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From the outrageous conspiraloonies on Above Top Secret, to the earth shatteringly credible revelations of Wikileaks…

From the outrageous conspiraloonies on Above Top Secret, to the earth shatteringly credible revelations of Wikileaks… Independent Bloggers, Vloggers, Authors, Citizen Journalists, Researchers, Photographers, Film Makers, Philosophers, Politicians and Livestreamers.

Individuals and Organisations, working together to reclaim our reality from the corporatocracy!

This list is by no means comprehensive. Keep sending me recommendations, and I’ll keep routinely updating.


Last updated: 13-6-2021

ats is the Internet’s largest and most popular discussion board community dedicated to the intelligent exchange of ideas and debate on a wide range of “alternative topics” such as conspiracies, UFOs, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order, terrorism, and dozens of related topics on current events, politics, and government wrong-doing with poignant commentary from a diverse mix of users from all over the world.

With 309,685 members generating 19,258,665 posts of substance (minimal contributions are not allowed) that cover1,054,473 topics in 170 different discussion forums, you could say “the truth is in here.”

The Accidental Anarchist

The diary of a Hampstead mum and anarchist.



Infamous international culture jamming network.

AAV (Another Angry Voice)


Thomas G Clarke began writing this blog in 2010 in order to express his opinions about current political, social and economic issues. He chose the name Another Angry Voice on the spur of the moment because he thought it sounded good at the time and had to call it something. It isn’t a particularly accurate descriptor, given that he bases his arguments on facts and analysis, and includes reliable sources, rather than simply writing emotionally fuelled rants.

[A-REVOLT] – Digital Anarchy

a revolt

Hello there… Salut Companero ! 同志您好 ! Ciao compagno ! Olá camarada! Привет товарищу ! Γεια σας σύντροφοι ! مرحبا الرفيق !

This site is about anarchism, for and by anarchists worldwide. Hopefully it will be a resource and a community place where people can get together and organize, or just make friends with like minded people.

This project was started in the spring of 2010 at a internet cafe in France by a then homeless webmaster, from its birth the goal was to create a platform for communication for likeminded people worldwide, lately we have expanded greatly launching our own social networks (in 2013) and launching many public forums where people can come together.. So far In 2014 we have launched the Guerilla Radio broadcasting anarchist content and music on the internet.

The site is a independent project not associated directly to any organization or group, it’s important that the site try to remain somewhat neutral in this way. However we offer own forums for groups and organizations where they can organize and present themselves.

We have many different projects going on here, which you will find listed in our menu on the frontpage… We have a large number of public forums, that don’t need registration to participate in. Also Libertaria, our social network, is open to the anyone interested in socializing and networking, it does require registration.

The Artist Taxi Driver  


Mark McGowan B.A. is a street artist, performance artist and prominent public protester who has gone by the artist name Chunky Mark and more recently The Artist Taxi Driver. By profession, McGowan is a London taxi driver and occasional University speaker and arts tutor. McGowan is known internationally for his performance art including shock art, street art and installation art, and as a stuntman, internet personality, video blogger, social commentator, social critic, satirist, political activist, peace activist, and an anti-establishment, anti-war, anti-capitalist, anti-monarchist and anti-power elite protester.

A Letter a Day to Number 10

by Keith Ordinary Guy

a letter a day

On 17 March 2012 Keith decided he had reached his tipping point regarding the multiple abuses being perpetrated against him and the people of this country by the government, the banks, corporations and the ‘market’.

In order to mount a prolonged protest he decided to write a letter a day to David Cameron and to make those letters a matter of public record via his Facebook.

Anon UK Radio


Controversy, Information, the Truth and the lulz

Welcome to AnonUK Radio. Social media and citizen journalism is arguably how the majority of people discover their news these days.

We hope this site provides all the information you need to keep up with  the Radio, current operations both globally and in the UK, get involved with protests both online and offline.

(they also playz a lot of techno…)

Anonymous Video Network


What it says on the tin…

They do not forgive, neither do they forget.

They are the last line of defence for our freedoms!

Bella Caledonia


Bella Caledonia explores ideas of independence, self-determination and autonomy.

Editorial Board

Editor – Mike Small

Trade union activist and RIC founder, Cat Boyd, rapper, poet and lyricist Darren McGarvey (aka Loki), Douglas Robertson, and Haniya Khalid, Justin Kenrick (in the Congo), Karen Emslie (Spain), Yiannis Baboulias (Athens), Kirsten Han (Singapore), Jack Ferguson (Amsterdam), and Smari McCarthy(Reykjavík), author and campaigner Alastair McIntosh, with social housing campaigner Alistair Davidson, and author and broadcaster Lesley Riddoch, short story writer, performer and artist Dougie Strang, cultural activist and writer Laura Cameron Lewis, Bella co-founder and publisher Kevin Williamson, novelist Meaghan Delahunt and poet Jenny Lindsay focusing on poetry and fiction, plus playwright Peter Arnott, and arts producer Fiona Ferguson (who was behind the Aye Talks), Lauren Currie, Skye-based author DJ MacLennan, and writer and musician Pat Kane.

Gaelic & Scots Editors – Ruairidh Maciver, Daibhidh Rothach and Rona Dhòmhnallach, Billy Kay, Matthew Fitt and Janet Paisley.

Ben C Smoke

One of the legendary Stanstead 15, “journo and mischief maker”, Ben C Smoke is political editor at Huck magazine. Frequently to be found boosting the signal of protests and demos, or shining a spotlight on the murky underbelly of UK politics and culture. Good man. Top banana. 10/10.

@bencsmoke on twitter.
Huck Magazine

The Bristol Cable

We share in common the aim of redefining local media and producing quality independent journalism. The Bristol Cable is legally registered as a Community Benefit Society. As a cooperative we have set up a membership scheme to enable people and organisations to actively participate in The Cable’s decision making, coordinate our activities, and support the project financially- for as little as £1 a month. See our organisational structure for a sense of how we operate.
We aim to redefine local media as we know it. By organising ourselves as a democratic co-operative and working with different groups and individuals in the city, we aim to organise the active participation of a broad range of people in creating an alternative media outlet in the city.

Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom


The Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (CPBF) was established in 1979. For over three decades we have worked for a more accountable, freer and diverse media. During that time, great changes have overtaken the media, and continue to do so. The CPBF has evolved to adapt to these changes. Our remit now includes so-called ‘mainstream media’ and the newer media that have developed, and continue to do so, alongside them.

The Daily Cameron

daily camoronSatirical letters of love to beloved leader, David Cameron.

All of the previous letters can be viewed at

The Canary


Kerry-anne Mendoza, aka Scriptonite of the Scriptonite Daily blog has teamed up with a group of extraordinary people to form The Canary – a brand new media outlet with a unique business model and some of the best news, politics, science, technology, health and wellbeing writers from around the world.

The team at The Canary believe a free, fair and fearless media is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, because for democracy to work, it requires informed consent from its citizens. We intend to help generate that informed consent by providing our readers with high-quality, well-researched and incisive journalism. Our content focuses on news, ideas, and key developments that impact democracy, equality and fairness.

