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Two Minutes Hate…

Keir Starmer is 2020’s equivalent of the Two Minute’s Hate from 1984, except now it lasts for four years at a time.

Keir Starmer is 2020’s equivalent of the Two Minute’s Hate from 1984, except now it lasts for four years at a time.

  • What’s the difference between Keir Starmer and a bucket of sick?
  • The bucket.

If you’re also sick of Sir Licksbootsalot’s fuckery, you might also enjoy these memes of him licking boots and so forth.

As necessary as dunking on Starmer is right now, perhaps the best way to respond might be to also speak out louder for Palestinian rights. Israel plans to annex yet another 30% of the west bank next month, displacing 300k more people.

#StopAnnexation #Free Palestine

I use GIMP to make all my memes and etc. GIMP is FREE open source image manipulation software.

Eternally grateful for all the brilliant freeware developers out there providing us with fantastic creative tools with which to express ourselves with, blessings be pon you all.

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3 replies on “Two Minutes Hate…”

Hey fellow Occupier,
You may find the following interesting.
– note that this was over two days ago and there is still nothing in the Guardian or the BBC. I didn’t expect anything in Murdoch/Desmond press, but this takes the piss.
– I don’t expect anything to come from this, but the legal challenges if this is stonewalled sound promising.

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Hey, thanks for your comment! Always nice to hear from fellow occupiers.

Yes, I’d heard about the skwawkbox legal challenge. The EHRC thing is just another bland sounding “snouts in the trough” story though isn’t it? Since the MP’s expense’s scandal c.2004ish it’s become just another part of the news cycle. Everybody knows. Hardly anybody cares. Depressing as fk.

FWIW, I find the Skwakbox legal challenge thing encouraging though. About time someone started really taking the fight to these bastards. I agree that the odds are against them but just the fact they’re trying is brilliant and inspiring. I wish them every success with it.


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