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Is it Just a Coincidence That is Down Today? #OCCUPYSILICONVALLEY is apparently under attack today, as #OCCUPYSILICONVALLEY calls for mass migrate away from big tech.

Firstly, Happy 7th Birthday Occupy!

Today is September 17th, the 7th Anniversary of Occupy Wall St and Adbusters have launched #OCCUPYSILICONVALLEYa call to reject the big tech monopolies’ control over us in whichever way is most appropriate to you.

They’ve suggested four online actions you could participate in, or that you could simply take a day off the internet altogether.


I’ve only been on steemit a couple of weeks now but I’ve rapidly become a steemvangelical. I had been plugging steemit to comrades in my various little Occupy circles regarding it’s apparent multiple benefits to our mutual aims. I’d also been plugging #OccupySiliconValley to my fellow steemians, as quite a good day to promote steemit to people who would probably quite appreciate it there.

The Press Release Big Tech Doesn’t Want You To See.

OSVpressreleaseSearching for more information about steemit being down, I found this fragment from a link in an ecosia search result:

is under attack. There is huge DDoS ( get hundred thousand requests per second from botnet.… by fbslo”* reckons it’s a problem with their servers. (*tip: it’s probably more helpful to check if it’s back yet using isitdownorjustme than directly requesting a page from until the attack is over).

If I understand it correctly though is decentralised, so that must imply either a very co-ordinated DDoS attack or a massive system error.

Or on the upside, it could also mean an absolutely momentous uptake in terms of new users, or fresh ‘plankton’. Either way, I’m reasonably sure that the good folk at steemit will have it back up and running again soon.

Is it just a coincidence that is down today?

I’ve started a 24 hour poll on twitter.

UPDATE – Turns out it was just a bug in the code, apparently.


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