Ceasefire Magazineceasefirebanner

Ceasefire is an independent political and cultural quarterly publication founded in 2002, concerned with producing high-quality journalism, reviews and analysis. We cover a wide range of topics – from Arthouse to Žižek.

We aim to provide intelligent and thought-provoking discussion and analysis on politics, art and activism. We are motivated by a belief in the free exchange of radical and ground-breaking ideas. We are entirely reader-sustained and accept no advertising or corporate/government funding of any kind.

Common Space

common space

CommonSpace is a digital news and views service and a place to network, share ideas and discuss the issues affecting Scotland.

It is owned by the Common Weal think tank.

If you have a story or opinion you’d like to see covered on CommonSpace, contact the newsdesk on or on 0141 249 0854.

Common Weal


Common Weal is a ‘think and do tank’ campaigning for social and economic equality in Scotland.

For 40 years Scotland has suffered from ‘me first’ politics – and we all came second. Politics has made a few extremely wealthy and left the rest suffering from low pay, insecurity, declining public services and fragmented communities.

We believe that ‘to build more we must share more’, that we can create a politics based on working together, where the many benefit and not just the few. We can be wealthier, fairer, more equal, more productive, more innovative, more competitive – and people can be happier.

Our vision is of a diverse and productive economy with high-quality jobs that make people more prosperous. We can then sustain a great welfare state in which our national resources are used to benefit all our citizens and core infrastructure is owned collectively with the profits shared. Real democracy we will let the people make their own decisions, taking our future out of the hands of unelected vested interests.

Common Weal will campaign for this society by producing carefully thought-through policies, by campaigning for these policies in parliament, by setting news agendas, by bringing people together and by engaging people in this work at all levels.

There is always more than one possible future. Choose a Common Weal future.

Corporate WatchCorporate Watch

Corporate Watch is a not-for-profit co-operative providing critical information on the social and environmental impacts of corporations and capitalism. Since 1996 our research, journalism, analysis and training have supported people affected by corporations and those taking action for radical social change.

We are currently working on climate change and ecology, militarism and social control, democracy, privatisation and housing. All of our work is available for free on our website.



On International Women’s Day 2010 we launched a new political organisation called Counterfire. Its first publication was A Feminist Manifesto for the 21st Century, written by Lindsey German, the convenor of Stop the War Coalition, in collaboration with activist and author Nina Power.

A lot has happened since then. We took as our starting point the idea that a left-wing organisation must be an integral part of the struggles of working people and the mass movements that have characterised resistance to capitalism in the last decade and more. Too much of the far left is keen to differentiate itself ideologically and organisationally from mass activity, and is shrinking not growing, obsessed with its own internal debates.

Counterfire set out on a different path, eliminating unnecessary barriers between our socialist politics and the thousands of activists being drawn into opposition to austerity and war.

We now have groups forming in Bristol, York, Nottingham, Manchester and Liverpool, as well as existing organisation in other cities, towns and universities. If you like the sound of Counterfire and want to help us grow, please join online, or contact us at



CounterPunch Magazine is 28 page publication solely for those who have paid for a CounterPunch Magazine subscription. It is published 10 times per year.

The CounterPunch website is offered at no charge to the general public over the world wide web.

New articles are generally posted every weekday. CounterPunch has been surviving for more than twenty years on small donations from our readers and subscriptions to CounterPunch magazine.

We have never once farmed for grants or sought out corporate or government backing.

David Icke


Oh, David Icke. I always had a bit of a soft spot for him, despite the lizard stuff. His decades of research, theories and ideas are really interesting. His books are prescient, arguably precognitive. This year though, he’s joined the anti-mask crowd and given *that* batshit interview on London Real with the interminably irritating Brian Rose.

Cancelled for being a Covidiot.

Dark City Radio

dark city radio
Dark City Radio is a network of small independent radio servers that are located around the globe that was initially created early in 2013 as an internet radio network with the goal of creating an open source media stream for anyone to be able to broadcast and voice their views and news over the internet.
Dark City Radio servers are built and run on 100% open source software with a view to create the first “truly free” internet radio station and with the word “free” we mean not only free for anyone to use but, also 100% commercial free and it is free from all corporate software usage licences that every other radio station have to endure to broadcast.

(on hiatus)

Dear Dave and Nick

Speaking up, making a fuss, joining forces and helping Nick and Dave do the right thing. Like they said, we’re all in this together…
(over 150 letters to the Con-demn coalition Government, 2010-2015)

Democracy Now!

Democracy Now!’s War and Peace Report provides our audience with access to people and perspectives rarely heard in the U.S.corporate-sponsored media, including independent and international journalists, ordinary people from around the world who are directly affected by U.S. foreign policy, grassroots leaders and peace activists, artists, academics and independent analysts.
In addition, Democracy Now! hosts real debates–debates between people who substantially disagree, such as between the White House or the Pentagon spokespeople on the one hand, and grassroots activists on the other.

 Demotix Corbis?

Demotix is was the award-winning newswire where YOU tell told the stories.
We put photos and video from ordinary people and freelance photographers into the international news media. Demotix gets the news that matters into the headlines – beating the cost-cutting forces destroying international news.

We want your journalism to make a difference. Demotix is a small team of people from all over the world who love news and want the stories that matter to be heard. Drop in and let us introduce ourselves. Our core team is based in London, with outliers in Cairo, New York and Bangkok. Our contributors come from every continent and more are joining every day.

UPDATE: Demotix has apparently been sold to Corbis, who have apparently sold to Getty somehow? Many photogs ‘left in the dark‘ as to what’s happening/happened to the rights to their work…. :/ currently redirects to Corbis’ website.

Derrick Jensen

Derrick Jensen is a coauthor of Deep Green Resistance, and the author of Endgame, The Culture of Make BelieveA Language Older than Words, and many other brilliant books.

Desolation Radio

Some content locked behind a patreon paywall but otherwise good. Podcast on Welsh politics, society & culture. On SoundCloud, iTunesSpotify

Donnachadh McCarthy

'Stop Killing Cyclists - Elephant & Castle protest.

Author, broadcaster and journalist on environmental issues. Former Lib Dem deputy chair turned whistleblower. Insightful, innovative and inspiring human being. We’ve sadly fallen out now and are no longer in touch but I do still love and fully respect the guy.

Donnachadh has kindly offered the ebook version of his book, The Prostitute State free to any Occupier or student who cannot afford a copy.

Email Donnachadh on

book cover 24mm

Dorset Eye

dorset eye

Dorset’s only news outlet for the people of Dorset-By the people of Dorset. Reports are submitted by people ‘on the scene as it happens’ giving their own unique view on the subject in hand. Take part and discuss what matters to you!

Edward Snowden


Edward Snowden is a 31 year old US citizen, former Intelligence Community officer and whistleblower. The documents he revealed provided a vital public window into the NSA and its international intelligence partners’ secret mass surveillance programs and capabilities. These revelations generated unprecedented attention around the world on privacy intrusions and digital security, leading to a global debate on the issue.

