Brandalism Meme Post Satire

“sTaY aNd FiGhT” lol



Following the news that Sir Licksbootsalot has sacked RLB from his New Landlords party, I made and published this one on twitter dot com last night. Nearly couldn’t be arsed to archive it here because it’s so depressing. Still, it could save hours debating with the tiny handful of centrists who are unironically calling to “sTaY aNd FiGhT”…for the decaying corpse of the Labour party…

Here’s some more memes of Keir Hardly licking boots.

I used GIMP to make these cursed images. GIMP is FREE open source image manipulation software.

Thanks to all the awesome freeware developers out there.

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5 replies on ““sTaY aNd FiGhT” lol”

[…] sTaY aNd FiGhT tho’, the privileged wings of The Landlords Party membership say, (mostly without a hint of irony). Even now, there are still a few saying oH cOmE oN nOw, GiVe HiM a cHaNcE while others believe it’s a Good Thing that he’s forensically eviscerating socialism from Parliamentary democracy. Almost every time he opens his mouth he draws us in a little bit further, making us hate him that little bit more. The longer we’re subjected to his forked tongue, the more irresistible the hate becomes. […]


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