The Other Side of That Brexshit 50p…

Chancer of the Exchequer, Sajidd Javid has made no apologies for what he said was the ‘refreshingly honest’ other side of that Brexshit coin.

The first side of the coin which initially triggered many rabid remoaners earlier today simply read “Peace and something something with all nations“. Fairly fluffy stuff really.

The loony left will be apoplectic with anger then, when they discover that the other side of the coin is a caveat which reads: “Except For Those Countries We’re Helping Our NATO Allies Bomb and Steal Resources From!“.

Two brave UAV drones on patrol are engraved beneath the refreshingly honest text.

This post and that image are of course just crude #PostSatire.* Sad that I had to explain that really but there we are. It’s the Tories, what do you expect?

*Post Satire isn’t funny.

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