Cop Drops BARS on Amber Rudd in Poetic Police Petition


A COP has started a poetic petition to the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd to stop single crewing (screwing) them. It has been written in bars of emotional rhyming verse.

I recommend reading the whole thing but here’s an excerpt:

Last week I was hit, spat at and punched.
There wasn’t one day that I ate my lunch.
I held a man’s hand who’d just lost his wife,
I took a child from his Father who was wielding a knife.
I pulled a girl off a bridge who was mentally ill,
I locked up a worker who had nicked from the till.
I persuaded a battered woman to finally speak,
After seeing her every day, week after week.

At time of writing, the petition has received over 100, 000 signatures. 

As an artivist and anarchist, it gave me some serious pause for thought before signing it. Locking up anybody, let alone workers who are so skint they have to steal is extremely problematic for me, as is any monopoly on the use of violence, but still,

Not All Cops Are Bastards

(the ratio is debatable).

Despite my currently taking legal action against the police.

Despite my being appalled by their track record of endemic racism.

Despite my outrage at the way they are used as corporate-state enforcers to infiltrate, distract, suppress and destroy peaceful, democratic protest in the UK and worldwide.
Despite all these reasons (and more), I recognise that not ALL cops are bastards. I doubt very much that the individual who started this petition is a bastard. 

I’ve made the same point about ACAB before. Now, in light of the recent police violence in Catalonia, I think we would all do well to heed Julian Assange’s warning that this change of relationship between state and population threatens to ripple throughout Western Europe and America.

These ‘ripple effects’ have been ebbing and flowing for centuries…where are we now?

In the UK, where public police numbers have already been cut dramatically, private security firms G4S and Serco are soon to be given the power of arrest in a £290 million deal with the Tories.

We must prevent these ripples of neo-fascism becoming a wave as they have in the past. We need to focus on resisting the apparent rise of extreme fascism in the new millennium through all non violent means.

That’s going to mean more than just repeatedly getting our fucking heads kicked in for practising non-violent civil disobedience.

The Wrong Side of History

The police and security services are tools which can be used to either create, or destroy individuals and societies. Historically, the police have always been on the wrong side of civil rights movements. When they go native en masse tends to mark the end of one struggle and the beginning of a new one. This petition isn’t exactly going native, but it does send a stark message which deserves support.

Grinding down the public police while creating and now empowering private police as the war drums grow ever louder are extremely disturbing trends which echo the rise of fascism in the past.

I value, respect and extend solidarity to all those cops who are not bastards. Those who save lives and especially those who have sacrificed their lives to save lives; those who try to keep us safe from the fascist corporatocracy, rather than enforcing it; those who find a way to actually do the job of protecting people in spite of the impossible situations they are placed in.
In particular, I respect those who find the courage to speak out. Those who refuse to follow orders which they know to be wrong, those who blow the whistle on their colleagues who ARE bastards. Those who stand up to UK Gov Plc and their chums in positions of power.
Hopefully, the cop who started this petition will read this and know that they have the public support of at least one anarchist. I hope this small gesture gives cops and private security pause for thought the next time they receive orders to spy on us, or to drag us out of a peaceful demonstration, occupation or lock-on.

I will almost certainly lose a few subscribers for reiterating my position on the ACAB trope. This is a contentious point for an anarchist to make but I don’t give a fuck, I think it’s a necessary discussion, particularly as we are rapidly sliding into ecocide and neo-fascist dystopia.

In my anarchist utopia, we would still have cops but their only role would be to protect people from violence. As things are now though, I would far rather a publicly accountable police force than the clunking fist of G4S, an unaccountable, profit driven transnational corporation who have an appalling track record of oppression and human rights abuses.

Thought Crime?


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#StopDSEI because…

…the arms trade fuels fascism.

Stop DSEI because the men, women and children who survived the weapons sold at DSEI are starving to death in Yemen, in Gaza and all over the world, so a tiny number of rich people can get richer.

Stop DSEI because the global arms trade maintains an unstable, unsafe and unfair world for profit.

Stop DSEI because those able to seek refuge from the conflicts fuelled by DSEI’s weapons are persecuted and exploited if they’re lucky, or they’re abandoned to rot in detention centres, to drown in the sea and worse.

Stop DSEI because the revolving door between UK Gov. Plc and the arms industry reveals the absolute depth of hypocrisy to which our democracy has sunk.

Stop DSEI because Government ministers brazenly giving keynote speeches at DSEI this year include International Trade Secretary Liam Fox, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon and Security Minister Ben Wallace.

