Brandalism Meme

If You Think It’ll Be OK When We Get Rid Of Him…

…You Don’t Understand The Problem Yet.

Everybody keeps tweeting #BorisMustGo and #JohnsonMustGo, so I figure it’s time to continue the pantomeme series that I started during the #TarpaulinRevolution back in 2015.

Here’s the first one I made, of the pig botherer, David “call me Dave” Cameron:

Then it was the Maybot. (Notice I put zombie Johnson behind her).

Created with GIMP

Now it’s DePfeffel’s turn.

Created with GIMP

Might do Sir Career Rodney Starmer next. If I can be arsed…

I used GIMP to make these pantomemes. GIMP is FREE open source image manipulation software. Massive respect for and gratitude to all the amazing freeware developers out there.

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