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Sir ForensicBootlicKeir™ Memes and Words

Sir ForensicBootlicker™ is giving the term ‘loyal opposition’ a whole new meaning…

#Starmergeddon #LabourLeaks

Pisses me right off he does, Mr Sir BlandMaxHeadroom™ MP, OBE, LOBO, (Licker Of Boot Opposition)…

Why does the rosy-cheeked Thunderbirds lookalike and fence-sitting enthusiast piss me off so much?

Well. As Director of Public Prosecutions, he failed to prosecute the cops who killed Jean Charles DeMenezes, RIP. And Ian Tomlinson, RIP. He banged up Julian Assange. He reclassified protest placards as offensive weapons, making it easier to bang up peaceful protestors.

His voting record reveals he is pro-Trident nuclear weapons and against an investigation into the illegal and immoral war on Iraq.

He’s a Neo-Liberal Blairite and a self-professed Zionist who, since becoming leader of the opposition (sic) has decided that “now isn’t the time” for opposition. Nor is it the time to discuss the #LabourLeaks, which exposed widespread racism, bullying, electoral fraud and what can only be described as utter shitfuckery in the Parliamentary Labour Party.

Most importantly, Sir CopLoverMcTridentPants is allowing UK Gov. plc to leave tens of thousands of people (including over 150 health workers so far) to die in the Coronavirus pandemic, unchallenged. He’s even praised the Tories, saying that their handling of the CV-19 crisis has been “an amazing piece of work“, (I shit you not).

Basically, he’s giving the term ‘loyal opposition’ a whole new meaning…

Fuck electoral politics right into the fucking bin, set it alight, then fuck it into the sea.

@chunkymark would make an infinitely more capable LOTO

The Corbyn project already proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that the UK’s parliamentary democracy is beyond any hope of meaningful reform.

Sir SensibleElectableCentrist is just rubbing it in and gaslighting progressives now, so he deserves these mean words and these cruel memes.

I know they’re not very kind but he winds me up and the anger must be expressed somehow.

I hope they brought you some small measure of joy amidst the misery of the dystopian ‘new normal’.

Whatever you’re doing to help unfuck the world this Mayday, stay strong, stay safe, be excellent to each other and don’t be a bootlicker, or a curtain twitching snitch.

Remember, “Contact Tracing” is the new “Mass Surveillance” so mask up and leave your phone somewhere safe.

Solidarity with everybody taking action big and small today, online and in meat space.

“Oh Come On Now, Give Him a Chance”…(meme)

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