Department of Post Truth [Post Satire]

There now follows a partly satirical broadcast from the Department of Post Truth to the #ScaredSociety.

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Don’t let UK Gov Plc’s Orwellian police state turn us into The Scared Society.



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NHS NEWS – SHOCKING VIDEO of Jeremy Hunt’s Visit to the U.S. [Post Satire]


Shocking video has emerged of pernicious ‘health’ secretary, Jeremy Hunt’s recent visit to the U.S. The video clearly shows the Tory sympathiser detonating explosive devices and destroying, ‘redeveloping’ a hospital in Gotham City.

It is suspected that Hunt may be colluding with the ‘Bane’ of our existence…


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Don’t Let Murdoch Shit in Your Head

#AdvertisingShitsInYourHead – read The Occupied Sun instead!


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SATIRE WRECK [Sci-Fi Comic Book]

A Brand NEW sci-fi Comic Book for the #PostTruth Era…















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Ghostban Investigations, Concluded.

Hello. Hope you had a good Christmas.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably in my dwindling little filter bubble. I would be interested to know who you are and how you got here…please leave me a comment or DM me. Nobody talks to me anymore. I’ve been effectively shunned online without having been told why.

I first noticed that Ann Narkeh Media‘s social media ‘reach’ had dropped off a cliff a few months ago, shortly after being booted from the Occupy News Network. Ostensibly I was removed for being too Post-Satirical…though with the current state of play, I now wonder if it was an opening salvo in the ongoing #FakeNews #PostTruth assault on humanity’s capacity for critical thought…

According to Techopedia, Ghostbanning “is a process through which a user is invisibly banned from a social network, website or online community. a ghost banned user can access the social network, review updates from his or her connections, etc., but none of that user’s activity, such as content or link sharing, is visible to connections or even general subscribers. This enables the website administrator to segregate spammers from the lot and to put ‘suspicious’ users under scrutiny until their activities are on par with the terms and conditions of the site in question”.

Ann Narkeh Media‘s flagship publication, The Occupied Sun has 4,773 likes on fedbook. On December 22nd, I reposted the previous ghostban report and asked people to RSVP in some way if they could see the post. One week later, only 27 people have ‘liked’ it, 4 people commented. Out of an apparent 4,773. Recently, the front pages I’ve been creating have been seen by even smaller numbers. Another weird glitch is that the page’s stats have indicated a consistent +12 – +30 odd new ‘likes’ every day for months now, yet the total has remained at the same number. It’s the same picture with virtually all my other channels.

It’s all become quite disheartening.

I abandoned fedbook for twitter, to test reports that it might be less Orwellian. Unfortunately, my interactions there only peaked for a day. Craig Murray apparently suffered a 90% drop in traffic after his site was ghostbanned on twitter.

I had never heard of ghost banning until I was ghost banned by twitter. That of course is the idea – they censor you without realising you are censored. People no longer get notifications when I post, and the tweet only turns up in the twitter line of followers who happen to be logged in at the time my tweet goes out. Those logging in later will no longer see tweets I issued while they were away. Most of my tweets no longer show up on twitter searches, and further restrictions are applied when people retweet my tweets.

Since ghost banning, traffic to this website from twitter has fallen 90%.

Ghost banning is a particularly pernicious form of censorship for delicate artivists like myself, as it can make you question the quality of your output, wonder if your stuff’s become shit, worry that you pissed people off…thankfully my ego is sufficiently detached that I’m able to analyse the situation fairly objectively and share my conclusions with you.

This isn’t the first time I’ve been digitally censored. I first experienced it on myspace years ago, then youtube…I’ve been trying to encourage the difficult, uncomfortable conversations that we are increasingly being forced to have for quite a long time now, under various guises and on different platforms.

It’s not about me and my efforts, or you and yours either. It’s not just ‘alternative news’ that’s under attack. It’s critical thought and objective reality itself. It’s journalists, activists and artists of all varieties. Musicians. Poets. Whistleblowers. Writers. Bloggers. Livestreamers. ‘Truthers’… and if you don’t care about all this stuff that we call ‘objective reality’, if you don’t participate in the conversation at all, it cares the most about you. The spectators. The consumers.

