Donald and Theresa got to see some art [Post Satire]

After all the excitement of the week of action to #StopDSEI with Stop the Arms Fair, Occupy The Arms Fair, Art the Arms Fair (and many more…) I had to make a Post Satire homage to Banksy’s piece ‘Civilian Drone Strike’.

‘Civilian Drone Strike’ by Banksy raised £205,000 for Campaign Against The Arms Trade. Well done Banksy and Art the Arms Fair. If you missed the exhibition, or want to take another look, there’s an excellent 3D digital version of it here.

I was kept busy during the week of action against DSEI, downloading and editing livestreamed video reports for the recently rebooted Occupy News Network.

Here’s the playlist with all 28 videos:

Solidarity with everybody who took action, particularly the 109+ brave activists who were arrested. Court support is ongoing until October. If you can get along to Thames Magistrates Courts to show solidarity, please do.

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