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The Extinction Symbol represents extinction. The circle is the world, the hourglass signifies time running out. It is quite important to raise awareness of the 6th Mass Extinction and to support the Extinction Rebellion.

Latest Stuff

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Video Archive

An archive of original videos and animations created by Ann Narkeh in various media and forms.

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Alternative Media List


From the outrageous conspiraloonies on Above Top Secret, to the earth shatteringly credible revelations of Wikileaks… Independent Bloggers, Vloggers, Authors, Citizen Journalists, Researchers, Photographers, Film Makers, Philosophers, Politicians and Livestreamers.

Individuals and Organisations, working together to reclaim our reality from the corporatocracy!

This list is by no means comprehensive. Keep sending me recommendations, and I’ll keep routinely updating.


Last updated: 20-9-2018

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