Fake News is just the latest phase of a full spectrum culture war which has been going on forever. It’s currently at an ultra paranoid neo-McCarthyist juncture, which is quite scary. The establishment do not want us to talk about the things we want to talk about. They don’t want us to think about what we want to think about. They want us to retreat into myopic polarised factions. Brexit or Bremain. Globalist or Nationalist. ‘Left’ or ‘Right’. Capitalism or Communism. Those who refuse to pick a side and fight are shunned, censored and worse, depending on how successful they are at promoting unity over division, or love over fear.

According to wikipedia, ghost banning is just the latest rebranding of a form of censorship which is probably as old as the internet. Stealth banning (also called shadow banning and hell banning) goes back to at least 2006, Comment ghosting (or selective invisibility) is another practice deployed to render individual comments invisible to everyone except the poster, in order to eliminate disruption it might otherwise cause.[1] Stealth banning is sometimes also called “Coventry” or “ghost-posting“. apparently…the history of the internet’s dark arts go way back (arguably before the internet…). It’s nothing new. As Orwell said in 1945, “The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary”… the desired outcome is to frustrate the user to the point that they give up, as I’ve done more than once.

Stealth banning can be detected by using an anonymous proxy service to see if a post is visible to a separate user; if not, stealth banning is likely to have occurred.

As far as I can tell, I’m either in a very small filter bubble, or I’ve been ghost banned, or both. Perhaps this whole little bubble of mine has been filtered? Maybe it’s one small bubble kept within a series of other bubbles, (labelled ‘dissenting’…kept well away from the bubbles labelled ‘conforming’….perhaps…). As I said, if you’re one of the few people still reading my scribblings, I would be interested to hear from you.

I’ve been giving this problem a great deal of thought over the holidays. Having confirmed what I can of the situation, broadly my conclusion is that it is more urgent than ever that we reclaim the interwebz. We must somehow circumvent these algorithms to allow everybody the opportunity to be meaningfully involved in the conversation again.

I’m going to write up Ann Narkeh Media‘s list of new year’s resolutions, which will be the strategies I’ve formulated so far towards overcoming this challenge and others.

If you’re in my small, but perfectly formed filter bubble reading this and want to collaborate on ways and means to burst our way out, please do get in touch.

Keep it lit.




Ann Narkeh’s End of Year Message

I’m overdue a break, so I’m shutting down to recharge and scheme radical resolutions for a more productive rEVOLution in 2017.

This article by Gary Glass for Real Media perfectly sums up my feelings regarding CHRISTMAS AND THE REPRODUCTION OF CAPITALISM how Christmas fails to reconcile the social and ecological alienation of Capitalism, instead reinforcing it.

“Christmas is a kind of bourgeois leisure-time devoted to excessive shopping, making it a pivotal moment in the continued reproduction of consumer capitalism. Pagan and Christian customs have been recycled since the Victorian era into the 21st century as aesthetic props for this annual revelry in the power of mass production.”

“A wide enough cultural rejection of the debt servicing that the Christmas tradition necessitates would significantly disrupt business as usual. Meanwhile mulled wine, twinkling lights and a roast are possibly all that maintains the social order from deteriorating into a real winter of discontent.

You can read the full article here.

I found it really uplifting to read somebody expressing so articulately that which I usually struggle with during the holiday season. Nobody wants to upset the one day of the year when we’re supposed to embrace our loving, generous nature…maybe I should just hibernate this year…

Massive thanks to all the Ann Narkeh Media supporters who’ve helped me keep it lit with contributions, collaborations and distributions in 2016. You know who you are. You’re the best, thankyou.

This will be the 173rd thing I have posted on this site since starting to document my doings at the start of the year. I’ve received about 600 odd quid in contributions from people who support these doings in that time. This has been reinvested in phone credit/livestreaming time, phone reconditioning, buying the domain name, tobacco, coffee and food while I was sanctioned by the DWP. I’ll update all the things I’m grateful to my subscribers and supporters for helping me with on my wishlist.

In addition to having been apparently ghost banned on fedbook, I received a report from a friend today that my paypal ‘contribute’ button isn’t working now… I last received a contribution of a tenner, 10 days ago. Prior to that another kind person contributed a fiver in late November. (thankyou both – very much appreciated)

If you’re able to try slinging me a quid or two to test it, please do and let me know if it’s broken or not. I am more skint than ever (as most people are…).


