in touch.

Keep it lit.




Ann Narkeh’s End of Year Message

I’m overdue a break, so I’m shutting down to recharge and scheme radical resolutions for a more productive rEVOLution in 2017.

This article by Gary Glass for Real Media perfectly sums up my feelings regarding CHRISTMAS AND THE REPRODUCTION OF CAPITALISM how Christmas fails to reconcile the social and ecological alienation of Capitalism, instead reinforcing it.

“Christmas is a kind of bourgeois leisure-time devoted to excessive shopping, making it a pivotal moment in the continued reproduction of consumer capitalism. Pagan and Christian customs have been recycled since the Victorian era into the 21st century as aesthetic props for this annual revelry in the power of mass production.”

“A wide enough cultural rejection of the debt servicing that the Christmas tradition necessitates would significantly disrupt business as usual. Meanwhile mulled wine, twinkling lights and a roast are possibly all that maintains the social order from deteriorating into a real winter of discontent.

You can read the full article here.

I found it really uplifting to read somebody expressing so articulately that which I usually struggle with during¬†the holiday season. Nobody wants to upset the one day of the year when we’re supposed to embrace our loving, generous nature…maybe I should just hibernate this year…

Massive thanks to all the Ann Narkeh Media supporters who’ve helped me keep it lit with contributions, collaborations and distributions in 2016. You know who you are. You’re the best, thankyou.

This will be the 173rd thing I have posted on this site since starting to document my doings at the start of the year. I’ve received about 600 odd quid in contributions from people who support these¬†doings in that time. This has been reinvested in phone credit/livestreaming time, phone reconditioning, buying the domain name, tobacco, coffee and¬†food while I was sanctioned by the DWP. I’ll¬†update all the things I’m grateful to my subscribers and supporters for helping me with on¬†my wishlist.

In addition to having been apparently ghost banned on fedbook, I received a report from a friend today that my¬†paypal ‘contribute’¬†button isn’t working now… I last received a contribution of a tenner, 10 days ago. Prior to that another kind person contributed a fiver in late November. (thankyou both – very much appreciated)

If you’re able to try slinging me a quid or two to test it,¬†please do and let me know if it’s broken or not. I am more skint than ever (as most people are…).


All this digital censorship mullarkey has been quite disheartening on one level, but I’m determined to take it as flattery and redouble my efforts. I’m an artivist, not a capitalist. I’m not doing this for contributions, (though¬†they have definitely kept me healthier in mind and body).

I think my doings this year have been¬†quite good even if the hyper paranoid, neo McCarthyist, militarised, corporate police state¬† 1% don’t like it.

If ‘they’ don’t like it enough to censor it, then I (we) must be doing something right…

It’s not just¬†‘dissent’ which they are clamping down on.¬†To my eyes and ears, there is a full blown war on people’s capacity to think and feel for ourselves. The¬†corporate controlled culture is going hell for leather to¬†destroy our confidence to express any¬†true¬†thoughts and feelings we might have. The 1% want absolute control over the popular narrative.¬†Meme wars which have been going on since way before Orwell are being fought today. The internet offers¬†us the means to democratise this control, but the battlefield¬†is still not level.

At this juncture then, it is critical that wsiezethememeswpe truly understand what is happening in order to develop new strategies.

We need to burst these filter bubbles, break the algos Рwe must reclaim the internetz, Seize the Memes of Production!

This article by Frank Barker, for medium¬†–¬†CANARY BASHING & WHAT TO DO ABOUT¬†IT¬†makes some good points and offers some good advice.

“Remember that when considering what news sources to use we are not standing apart from the reading public and observing it. We are the reading public. We are a group of people who are aware that old media sources are corrupt, cowardly, untrustworthy and compromised. We are large in number, growing in number and able to persuade others of our viewpoint both on Social media and in the real world.”

You can read the full article here.

This Rubber Bandits guide to #PostTruth is the first thing that’s really made me laugh about the state of it all.

And thank goodness for Angus Hervey who compiled this list of 99 Reasons 2016 Was a Good Year.

No matter how bad it gets, never forget that there is good in the world.

Keep it lit everybody. Be excellent to each other. Have a Christmas.



GhostBan Investigations Continued…

In the face of apparent ghostbanning, I have decided to redouble my efforts.


Today, I created¬†Daily Wail and¬†Occupied Sun front pages and tweeted them lots, instead of posting them to the ghostbanned fedbook pages. I have the keys to a few other fedbook pages which I posted from as an experiment. As expected, these posts have only reached a tiny handful¬†of people…which leads me to believe fedbook’s ghostbanning algorithm has been applied to content from this site, rather than from the individual pages.

The Good News

Despite having significantly less followers on my¬†twitter accounts, Ann Narkeh Media‘s¬†stats have already doubled¬† tripled today (by 8.15pm…)¬† QUADRUPLED (by 11.08pm) and¬†I seem to be¬†interacting with human beings again. Hooray!

I’ve been trying to set twitter up to autopost to fedbook, but that option seems to have been blocked. Previously, I had my¬†channels set up the other way around (ie fedbook posted automatically to¬†twitter). Any advice on getting this sorted out would be gratefully received.

I’m also considering¬†joining other social networks – recommendations welcome.

If you want to keep up to date with my doings on twitter, follow:

Massive thanks to everybody who’s been retweeting this stuff today!

Fundraising Appeal

Lastly,¬†I’m flat broke and can’t afford prezzies for my loved ones this year, (again). If you can spare a few quid to keep me going over the holiday season, it would be very much appreciated¬†thankyou.