BREXSHIT neverendum is a FARCE [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun

While The World Burns:

BREXSHIT neverendum is a FARCE

They want us;

  • Confused

  • Divided &

  • Distracted…

By a Neverending Mass Debate

OS_BREXSHITneverendumis a FARCE.png

Some say #BREXIT, Some Say #BREXSHIT, Some say #HOPEnotHate

The Occupied Sun Says:

On one level, Hatey Kopkins and that racist bloke are just pantomime court jesters. On another level, they’re hate magnets; lightning rods channelling society’s primal fears into hatred.

The few people who buy into their rhetoric hate; migrants, refugees, LGBTQ peeps and ‘foreigners’ while almost everybody else in our interconnected global society hates them and their brainwashed followers

As I write this, I’m struggling not to hate them myself, but I know that this hatred is distracting me (and everybody) from focusing on the systemic problems and solutions. And I know that there is no ‘them’ – everything is connected, we are all one.

We’re all just learning how to love and how to be loved. We all need help with that, the 1%ers more than most…It’s going to be tough love, but it’s got to happen. We need to teach them how and why to love, the alternative is much worse than things are already…

However you voted, (or if you didn’t), don’t let these damaged people  damage us.

The conversations we need to have in 2017 are not going to be easy. We can make them easier by approaching them from a place of love.

Let’s not allow our tolerant society to be ripped apart by hate and anger. Let’s make the difficult conversations we need to have productive rather than destructive.



Remember, No Platforming Fascists Lets Them Get Away With MURDER.









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