Snowden worked in various roles within the US Intelligence Community, including serving undercover for the CIA overseas. He most recently worked as an infrastructure analyst at the NSA, through a Booz Allen Hamilton contract, when he left his home and family in Hawaii to blow the whistle in May 2013. After travelling to Hong Kong, Snowden revealed documents to the American public on the NSA’s mass surveillance programs, which were shown to be operating without any public oversight and outside the limits of the US Constitution. The US government has charged Snowden with theft of government property, and two further charges under the 1917 Espionage Act. Each charge carries a maximum 10-year prison sentence.

With the US pursuing his extradition, Snowden is now in Russia, where he was formally granted three years’ residency from 1 August 2014, after a year of temporary asylum in Russia ended on 31st July 2014. Journalists continue to publish documents from Snowden that reveal the secret and unaccountable systems of modern global surveillance.

Ethical Consumer

Ethical consumer publishes a new story on corporate behaviour every weekday.
Each story has been entered onto their Corporate Critic database – which comprises the data behind Ethical Consumer’s live score ratings and product guide score tables.

 Extinction Symbol


Long before that boojee environmental mobilisation appropriated it and suckered in a load of activists (including yours truly), this symbol just represented extinction. The circle signifies the planet, while the hourglass inside serves as a warning that time is rapidly running out for many species. The world is currently undergoing a mass extinction event, and this symbol is intended to help raise awareness of the urgent need for change in order to address this crisis.

Follow @ExtinctSymbol on twitter to keep track of the 6th great extinction. Even though they blocked me for speaking out against XR.

Fields of Light Photography

Hi, I am a freelance photo – journalist and documentary photographer. I am available for commissions.

Contact me via fb messaging for all enquiries.

Floss Manuals

floss manuals

FLOSS Manuals is more than a collection of manuals about free and open source software, it is also the community.

The contributors include designers, readers, writers, illustrators, free software fans, editors, artists, software developers, activists, and many others. Anyone can contribute to a manual – to fix a spelling mistake, add a more detailed explanation, write a new chapter, or start a whole new manual on a topic.

Our core aim is making it easy to maintain and contribute to manuals, text books, teaching materials by providing an easy to use interface for collaborating on the creation of texts about Free Software.

Glenn Greenwald


Glenn Greenwald is the author of several bestsellers, including How Would a Patriot Act? and With Liberty and Justice for Some. Acclaimed as one of the 25 most influential political commentators by The Atlantic, one of America’s top 10 opinion writers by Newsweek, and one of the Top 100 Global Thinkers for 2013 by Foreign Policy, Greenwald is a former constitutional law and civil rights litigator. He was a columnist for The Guardian until October 2013 and is now a founding editor of a new media outlet, The Intercept..

Green is the New Red

green_new_red_book_cover-215x300 (GNR) is an independent news service that publishes original, investigative journalism and breaking news about civil liberties in the post-9/11 era.

It was by founded by investigative journalist Will Potterin 2006. Glenn Greenwald described Potter as “the most knowledgeable journalist in the country on these issues,” and said GNR “exhaustively covers” civil liberties threats. Potter is currently a Knight Fellow in Law Reporting at the University of Michigan, and serves as executive editor of GNR, overseeing the news team and all editorial content.

Hack Readhackread-logo

Hack Read, founded November 2011 is your web based gateway to the world of the Internet that centers on Technology, Security, Current Affairs & Hacking News, with full-scale reviews on Social Media Platforms, Google, Apple and tech updates from allover the globe.

At HackRead we believe in bringing your hacks in front of the world, at the same time we also intent to help website owners and administrators to update themselves regarding latest threats that maybe harmful for their websites.

Huck Magazine

Huck Magazine celebrates and explores independent culture; people and movements that paddle against the flow.

They publish news, profiles, interviews, reportage, opinion pieces and photo essays across digital and print. They also commission original documentaries and films.

Ian R Crane

Former oilfield executive Ian R Crane, has been cancelled off this list for being a covidiot.


A network of individuals, independent and alternative media activists and organisations, offering grassroots, non-corporate, non-commercial coverage of important social and political issues.

The Intercept

The Intercept

The Intercept is an online publication launched in February 2014 by First Look Media, the news organization created and funded by eBay founder Pierre Omidyar. The editors are Betsy Reed, Glenn Greenwald, and Jeremy Scahill.


Love it or loathe it, (I’m in the latter camp), Alex Jones’ Infowars has a massive subscriber base in the US and internationally. Personally, I’m of the opinion that Jones is 99+% sensationalist fearmonger, but he deserves a mention because of his influence.
Not going to add a link, you can find his channels yourself (if you want to be bombarded by the most terrifying and divisive apocalyptic visions of the past, present and future…).
*this entry is more of a warning than an endorsement. Back in the day, I used to listen to infowars and frequently found it to be intriguing, if not entirely credible. In recent years, the channel has descended into the most terrifying, farcical propaganda. If you have been hypnotised and infected by the Infowars perspective, I would strongly urge you to take a good few steps back.

Jayne Linney

Leicester, Old Labour & Proud, Fed Up, F**ked Up, and; Fiesty.
Director DEAEP – Social Enterprise ran by and for disabled people and carers.
Please visit



Narking off the state since 2005. 

Contact me on the email below or find me on twitter @johnnyvoid
johnnyvoid01(at) Whistle-blowers welcome and treated in confidence.

The Juice Media/RAP NEWS


Juice Rap News: was the internet nation’s off-beat musical, independent current-affairs programme, responsible for turning bollocks-news into socio-poetical analyses which everyone can relate to and understand.

Written & created by Giordano Nanni & Hugo Farrant in a backyard home-studio in suburban Melbourne, Australia – on Wurundjeri land.
Since Hugo left to focus on his solo project(s), Juice Media has evolved into doing the internet’s favourite “Honest Government Adverts” series.

Killer Coke


The Campaign to Stop Killer Coke is a worldwide movement based on the efforts of thousands of volunteers. Above all, it is a movement of We’s and not I’s, and we need all the help we can get if justice is to prevail.

Ray Rogers is the director of the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke. His organization, Corporate Campaign, Inc., created the Campaign to Stop Killer Coke to hold The Coca-Cola Company, its bottlers and subsidiaries accountable and to end the gruesome cycle of violence and collaboration with paramilitary thugs, particularly in Colombia. These atrocities include the systematic intimidation, kidnapping, torture and murder of union leaders and members of their families in efforts to crush their unions.

In countries like Colombia and Guatemala, a strong union can mean the difference between life and death for people who dare to challenge corporate and political abuses.

The Colombian union SINALTRAINAL credits the worldwide campaign against Coke’s abuses as a major part of its struggle for survival and protecting the lives of many of its leaders and members.

SINALTRAINAL Vice President Juan Carlos Galvis has stated:

“If we lose this fight against Coke, 

First we will lose our union,

Next we will lose our jobs,

And then we will all lose our lives!”

“If it weren’t for international solidarity,

We would have been eliminated long ago.

That is the truth.”

