Brandalism The Occupied Sun

The Occupied Sun

The reLOVEution will not be censored!

The Occupied Sun is Ann Narkeh Media’s contribution to Occupy The Media Billionaires, who are a working group of Occupy Democracy. Occupy Democracy are focused on radical, democratic reform, Occupy the Media Billionaires are focused on fighting the scandalous, undemocratic 1% media monopoly which prevents the necessary national discussions for such reform.

80% of UK Media is Owned by Just 5 Billionaires!

Ann Narkeh co-founded Occupy the Media Billionaires in October 2014 during the Tarpaulin Revolution in Parliament Square. The first ‘front page’ was produced in collaboration with the rest of the group and published on fedbook, January 1st, 2015.

OS_War Criminal

There are now over 101 Issues of The Occupied Sun.

In March 2015, we occupied Rupert Murdoch’s News UK headquarters for a solid week of activities and speakers. We distributed several thousand of these double sided special editions (printed on recycled paper):
OS wraparound

Various celebrities visited us, including Comrade Russell Brand who posed with a copy:

Throughout 2015,  we created dozens of front pages and advertisements for social, economic and environmental justice and published them on social media, where they have been well received.OS5in5

There is a Bored Room (sic) for anybody who wants to join the Occupied Sun’s Bored of Directors – (to share censored news items, to criticise or to collaborate on producing more stuff).

The Occupied Sun is also on twitter and has produced some video reports on youtube, in collaboration with Occupy News Network.

Headline Reports

The 1% Media Watch

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