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The Forensic FLAG-MAN™ : Issue One: Cover

With sincere, humble apologies to Mighty Marvel Comics.

By day, beige gammon Kieth Steamer is a lawyerly Conservative politician but by night he transforms into The Forensic FLAG-MAN™, defending Britain from socialist crackpots like his arch nemesis, Jimminy Crombob.

With sincere, humble apologies to Mighty Marvel Comics.

Want to see FLAG-MAN™ developed into a full comic book? Let me know. If enough people want it, I might even do it. (Here’s the first 8 pages).

LABOUR COMICS’ FLAG-MAN™ was designed to be printable in A4, but this copy is low resolution for the interweb. High definition version available FREE on request. email: annnarkeh(at)gmail(dot)com

Can’t wait for FLAG-MAN™ issue one to drop? Check out this other great Kieth content from Ann Narkeh Media.

I used GIMP to make this. GIMP is FREE open source image manipulation software. Infinite gratitude to all the freeware developers out there creating and sharing amazing FREE tools for us proles.

Wear a fucking mask.

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