Let Me Look TV


Yet another ally sadly cancelled for Covidiocy. 😦


Live Learn Evolve is a platform for self-realisation aiming to inspire you to fulfill your own potential through the playful exploration of your own direct experience.


We aim to:

• Encourage a vital balance between skepticism and openness

• Promote sharing, kindness and open-minded discussion

• Inspire you to create meaningful work and express yourself

• Compel users to collaborate. Sharing ideas, results and opinions

• Explore elements vital to being human; such as dealing with uncertainty, coping with adversity, courage, compassion, morals, altruism, humility, patience, emotional resilience and the limitations of knowledge.

“Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced.”

― Søren Kierkegaard

The Love Police/Charles Veitch

I used to have a lot of time for this guy but he’s been spending his time since Covid-19 preaching the dangerous “anti-mask/plandemic” mantra through his megaphone, so I’ve cancelled him now. Sorry not sorry Charlie, (you twat).

Manchester Mule


MULE is a Manchester based non-profit independent media project, looking to promote social justice by getting out the news and views you won’t find elsewhere, from the rainy city and beyond!

The Thinking behind MULE

Three core principles underlie our work:

1) Providing an alternative has never been more important Traditional local media is facing hard times. Budget cuts and the turn away from serious reporting means there’s an information vacuum waiting to be filled in our communities. On a wider level, the commercial media system is dominated by a small number of huge corporations and wealthy individuals. This system promotes commercial values, and filters out information not conducive to the immediate bottom line or long-run corporate interests. MULE aims to cover the burning issues that the mainstream media neglect, without screaming down peoples necks, being boring or preachy, or speaking to a select, in-the-know audience.

2) Media as a tool for social change At its best independent media supports progressive social movements by raising public awareness and providing information that is a tool in the hands of campaigners. This starts at home. The place we can be most effective is in our backyard, holding power to account in Manchester.

3) Openness and inclusivity From the start, MULE has been an organisation run primarily by volunteers. We want to provide an opportunity for writers, designers, web geeks and volunteers of all varieties, to get involved and share or improve their skills.

Maple Indie Media


Maple Indie Media have been reporting from the frontlines of the struggle against Cuadrilla’s fracking site in Preston New Rd, Blackool since last year, (2017). They were formed as a direct response to the brutal policing there, to be an extra eye on activities in and around the anti fracking movement in Preston.

Maple Indie Media youtube

Maple Indie Media facebook

Maple Indie Media Twitter

Media Diversified


Media Diversified is a young and growing non-profit organisation which seeks to cultivate and promote skilled writers of colour by providing advice and contacts and by promoting content online through its own platform. Live since July 2013, the initiative is already diversifying the UK’s media landscape, providing important, challenging and new content which contributes to global as well as domestic discussion on issues of issues of social justice, equality, gender, politics, economics and pop culture. In March 2015 Media Diversified launched its Experts Directory, a searchable resource for media organisations of all sizes to subscribe to..

As well as providing a resource for the media, Media Diversified has provided a much needed life-line and vibrant forum for the exchange of ideas and experiences. It’s a mothership of affirmation and nurturing for writers, building resilience for the future and supporting people to take risks in tackling controversial topics and subjects that others aren’t. By including a great diversity of writers, Media Diversified applies the brakes to banal racism and crude stereotyping in the media.  It also articulates how racism works in so many areas of life, be it from colourism to the fashion industry to the recent moral panics. More positively/subversively, it considers whether having more writers of colour in the media undermines racism.

The social media campaign #AllWhiteFrontPages aims to raise awareness of British media’s need to include ethnic minority groups in their stories. Frequently every image featured on the front pages of the national newspapers is of a white person. When the media does cover stories of people from diverse backgrounds and class the stories are often negative, reinforcing stereotypes.

We hope editors will take this opportunity to engage critically with the issues raised on our website and will use our ‘Writers and Experts’ page and article archives as a resource for their commissioning teams.

Our twitter hashtags, #AllWhiteFrontPages, #TheTrashies, #OtherPolitics

Contact us at

“We don’t need any more writers as solitary heroes. We need a heroic writer’s movement: assertive, militant, pugnacious.”  ~Toni Morrison

  • Under-represented BME employment in media is one-third of the level expected if proportionate to their population of working age.
  • According to the latest Creative Skillset 2012 Employment Census, employment in the creative media industries grew by more than 4,000 between 2009 and 2012. However, despite this increase, the number of BAME people in the industry actually fell by 2,000.
  • In 2009, across the UK, 6.7% of people working in the media were from BAME backgrounds. Back then this was already under the 9% national figure of BAME people of working age in the UK, but by 2012 that figure had dropped to just 5.4%.
  • In London specifically, BAME representation in the media industries is 8.9% – the highest in the country. That might seem like good news at first until you consider that the capital’s overall BAME working population is 28.8%.
  • BAME people are under-represented in the media industry by a magnitude of over 300%.


Media Lens

media lens

Media Lens is a UK-based media-watch project analysing mainstream media bias.To challenge the claim that the corporate media system is either willing or able to report honestly or accurately on a world dominated by corporate power. Our aim is to encourage the general population to challenge journalists, editors and media managers who operate a de facto propaganda system for establishment/elite interests. We hope to promote non-corporate media offering a more honest and compassionate response to the world. Fundamentally, we wish to reduce suffering wherever it occurs. We believe that media claims to ‘neutrality’ are a deception that serve to hide systematic pro-corporate bias. ‘Neutrality’ most often means ‘impartially’ reporting dominant establishment views, while ignoring or marginalising dissent. In reality it is not possible for journalists to be neutral: regardless of whether we do or do not overtly express our personal opinion, that opinion is always reflected in the facts we choose to highlight or ignore.

While Media Lens seeks to correct for some of the worst excesses of corporate media distortions as honestly as possible, our concern is not to affect some spurious ‘objectivity’, but to engage with the world to do whatever we can to reduce suffering and to resist the forces that seek to subordinate human well-being to profit. We do not believe that passively observing human misery without attempting to intervene constitutes ‘neutrality’. Nor do we believe that ‘neutrality’ can ever be deemed more important than doing all in our power to help others.

Media Reform Coalition


The Media Reform Coalition was set up in September 2011 to coordinate the most effective contribution by civil society groups, academics and media campaigners to debates over media regulation, ownership and democracy in the context of the phone hacking crisis and proposed communications legislation.

We work with partner groups and supporting individuals to produce research and to organise campaigning activities aimed at creating a media system that operates in the public interest.

Media Reform represents an independent coalition of groups and individuals committed to maximising the public interest in communications. The current chair is Dr Justin Schlosberg, Birkbeck, University of London.

The Media Reform Coalition is committed to:

You can contact us at:

MRC c/o Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre,

Dept of Media and Communications,


University of London,

SE14 6NW.


 My Tights Won’t Stay Up


We are two wimmin* that find ourselves often bemused by life in general and stuff ‘for women’ in particular. As young lasses we saw a world promised to us on telly, in magazines and adverts where we would become lithe, graceful, organised goddesses and yet we still make an utter hash of eyeliner, trip over our own feet, make odd snorting sounds when we laugh and ladder our effing tights.

