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Facebook ‘Security’: More #GhostBan Investigations.

How likely is it fedbook would share the actual means of identifying their own ‘security’?
How much more likely is it that fedbook might be directing people to block potential allies?

I just read this article from Andrew Pontbriand on He claims you can identify who is monitoring your fedbook page(s). Upon following his directions, my ‘facebook security’ voyeurs are apparently as follows (screenshot).
fedbooksecurityRather than just taking Andrew’s word for it and blocking them, I first visited each of these people’s profile pages. I don’t know who they are, but we have ‘mutual friends’ and each page looked very much like ‘my sort of people’. ie; eviction resistance, helping homeless people, anonymous, antifa etc. Two of these people had posts stating that they (and their friends) were aware that they had been identified as ‘facebook security’ – yet they both claim not to be.

Of course, they would say that that though, wouldn’t they?

I’m not going to block them on such scant information, especially considering that the directions Andrew received came from fedbook themselves.

  • How likely is it fedbook would share the actual means of identifying their own ‘security’?
  • How much more likely is it that fedbook might be directing people to block potential allies?

Not sure what to make of it yet, so sharing these initial findings and thoughts for my little filter bubble’s edification. If you’re interested, you can read my previous ghostban investigations and conclusions here:


Ann Narkeh Media‘s Radical Resolutions for a rEVOLutionary 2017 are mostly focused on overcoming the challenge of digital censorship:


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4 replies on “Facebook ‘Security’: More #GhostBan Investigations.”

Detailed Analysis

According to a message currently circulating on Facebook, users can ensure that hackers cannot access their accounts by entering the word “security” into Facebook’s “Block Users” search field and blocking the names that appear. The message includes instructions detailing how users can perform the search and notes that people will likely be shocked at how many “hackers” they discover.

However, the claims in the message are utter nonsense. Entering the word “security” into the Block Users search simply presents a list of Facebook users that may have “security” somewhere in their profile. These people are not criminals that are targeting your account. They are just random Facebook users. Any word or phrase you enter in the search field is likely to give a list of people that have that word or phrase in their profiles.

The message is a revamped version of the old Automation Labs hoax that had many Facebook users in a state of panic back in 2010. The older hoax claimed that entering the words “Automation Labs” in the Block Users search would reveal a list of people who were able to access your Facebook account. As with the current version, the claims in the message were utter nonsense.

The current version may be making a nebulous and unhelpful reference to a series of Facebook phishing scams that appear to come from “Facebook Security”. The scams typically use strange or non-standard characters in their names. Searching for the phrase “Facebook Security” may possibly reveal some compromised accounts but will also likely list perfectly legitimate users.

Thus, the tactic described is not an adequate or reliable method of finding such compromised accounts. And the scam accounts cannot access or have any connection to your account whatsoever unless you fall for a “Facebook Security” phishing scam message and submit your Facebook login details to the criminals.

Thus, this spurious tip is only likely to cause confusion and unnecessary concern among Facebook users. Sharing this inaccurate and misleading information will help nobody.

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