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Biden: A Change. Of Tone.

Grammar’s so important…

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Anti-Fascist Classic | [Subvert Redux]

Expecting another sleepless night worrying about what Trump and his corporate overlords are going to do next and looking for something to do, I figured this subvert was due another redux.

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#Antifa? #IamAntifa and @RealDonaldTrump is a Disorganised Terrorist.

My fellow netizens. As of this evening, Ann Narkeh Media has designated POTUS as a Disorganised Terrorist.

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Regarding the ‘Social Mediapocalypse’…

“The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary”.

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Trump and Brexit are Distractions. What Are They Distracting us From?

People tend to feel more powerful in a tribe and the longer they affiliate with that tribe, the harder the die casts. Nobody wants to give up their power, so if you associate your power with a tribe you will most likely defend your tribe against all logic.

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Thoughts and Prayers [Post Satire]

Who needs gun control when you’ve got thoughts and prayers?

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Donald and Theresa got to see some art [Post Satire]

‘Civilian Drone Strike’ by Banksy raised £205,000 for Campaign Against The Arms Trade.

Well done Banksy and Art the Arms Fair. If you missed the exhibition, or want to take another look, there’s an excellent 3D digital version of it here.

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SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP – Occupy The Arms Fair [meme]

Join Occupy The Arms Fair‘s direct action camp to stop the DSEI arms fair, 4th-11th September.

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It’s not about ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ – Stop The Arms Fair 2017 [VIDEO 1/2] fully endorses Stop The Arms Fair’s week of action against the DSEI arms fair, 4th-12th September, 2017.

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The Guardian of Sleep [The Artist Taxi Driver, Angry Band RMX ]

Angry Band remix one of The Artist Taxi Driver’s rants.