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Radical Resolutions for a rEVOLutionary 2017

Strategies for an active, productive, rEVOLutionary 2017. This year’s list is mostly focused on overcoming the challenge of ghostbanning and other neo-McCarthyist censorship and mind control mechanisms.

Hello, Happy New Year.

I’m very excited to be reaching the end of the reflection point in my annual PRAXIS cycle. Here is my list of Radical Resolutions for Ann Narkeh Media – strategies for an active, productive, rEVOLutionary 2017.

This year’s list is mostly focused on overcoming the challenge of ghostbanning and other neo-McCarthyist censorship and mind control mechanisms.

  1. Keep It Lit. No matter what happens, I will not be confused, distracted and divided by the smoke and mirrors. I will not be cowed into self-censorship. I will not stop using the internet to express my thoughts and feelings, as vociferously as I am able. I will keep finding ways to direct my righteous anger towards helping create a saner, more compassionate world.
  2. Don’t Believe the Hype. I will resist being drawn into the controlled debate, unless there is an opportunity to broaden it. I will try to remember to focus on the solutions, rather than the problems.
  3. Don’t Believe the Hope. I will not be fooled by false hope. I will be more critical of sources claiming to offer hope. I will try to remember that hope is just a passive expectation of a future I should be actively engaged in creating.
  4. Make Better Stuff. I will produce higher quality stuff. I will stop rushing things out. I will try to collaborate with others more. I will ask for second and third opinions before publishing things.
  5. Make More Stuff. I will increase my output and mirror my content on different platforms.  I will expand my targeting to include mainstream advertisements. I will find the resources (£24 per year) to get rid of the bloody adverts on this website. (hint hint…)
  6. Share More Stuff. I will share more stuff more regularly. I will adapt my means of distribution to include direct personal messages to my friends, subscribers and peers. I will explore other methods. I will expand my presence to other social media platforms.
  7. Support my Peers More. I will try to remember that I’m not alone in this struggle and be more active and consistent with distributing other’s work. I will credit those who inspire me to action.
  8. Print (or paint) More Stuff. I will find the resources to get my best stuff printed. I will start designing stuff with print in mind. I will have a go at creating stencils for paint.
  9. Be More Direct. I will try to make my content more concise and acute. Where appropriate, I will charge the authority with responsibility for rectifying the issue, directly, using all available means.
  10. Livestream More and Better. Livestreaming is powerful. I’ve had a good long break from it now and am up for lending my weight to the inexorable push of this overwhelmingly good technology.
  11. Find Time to Relax in Nature. I’ve become really quite unwell with the cumulative stress of the last couple of years. I need to go WWOOFING for a bit.
  12. Stop Smoking. You can’t buy a packet of baccy for less than a tenner now. It’s not a healthy habit. I should have started trying to quit ages ago really.

Thanks to the 60 odd people in my ideological echo chamber/filter bubble who are still reading these ramblings. I hope you’re finding it useful, even if only to let you know that you are not alone – your efforts, our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

Let’s make 2017 the year when we win the internetz, unite humanity and save what’s left of the world. Go!




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