#GlobalDebout? #15M? Media Blackout Much?

There are now hundreds of cities in 25 countries around the world prepping for the next global wave of democratic, people powered resistance to the emergent fascist global order and there’s been barely a dicky bird from the 1% media. That’s to be expected, but there’s not been much on social media or alt channels in the UK either. What is up with that?
Have you heard about #NuitDebout, or the #GlobalDebout next week, 15th May? #15M? If not, why not? (Please answer in the comments if you can be arsed).

pavement of truth flags

The French didn’t go for the Occupy movement like the UK and US did in 2011 because they were expecting a “left wing government” to get into power. They got their ‘left-wing government’ and are now apparently sorely disappointed by it, hence #NuitDebout.

Has this polarity now inverted? Are we in the UK now so enamoured by comrade Corbyn that we overestimate his capacity to actually change things?  Do we really believe in the farcical pantomime of Westmonster? Do we really think that Jeremy Corbyn can turn around the multinational corporate behemoths which have robbed Parliament of any actual power? Are we in the UK really going to sit on our arses and wait for sometime after 2020 to start realising all this again?

The most compelling part of Corbyn’s message for me is about the need for people to get active in their daily lives, outside of party politics. He is a lifelong, grassroots activist. A legend. I think he’s a great guy, I really like him but he can’t save us. No PM can save us. Because corporate bankster governance. Because capitalism.
No Government can save us. WE have to save us.

Corbyn would probably agree with me, we should all be involved in creating something amazing this May 15th. Real democracy – by the people, for the people, on the streets and in the squares of the whole world, together.

If there isn’t a Global Debout group set up in your local area already, why not start one? In the UK, there are currently groups mobilising in London, Glasgow, Dublin, Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool. One week to go. ish.

You might have a right giggle. 🙂 You might change the world… 😮

Will this be the wave that crashes the 1%’s global monopoly game? Probably not, but are we ready for postcapitalism? I’m starting to think we might be…

Keep it lit beautiful humans – stay safe, look after each other.

5 thoughts on “#GlobalDebout? #15M? Media Blackout Much?”

  1. This article about the lack of coverage for nuit debout and global debout doesn’t explain what either of them are. Presumably mass protest, but what air the aims/goals of this movement? Anti-establishment surely, but to what end?


    1. In the opening paragraph I describe it as: “the next global wave of democratic, people powered resistance to the emergent fascist global order”.

      If you want to learn more there’s this brilliant site called ‘google’ which you might have heard of?


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