Either, we are lone feminine fuck ups in a world of perfection or… we were lied to and no-one smiles like that when moisturising and stroking their own legs… the jury’s out dear readers. At the very least we shall entertain you with our mundane lady catastrophes involving tweezers or perhaps we might discover that we are not alone in the agony of H&M’s woefully lit changing rooms or being patronised in Maplins.

Lotsa love,

Flora and Iris


*and some cracking contributors including Iris’s mum.

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed


Dr. Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed is a bestselling author, award-winning investigative journalist, and noted international security scholar, as well as a policy expert, film maker, strategy and communications consultant, and change activist.


His debut science fiction thriller novel, ZERO POINT, was released in August 2014.

Naomi Klein


NAOMI KLEIN is an award-winning journalist, syndicated columnist and author of the New York Times and #1 international bestseller, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism. Published worldwide in 2007, The Shock Doctrine is being published in 30 languages and has over a million copies in print. It appeared on multiple ‘best of year’ lists including as a New York TimesCritics’ Pick of the Year. Rachel Maddow calledThe Shock Doctrine, “The only book of the last few years in American publishing that I would describe as a mandatory must-read.”

Naomi Klein’s first book No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies was also an international bestseller, translated into over 25 languages with more than a million copies in print.  A collection of her writing, Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate was published in 2002.

Naomi Klein is a contributing editor for Harper’s and reporter for Rolling Stone, and writes a regular column for The Nation and The Guardian that is syndicated internationally by The New York Times Syndicate. In 2004, her reporting from Iraq for Harper’s won the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. Additionally, her writing has appeared inThe New York Times, The Washington Post, Newsweek, The Los Angeles Times, The Globe and Mail, El Pais, L’Espressoand The New Statesman, among many other publications.

Naomi is a member of the board of directors for, a global grassroots movement to solve the climate crisis. She is a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellow at The Nation Institute and a former Miliband Fellow at the London School of Economics. In 2004, her reporting from Iraq for Harper’s won the James Aronson Award for Social Justice Journalism. In 2014 she received the International Studies Association’s IPE Outstanding Activist-Scholar award, and in 2015 she received The Izzy Award honouring outstanding achievement in independent journalism and media. She holds an honorary Doctor of Civil Laws from the University of King’s College, Nova Scotia.

Her critically acclaimed new book, This Changes Everything: Capitalism vs the Climate, is the 2014 winner of the prestigious Hilary Weston Writers’ Trust Prize for Nonfiction. An instant bestseller when published in September 2014, it debuted at #5 on the New York Times list and was named to multiple Best of 2014 lists, including the New York Times100 Notable Books of 2014. It was also shortlisted for the 2015 PEN Literary Awards in the nonfiction category. This Changes Everything is being translated into over 20 languages.

Neil Sanders


Mind Control is a documented fact. The control of the actions and emotions of an unsuspecting victim has been a reality since at least the 1950s. Drawing on declassified documents, interviews with the doctors involved, scientific papers and mainstream media reports, Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own shows the origins, objectives and architects of mind control.


Neil Sanders holds an MA in Film Studies, studied Psychology and Media Production for his BA Honours and is a qualified hypnotherapist. Neil is considered an expert on the subject of mind control and has been studying the history of this dark art and its application by military and government intelligence agencies across the globe for many years. Neil has appeared on several television shows and made numerous radio appearances in Europe and the USA and is the author of Your Thoughts Are Not Your Own Volumes one and two.

New Internationalist


New Internationalist is a multi-award winning, independent, non-profit media co-operative. For over 40 years, we’ve specialized in investigative reporting, publishing ourmagazine and books on human rights, politics, social and environmental justice.

We’re proud to have received many awardsfor our publishing excellence, most recently Utne Reader’s Independent Press Award for ‘Best International Coverage’, and Amnesty International’s Media Award for ‘Best Content, Consumer Magazines’. The United Nations has also awarded us for our ‘outstanding contribution to world peace and development’.

We invest in in-depth reporting and publishing because we believe it is essential. A well informed population is crucial for a functioning democracy. We have no media mogul or corporate advertisers influencing what we do. We are totally independent and non-profit, funded mainly by subscriptions and donations.

Noam Chomsky

NoamChomsky was originally created by Pablo Stafforini, with the purpose of celebrating Chomsky’s work and encouraging activism worldwide. In December 2003, it became Noam Chomsky’s official website.

We would like to thank Kendall Clark and R. R. King from Bad News for all their fantastic work with the previous Chomsky archive. Thanks are also due to Robin Green, who graciously donated the domain name.

occupy is a News and media channel amplifying the voices of the global 99%. We use news, analyses, music, video, photography and graphics to heighten awareness and inspire engagement for social, economic and environmental justice.

We are an open invitation to creators of every type: journalists, musicians, photographers, painters, filmmakers, poets, designers, developers, cartoonists, podcasters – every genre, form and style is welcome.

Our companion site, the Commons ( – is an online community created for the 99%, to make communication, collaboration and coordination easy for readers and activists around the world. It is a tool for creating grassroots power, helping connect us with one another. Join us on the Commons, so we can build powerful movements that fight for economic and social justice. is an independent, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We consist of a small, dedicated group of journalists, editors, designers and developers. We are supported by a combination of tax-deductible donations and volunteerism. There is no GA or Spokes Council overseeing us, but we are morally accountable to the values of the Occupy movement as a whole.

Occupy London

occupy london


Everything you could want to know about Occupy London, the UK’s principle hub of the international Occupy movement.

Occupy News Network  ONNBasicYT


The Occupy News Network’s original fedbook page had 17k followers and dozens of contributors when it was sadly been hacked taken over by rogue elements in August 2016. Almost exactly a year later, we have begun rebuilding that page. The twitter and youtube channels have already been reclaimed and many of the livestreamers are still active.

Occupy London TV 


The Occupy London video channel. This channel is a growing archive of stories, ideas and events in the life of the occupy movement.

Subscribe and participate.


Old HolbornOH Header 2 (2)

that it’s illegal now, can’t say that, ID cards for all, where are you going, what have you been saying/doing/reading, can’t photograph that, how very dare you, golliwog banning, we know where you live, we’re watching you Soviet Utopia up your arses. Sideways.”
Anonymous Blogger.

Open Democracy


– is a digital commons not a magazine – a public service on the web not a commodity

– is an independent, public interest, not-for-profit; a counter to the corporate media

– champions human rights

– seeks out and debates forms of democratic change

– delights in good ideas vigorously debated and argument backed by investigation

– critiques vested interests

– supports pluralist inclusion without populism and tries to a give voice to those marginalised

– tries neither to blink at the crisis of government nor cultivate alarmism

– opposes fundamentalisms, including market fundamentalism

– regards the freedom and liberty of others as our own

– practices ‘openness’, rather than grasp at stultifying ‘neutrality’

– publishes under Creative Commons licensing

– supports peace-making and reconciliation

– is committed to global education and encouraging good and creative writing

– welcomes a range of forms to enable us to respond swiftly and interrogate deeply

We have an open, federal organisation that reflects our values in the architecture of the website and the way we operate, with Sections that are editorially independent, do their own publishing and raise their own funding – while the Main Site publishes on all general issues, inspires and hosts new debates, encourages guest editors and manages production and the business side.

