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The Kieth Steamer Hate Vortex is Growing Exponentially

Here in the United Kingdom of America, the conversation has turned once again to what the right wing media billionaires call “Leftist Infighting”

Yesterday, I watched Sir Licksbootsalot on LBC. I’ve dropped the link in here so you can verify what I’m saying but I don’t recommend listening to it, unless you have a burning desire to torture yourself. It was remarkable. In the first two minutes Sir Kieth welcomed the support of Jeremy Clarkson, a man who represents the very worst politics of this country. Then he laughingly agreed with Boris Johnson that it’s perfectly safe for ‘some’ kids to return to school. I can only assume he means poor kids because last I checked, private schools such as Eton, Harrow and Winchester are staying closed until September.

All the subsequent headlines about the interview have been about Sir Kieth ‘agreeing to undertake unconscious bias training’, rather than the reason why this ‘Cop in an Expensive Suit’ (as BLM describe him) is having to undertake unconscious bias training.

Murdoch’s The Times even spun it as Kieth ‘volunteers’ for bias training. In fact, he was challenged to undertake bias training because of his disrespectful attitude to the BLM *movement*.

Anybody paying attention will have noticed how Kieth operates by now. He’ll throw out a small, tokenistic gesture like this as meat for the right wing media billionaires to feed to the privileged chattering classes while he proceeds with his gaslighting fuckery unchallenged.

sTaY aNd FiGhT tho’, the privileged wings of The Landlords Party membership say, (mostly without a hint of irony). Even now, there are still a few saying oH cOmE oN nOw, GiVe HiM a cHaNcE while others believe it’s a Good Thing that he’s forensically eviscerating socialism from Parliamentary democracy. Almost every time he opens his mouth he draws us in a little bit further, making us hate him that little bit more. The longer we’re subjected to his forked tongue, the more irresistible the hate becomes.

It’s easy to dunk on Starmer because he’s so hateable. Having the Leader Of The ‘Constructive’ Opposition (sic) effectively cross the floor to operate as defacto deputy PM, thereby becoming a massive hate magnet for The Left is a good strategy…if you’re part of the ruling establishment who are shit scared about; the collapsing everything, the end of civilisation as we know it and the pitchfork bearing prole hordes inevitably discovering the entrances to their deep underground military bunkers…

I’m not saying Sir Kieth is a Cop, a Foreign Asset, a Domestic Asset, or a Tory plant, I’m just saying that I can understand why people are wondering which of these things he is.

So naturally, I started a poll on twitter to get to the bottom of it.

As @a_drug_vs_war pointed out though, these are not mutually exclusive categories, so if you feel he falls into more than one of these, choose whichever you think is his primary role and comment to clarify exactly what compound of Cop – Foreign Asset – Domestic Asset – Tory Plant you think he is. Please RT the poll after voting and commenting. It’s Very Important that we get this research right. It could be the key to escaping the Kieth Steamer Hate Vortex.

So, what can be done at this point? I honestly thought that by now, the discourse would have moved on and we’d be asking questions like, “when do we start ripping up all the concrete and tarmac to plant trees then”? But no. Here in the United Kingdom of America, the conversation has turned once again to what the right wing media billionaires call “Leftist Infighting”. This is like no ‘infighting’ I’ve seen before though. It’s more visceral and bitter than I’ve ever known it. As the parlous state of the PLP’s graphics in the Sir Kieth era demonstrate so painfully, all the decent graphic designers who slaved so hard for Corbyn and mementum seem to have defected to The Shitpost Left.

Perhaps we shouldn’t be trying to escape the Kieth Steamer Hate Vortex. Perhaps we should be trying to become it. Maybe that’s the only way to effectively exorcise the Blairite scum from the party. I mean, Kieth is clearly an awful human being and parliamentary politics would be much improved if we had another Corbyn type leading the Labour party, wouldn’t it? Or is the real problem the decaying edifice they inhabit, with all it’s lobbies and revolving doors? (This is a rhetorical question).

As ever, I encourage all disaffected former Labour party supporters to try anarchism. Once you get a taste for getting things done you’ll never go back to being gaslighted by the establishment’s party political pantomime.

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