All this digital censorship mullarkey has been quite disheartening on one level, but I’m determined to take it as flattery and redouble my efforts. I’m an artivist, not a capitalist. I’m not doing this for contributions, (though they have definitely kept me healthier in mind and body).

I think my doings this year have been quite good even if the hyper paranoid, neo McCarthyist, militarised, corporate police state  1% don’t like it.

If ‘they’ don’t like it enough to censor it, then I (we) must be doing something right…

It’s not just ‘dissent’ which they are clamping down on. To my eyes and ears, there is a full blown war on people’s capacity to think and feel for ourselves. The corporate controlled culture is going hell for leather to destroy our confidence to express any true thoughts and feelings we might have. The 1% want absolute control over the popular narrative. Meme wars which have been going on since way before Orwell are being fought today. The internet offers us the means to democratise this control, but the battlefield is still not level.

At this juncture then, it is critical that wsiezethememeswpe truly understand what is happening in order to develop new strategies.

We need to burst these filter bubbles, break the algos – we must reclaim the internetz, Seize the Memes of Production!

This article by Frank Barker, for medium – CANARY BASHING & WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT makes some good points and offers some good advice.

“Remember that when considering what news sources to use we are not standing apart from the reading public and observing it. We are the reading public. We are a group of people who are aware that old media sources are corrupt, cowardly, untrustworthy and compromised. We are large in number, growing in number and able to persuade others of our viewpoint both on Social media and in the real world.”

You can read the full article here.

This Rubber Bandits guide to #PostTruth is the first thing that’s really made me laugh about the state of it all.

And thank goodness for Angus Hervey who compiled this list of 99 Reasons 2016 Was a Good Year.

No matter how bad it gets, never forget that there is good in the world.

Keep it lit everybody. Be excellent to each other. Have a Christmas.




Daily Wail 


  • Corporate Media is Making People Stupid, Angry and/or Fearful
  • The Results of ‘Talent’ Shows are NOT News
  • Thinking for Yourself is Now Revolutionary

NATURE’S ANSWER TO STRESS: Boycott Corrupt Media

The 1%’s corrupt, corporate controlled media banging on about ‘Fake News’ is the height of hypocrisy.

They pushed us past peak bullshit into the post truth era.

Satirising their dying industry isn’t even funny anymore.

Boycott shit media.

Think for yourself.


More from Daily Wail on this site, also from WailOnlineand twitter.


Seize The Memes of Production!

In the current Orwellian, TrumpistaniPost-BREXIT, Post-Truth, Post-Satire, Post-Apocalyptic socio-political cultural landscape, it is vital right now that we netizens of all backgrounds and persuasions engage in rational, truthful discussion with each other – as difficult as this can often be.

Humanity has been gifted the most awesome communications tool ever created, but thus far we have been using it mostly to share pictures of cats and other funny but pointless memes…




noun: meme; plural noun: memes
  1. 1.
    an element of a culture or system of behaviour passed from one individual to another by imitation or other non-genetic means.
  2. 2.
    an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Memes (especially funny ones) are powerful.

The internet offered us all the ability to express ourselves with unprecedented nuance, which we were woefully underprepared for. This new technology has revealed an overwhelming plethora of beliefs, ideas and perspectives, challenging everything we thought we knew about the human condition.

Hence cat pics, trolls, meme wars and now, ‘Fake News’…the latest phase of the establishment resisting our rising consciousness.

The difficult conversations which need to happen right now are being made yet more difficult by the phenomenon of ‘ideological echo chambers’. Harmonious group of people developing tunnel vision by virtue of social media marketing algorithms. filterbubbles

Overall awareness suffers when people have a narrow information base. The longer we spend in our safe little bubbles reinforcing our beliefs about the nature of reality, the harder the conversations which we urgently need to have outside those bubbles become; the more entrenched and dogmatic we become in our beliefs and the more we resist engaging in anything but vitriolic expressions of fear and hatred towards those who would dare disagree with us.

As Adam Curtis puts it, people have come to thinking that the point of it all is to simply agree or disagree with things.  So, we either hide in our ‘safe spaces’, or argue with people who disagree with us, within prescribed parameters of a controlled debate.


Meanwhile, multiple apocalyptic, extinction level crises are still converging.

***If you’d rather keep your head in the sand, stop reading now***


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