Since it was founded in May 2001, oD has published over 20,000 articles, analyses, podcasts, videos and exchanges by 5,000 authors.

  • Read weekly in almost every country of the world (we are blocked in China and Iran)
  • Publishes an average of over 60 articles a week
  • Monthly readership of over 750,000 unique visitors
  • Top countries by readership: United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Australia, India, Germany and France.
  • Strongest growth in readership: Middle East, Africa and India.

Peace News

peace news

Published since 1936, Peace News is the UK’s only grassroots newspaper covering the full spectrum of peace and justice issues. We have a staff of six part-time workers and currently publish 6 bi-monthly issues a year. Peace News Ltd is a not-for-profit limited company.

Our idea of another, better, world

Peace News opposes the brutal wars in Iraq and Afghanistan – and throughout the world – and the retention and renewal of nuclear weapons in the shape of Trident.

But these are only the most extreme forms of the violence which is inherent in our society.

This violence manifests also as sexism, racism, homophobia, hunger, inequality, corporate domination, government repression and the exploitation of people, animals and the environment.

Peace News seeks to oppose all forms of violence, and to create positive change based on  co-operation and responsibility. To create a nonviolent world, we believe we must avoid violence in our struggle for change.

Peace News draws on the traditions of pacifism, feminism, anarchism, socialism, human rights, animal rights and green politics – without dogma, but in the spirit of openness.

Paul Mason

Paul Mason is Economics Editor at Channel 4 News.

Used to be interesting, now a twat. Cancelled.

Pheonix Rising

Phoenix has been active in the environmental cause for over 20 years.Since 1992 when the first Rainbow Centres were set up as a direct action for change after the Rio Earth Summit..From Twyford Down and the early road protests,to two decades of squatted community projects.Networking on the Frontlines of change.


The Prisma

The Prisma is a unique pioneering media project in the UK integrating people from different backgrounds and nationalities connected by the goal of contributing to make a better society by building ties between different cultures that share English as a common language. The Prisma is also interested in the Latin American and Spanish speaking culture and the defense of immigrants, workers, and any other vulnerable or minority communities. The Prisma promotes multiculturalism. Independent, ethical and purposeful, informative and uniting, The Prisma – The Multicultural Newspaper is a shared journalistic adventure run by volunteers from different disciplines and nationalities.

 the Radical Film Network


The RFN was founded in London in 2013 when a group of activists, academics, filmmakers and programmers involved in radical film culture met to discuss the ways in which they could work together to support its development, growth and sustainability.

Since then the RFN has grown rapidly, and now consists of nearly one hundred organisations across four continents. Affiliated organisations range from artists’ studios and production collectives to archives, co-ops, distributors, film festivals and exhibition venues, as well as a host of other less easily categorised groups… More information about these organisations is available in the Directory. The RFN’sMailing List, meanwhile, enables those involved with radical film culture to share information and ideas around the world.

RealFare (2013-2015)

‘RealFare’ aims to de-myth our welfare system, by taking a closer look at the different sectors affected by the cuts. Employment. Housing. Family welfare. The rights of the disabled and the elderly. Topics we’ll be exploring each week, bringing together insight, reactions and advice from experts, commentators and people whose lives have been forcibly altered by these changes.
Through interviews, personal accounts, professional opinions and factual articles posted on the RealFare blog, we aim to provide a fuller, more truthful picture of our society as it struggles to pay back the deficit. We are not trading on sensationalism. We are not trying to reveal any scandals. We are not trying to sell any papers. But, we believe that a more honest look at our welfare system could make us feel differently about each other, the media and our government. Do you have a story or a viewpoint on employment, disability rights or any aspect of welfare? Is there something you’d like us to investigate? If so, we’d love to hear from you.
realfare (2013-2015) evolved into

real media

Real Media Logo

Real Media is a cooperative of journalists dedicated to public interest journalism and challenging mass media distortion. We believe the large media organisations, as they currently exist, are set up to serve the interest of a small establishment – their owners, their advertisers and the governments that they get most of their information from. We intend to stand up for public interest journalism in as many ways we can.  As an organisation we intend to grow and adapt as we try and meet these objectives.

We are starting with our online presence, specifically this website.

On our website we currently have:

  • An automated news feed that brings together news from the best alternative sources on the net

  • A features section of comment and analysis where we try to bring together the best in depth pieces

  • A breaking news section where we try to present the most interesting and useful sources on breaking news, as well as covering stories that are being largely ignored

  • A Movements Calendar – protests, meetings, gatherings, occupations, fundraisers, comedy nights – the events you need in your diary

  • Our own productions – video, audio and writing – where we tackle the black box of news (subjects barely covered by the mass media), media criticism, and discussing social movements in the UK and beyond.

Red Ice Creations – Red Ice Radio

Used to be cool and interesting. Cancelled now for becoming xenophobic, islamophobic, anti-immigration and spreading ‘white genocide’ nonsense.

Red Pepper

Red Pepper is a bi-monthly magazine and website of left politics and culture. We’re a socialist publication drawing on feminist, green and libertarian politics. We seek to be a space for debate on the left, a resource for movements for social justice, and a home for open-minded anti-capitalists.
Red Pepper is completely independent, and while not rejecting party politics, seeks to help build the kind of pluralistic, dynamic movements which can fundamentally challenge our economic system, with its entrenched injustice, structures of power and oppression, and tendency towards war and environmental destruction. Although based in London, we have links around Britain, and have always covered events and perspectives from outside the capital.
We’re a non-profit magazine and we operate on a shoestring. We think the left needs publications which are non-sectarian yet unafraid to take a stand, radical yet non-dogmatic, and thoughtful yet orientated on real-world activism. If you think so too, please consider becoming a subscriber.

Revolution News

revolution news

We are an international group of independent journalists, photographers, artists, translators and activists reporting on international news with a focus on human rights. We speak 15 languages and our backgrounds are as varied as our locations.

Please contact us with inquiries, tips, corrections at

Reel News 

Reel News is an activist video collective, set up to publicise and share information on inspirational campaigns and struggles – not just in this country, but across the world.
We are doing this through producing a bi-monthly newsreel, made up of a number of videos short enough to use in union and campaign meetings.
Reel News will try and cover it all, from pensioners protesting against cuts in voluntary services, artists and musicians looking at the world in a different way, through strikes against privatisation, right up to the astonishing social movements in Latin America which have brought down governments through uprisings, mass direct action and general strikes.
 Reel News is intended as a two-way resource, so let us know about your campaigns. Better still, film them yourself and send us the video. We can also be commissioned to make campaign videos, and offer help on camerawork, video editing and other skills needed to make your own video.   Reel News is completely independent and non-aligned. We are completely against sectarianism in all its forms, anti-capitalist in outlook, against the anti-trade union laws and in favour of mass collective action in the workplace and on the streets to change society.
Reel news is dependent on DVD sales and donations alone.You can help Reel News to survive by taking out a subscription online at or making a monthly donation by standing order. Please note a monthly donation of £3 or more gives you free delivery of Reel News bi-monthly. – See more at:

Richard D Hall – RICH PLANET TV


“Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Exposing the lies in our mainstream media”.

I used to have all the time in the world for Richard D Hall but over the last couple of years he’s really started to grate. His transphobia and highly questionable views on the Covid pandemic have made me cancel him. Shame.

Salford Star

salford star logo - Coloured

For Salford, a magazine that’s different. It’s written and produced by people in Salford for people in Salford. And it’s totally independent. The Salford Star just aims to give the community a voice, to make public bodies a bit more accountable and to inform, campaign and entertain.

We showcase what’s ace in the city, dig up Real Salford Heritage, give new writers and artists a chance to express themselves, and get Salford celebs to contribute…But to make the Salford Star work, most of all we need your stories… Let us know what’s going off in your neighbourhood…

If you’ve got an event coming up let us know… if you’re launching a campaign let us know… We also need help with writing, research, photography, graphics, selling ads, distribution and other general stuff. Please contact us and have a chat or e-mail us if you want to get involved – no experience necessary.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got a small business and like the mag or website please support it by advertising with us at our incredibly affordable rates. We are a not-for-profit company and any revenue is ploughed back into the mag to make it bigger and better and to print more copies. It’s also a great way to reach the community direct.

The Salford Star magazine is free and 20,000 copies are delivered door-to-door in areas of Salford and to as many public places as possible throughout the city.

The Salford Star is a total first for the city – it’s never had its own independent magazine before. If you want to see it survive please support us and help us get it together

Scriptonite Daily 


Scriptonite asks the question “How do we make a world that works for everyone?” This blog exists to tell the big stories behind the news; to challenge the neoliberal status quo. Scriptonite hopes you will learn, laugh and link with campaigns that help make the world a better place…all by reading this blog. Please be active, carry on the discussion by commenting, and of course share it.

UPDATE Scriptonite AKA Kerry-anne Mendoza has gone on to co-found the excellent indeendant news platform,

Scriptonite blog is archived here:


SchNEWS was born in a squatted Courthouse in Brighton in 1994 as part of Justice? – Brighton’s campaign against the Criminal Justice Act. A few bright sparks decided to start reading out the news. Some of those bright sparks then decided to put some of it on paper – nearly ten years later and they were still printing!
From the anti road protests at the M11 in London to the Newbury Bypass to the big Reclaim The Streets events of the nineties SchNEWS was there. From worker’s struggles such as the Liverpool Dockers, fights against privatisation of public services to reporting on social centres and sustainable futures – week in week out SchNEWS reported the news from the direct action frontlines.
Sadly, SchNEWS have announced they are taking a bit of a break for a while, I very much look forward to their return.


Slaney Street

Slaney Street writes about things happening in Birmingham, covering issues that affect the people of the city, and offering analysis and debate. The idea is that if people better understand what is going on in their communities, and we can tear away from a media monopolised by the corporate a political elite, then they will be more able to defend themselves, and to challenge their power. Slaney Street is funded by its members and contributors, rather than its readers. We believe that the free newspaper is the best way to create a grassroots media outlet.
It is committed to producing news, comment and review articles free from the typical classism, racism, sexism and general bigotry so often found in mainstream newspapers. These are the only criteria. So long as articles meet these standards then anyone can write for Slaney Street, all submitted articles will be considered and voted on by its editorial board. Slaney Street hopes to voice the stories and issues important to people and communities in Birmingham. All members of Slaney Street have equal decision-making power: they can run for editor, write articles, vote on policy. Articles are voted on democratically, and people have space to publish their disagreements if a decision does not go their way and, in serious cases, they can call for a re-election of the editorial board. Slaney Street is, ultimately, in the hands of everyone – and it is this that we hope will make it different, and better, than typical mainstream news outlets.



Founded in 2005, Public Interest Investigations (PII) carries out cutting-edge research into key social, political, environmental and health issues in the UK and Europe.

Our work is underpinned by two key projects – this site, and a research wiki, which focuses on the networks of powerful individuals and institutions shaping the public agenda.

Spinwatch investigates the way that the public relations (PR) industry and corporate and government propaganda distort public debate and undermine democracy. The PR and lobbying industry in the UK is the second biggest in the world, worth £7.5 billion. As the go-to organisation for information on this field, we routinely track PR and lobbying firms and corporate front groups, exposing their spin and deception.

Issues we work on

Our core concern is in promoting equality and protecting fundamental human and democratic rights. Currently, we concentrate our work in several policy fields, including:

Campaigning for lobbying transparency in the UK and Europe

Spinwatch has led the campaign for greater transparency in lobbying in the UK since 2007, when we set up a coalition of trade unions and NGOs, called theAlliance for Lobbying Transparency (ALT), to campaign for a statutory register of lobbyists. ALT works to highlight the impact that commercial lobbying has on political decision making in the UK. ALT members include:

We are also part of the campaign for lobbying transparency in Brussels run by The Alliance for Lobbying Transparency and Ethics Regulation (ALTER-EU), a coalition of about 200 civil society groups, trade unions, academics and public affairs firms. ALT is concerned about the increasing influence exerted by corporate lobbyists on the political agenda in Europe, the resulting loss of democracy in EU decision-making and the postponement, weakening, or blockage even, of urgently needed progress on social, environmental and consumer-protection reforms.

Stephanie Herman aka @Geke


geek + eke = geke

Author of Cost Benefit Jr, (which I haven’t read yet) homeschool Austrian economics & creator of GekeVenns: Venn diagrams which illustrate the overlap of big biz and big gov. @geke also tracks US military spending every day following each weekday when defense contracts are awarded.


Strike! Magazine


STRIKE! is a bi-monthly newspaper – we deal in politics, philosophy, art, subversion and sedition. Each issue we gather together a group of high-grade artists and authors and let them get creative. It’s a magazine, it’s a journal, it’s a carnival.

STRIKE! is an independent publication. We will never sell any advertising, and we will always be strictly anti-profit.

Sub Media


subMedia is a video production ensemble, which aims to promote anarchist and anti-capitalist ideas, and aid social struggles through the dissemination of radical films and videos. Founded in 1994, subMedia has produced hundreds of videos on everything from anti-globalization protests to films about shoplifting. Our films have been screened around the world in social centers and movie theaters and have been watched by millions on the internet. This site is a collection of videos from 2003 onwards.

Talk Fracking


All of the recent polls and statistics show that the majority of people in the UK do not know what fracking is or do not understand its implications for Britain’s future. David Cameron’s “greenest government ever” is fast tracking their shale gas and oil programme by removing peoples’ legal protections and easing regulations. There is mounting evidence to show that fracking can be extremely destructive to the environment and is at opposites with the IPCC recommendations for avoiding catastrophic climate change. It’s clear therefore, that the government has no democratic mandate to force fracking onto Britain.

Talk Fracking seeks to protect our democracy and to provide a forum for debate with independent expert opinion as a counter balance to the powerful pro-fracking lobby, so that an informed public can decide for themselves whether they support fracking as a sensible energy solution.

In our experience from touring the country from Glasgow to Swansea and speaking with people from all backgrounds and political persuasions, we have witnessed anger and astonishment from people who live in areas where fracking may take place. They feel betrayal at the fact that they have been kept in the dark about the potential consequences of an industry that seems fraught with risks.

So far, we have tried several strategies to bring this issue into the public eye and encourage people to educate themselves so that they can make an informed decision. Talk Fracking started with an open letter calling for public debate, signed by over 150 scientists, respected organisations and celebrities, which was published in the Times on June 2nd 2014. Following this we organised six nationwide debates. 88 key policy makers, scientists and industry figures were invited to take part as spokespeople for shale gas. The former energy Minister Michael Fallon’s email invite was opened 81 times. Entire government departments and large fracking companies were unwilling to offer any representative at all. Despite all these efforts, only one geologist committed to attend.

Talk Fracking remains committed to highlighting the issues surrounding fracking in the UK, holding the policy makers and industry to account and providing the forum for the debate that the British public deserves before it’s too late.

Talk Fracking is funded by Humanade with donations from Vivienne Westwood, Joseph Corre and Lush.

We need to talk about fracking.

The Young Turks (TYT)


The Young Turks (TYT) is an American news and commentary program on YouTube, which also serves as the flagship program of the TYT Network, a multi-channel network of associated web series focusing on news and cultural issues. The program was created by Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz and Dave Koller. Currently co-hosted by Uygur and Ana Kasparian, who are often accompanied by various in-studio contributors, it maintains a progressive stance, and provides commentary on topics of varying news genres. The Young Turks began as a radio program that premiered on February 14, 2002 on Sirius Satellite Radio; it was later carried on Air America, before launching a web series component in 2005 on YouTube.

Tina Louise Rothery


The remarkable, pre-eminent, water protecting Nana-in-Chief, leading the leaderless resistance to fracking in her backyard, around the country and around the world. The inspirational woman who stood for the Green party against George Osborne in his Tatton constituency, just for the opportunity to annihilate him in the debates.

Huge love and respect for this incredible, inspirational woman.

Transition Free Press (2013-2014)


Transition Free Press (TFP) was a 24-page quarterly newspaper which grew out of the Transition movement. We published seven issues and reported on anyone helping to build a more sustainable, relocalised and fairer society.

TFP was launched in 2013 and was run as a non-for-profit co-operative. The 24-page newspaper contained a mix of news, reviews and features, as well as dedicated pages to energy, the land, people, economy, food, well-being, the arts and sport.

Our Spring 2014 issue for example included articles on: the perils and joys of water; the new faces of the Totnes Pound; the German end of the Oil Road from Central Asia; a food waste cafe in Wales; Frome-style flatpack democracy; the Restart Project, who organise parties where people repair broken electrical goods; climate change and the reversal of the five stages of grief; rewilding the arts; the Natural Veg Men of Cheshire; walking in deep time; and coastal foraging.

In our Winter 2013 issue you could find articles on: joining up widespread fracking, political and economic protests into a solutions-based coalition; growing quinoa in the UK; life at the Grow Heathrow activist community; the smallholding vision of the Ecological Land Co-operative; music as an instrument of social change; the value of pop-up shops as environmental and social educational tools, the joy of foraging for acorns; combatting activist burnout; and dancing through winter’s depths.

Our focus was on context and solutions. Alongside the basic facts of traditional reporting, we aimed to give context, the ability to place the story in a wider perspective, and, uniquely, an understanding of how readers could get involved in the solution.

At the heart of the TFP model was the circulation of good practice and solutions that help to mitigate climate change. We reported on projects that are changing communities and our pages contained many new ideas and new ways of being and doing, directed at facilitating, inspiring and reflecting change. By spreading the word, we aimed to change behaviour and influence policy.

The paper was editorially independent and ‘worked with’ rather than ‘worked for’ the Transition Network.

Our final issue, no 7, was published in September 2014.

We were not afraid to go deep, ask awkward questions, laugh or explore paths other papers don’t go down to find a sustainable future. We wanted to capture the real-life experiences of people who are discussing and doing Transition, looking at the small details in the big picture. We were optimistic in the face of tough times. But we were also real. We were real about the awesome challenges of peak oil and climate change and the recession. We were also real about the hard work the projects featured in those pages take (including this paper!)

We folded at the end of 2014 because we were unable to find enough funding to pay ourselves and to eventually become a self-sustaining enterprise.

A big thank you to all our readers and supporters during these years.



(on hiatus) Russell Brand gave us the true news so we didn’t have to invest any money in buying newspapers that charge us for the privilege of keeping our consciousness imprisoned in a tiny box of ignorance and lies.
Comrade Brand has grown a big bushy hipster guru beard and has been doing podcasts lately. They’re quite good.

Truth Theory – Internationaltruth-theory

Each day, truth theory searches the web to try to bring you the most accurate material, streaming full-length documentaries, posting articles and other content, all free of charge. We adhere to all copyright laws, and honor the wishes of the producers and publishers.
Truth Theory’s creators wanted to find an easy way to bring thought-provoking, educational, and entertaining material to anyone with an Internet connection.  They believe that the mainstream media increasingly practices self-censorship, is manipulated and often, ignores many opinions and historical events.  With the media distorting or ignoring information, it’s often very hard to get an accurate picture of a problem, even while watching the news.

Unity News

Unity News are a group of people from all walks of life who couldn’t bear to see the bias in mainstream media any longer so they find out what is going on with actual people and report their stories directly.

If you have a story to tell or need support for an action, get in touch at or

(About Mike Sivier) I have been a newspaper reporter for the best part of 20 years now. I switched to freelance work in 2007 in order to become a carer for my girlfriend (who is disabled). I’m interested in politics, with an emphasis on people rather than the movement of money – although I appreciate that knowledge of financial matters does help.

Video 4 Change


Video for Change is the use of video to support social movements, document human rights violations, raise awareness on social issues, and influence social change. Video for Change is fast becoming an key element of campaigns and social movements. The video4change network is a group of organisations using video to affect social change. The network is membership based and was founded at an event in June 2012 in Indonesia.

Vision On TV


visionOntv aims for the widest possible distribution of video for social change.

visionOntv enables anyone to embed and distribute the best radical news from around the world.

There are currently 5 main channels of rapidly updating films, all of which can be embedded on your website or blog.

visionOntv is part of the Open Media Network


Welfare Weekly

UK welfare related news, views and perspectives. If you have found a welfare related news story which we have been unlucky enough to miss, or if you have news you would like to share with us, including photo’s and press releases, please contact: news(at)
Please send letters for publication on this website to : letters(at)



WikiLeaks is a not-for-profit media organisation whose goal is to bring important news and information to the public. Wkileaks provide an innovative, secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information to our journalists (an electronic drop box). One of their most important activities is publishing original source material alongside our news stories, so readers and historians alike can see evidence of the truth.


The Wrong Kind of Green