These men will almost certainly pass back through the revolving door to lucrative careers in the euphemistically described ‘defence’ industry.

Stop DSEI because their wars are fuelling the ecological crisis, through the war machines’ insatiable addiction to toxic energy sources and the politicians’ fear of the petrodollar’s inevitable demise.

Stop DSEI because the weapons manufacturers and deep states should be focusing their combined energies on mitigating the unfolding climate collapse, rather than facilitating unnecessary conflicts in an increasingly unstable world.

Stop DSEI because it is simply wrong to make vast profits from the unnecessary and indiscriminate murder, torture, censorship, surveillance and suffering of others.

Stop DSEI because even though London Mayor, Sadiq Khan; incumbent PM and peace activist, Jeremy Corbyn; the only green voice in Parliament, Caroline Lucas and many other decent MPs deplore the arms trade, WE are the ones with the power to actually stop it from taking place.

Stop DSEI because there’s another madman in  the whitehouse, talking about thermonuclear armageddon while the world burns and floods.

Stop DSEI because we may not get another chance.

Stop DSEI because another world is possible.

Solidarity with everybody taking action to shut down this grotesque carnival of death and suffering.

Join the blockade and occupation to #StopDSEI setting up. 4th-11th September, London Docklands.

In case you missed it, Aaron Bastani’s list of reasons to Stop DSEI are well worth reading.

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FAO: Cuadrilla & UK Gov. Plc I AM TINA TOO [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun



*These details have changed*

*This post has been UPDATED*


You frack with one of us?

You frack with all of us.

19th October, The Law Courts, Chapel St, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY1 5RJ

Following a massive groundswell of support for Tina, the court date has been moved to 9th December.

This post has been updated here.

#IamTinaToo #WeSaidNo

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Firstly, a quick rant…

Followers of this site may or may not have noticed that recently Ann Narkeh Media has refocused on promoting upcoming actions and demonstrations, rather than commenting on the partly political pantomime. Things were getting a little bit silly…


And that’s without mentioning all the Post Satire

The allure of the parliamentary spectacle is hypnotic. We suspend our disbelief, forgetting that the system is inherently corrupt. Even if by some miracle a decent group of people managed to ‘get into power’, very little would actually change because we would still be ruled by banks and mega corporations.

It’s worth fighting for that little sliver of change, sure. Every sliver is worth fighting for, but if we put all our eggs in one basket – particularly a basket as broken and corrupt as Westminster, we are setting ourselves up for a fall. Just imagine being a Bernie Sanders supporter now…or an Obama supporter on the day he received the nobel peace prize while bombing a wedding in Afghanistan…I don’t think Corbyn, or Lucas are corrupt, or corruptible – but the game they’re playing most certainly is.


We should not be kidding ourselves that a regime change alone would lead to a positive system change. We urgently need to be taking action outside of the stale, divisive party politics of the past. It’s time for real unity.

“They’re not afraid of Corbyn, they’re afraid of YOU

Ann Narkeh is proud to have produced what the Canary recently described as “some of the most brilliant front pages in Britain right now”  and will still be taking the piss out of the establishment for pure lulz if and when appropriate. It would be too easy and relatively ineffective to just keep creating populist memes commenting on a controlled narrative though.

It’s time to own the narrative.

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4th-10th September 2016 Disabled People Against Cuts want RIGHTS NOT GAMES. WEEK OF ACTION for disability rights. Solidarity Not Charity.



1st October 2016 Reclaim the Power and others are calling for safe and peaceful action against the aviation industry, with a family-friendly flashmob and critical mass bike bloc at a London airport, (to be announced nearer the time).



People’s Assembly and others have called for a national #ToriesOut demonstration at the Tory Party Conference, 2nd October 2016 – Birmingham.



Campaign Against The Arms Trade are rallying for a full year of action to make 2017 the year we shut the arms dealers down. Get involved here. #StopDSEI #DSEI2017

#DeAdvertise Climate De-Advertisement Campaign


***ONGOING*** Britain’s Corporations must stop funding climate sceptic propaganda with the advertising they buy in the Mail, Sun, Times, Star, Express and Telegraph. These papers are currently the biggest threat to Britain’s future. #Deadvertise to Save Britain…AND THE PLANET!

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Disabled People Against Cuts want RIGHTS NOT GAMES [The Occupied Sun]

The Occupied Sun

Disabled People Against Cuts (DPAC)

RIGHTS NOT GAMES 2016 – Solidarity Not Charity

**WEEK OF ACTION** 4th-10th September,  2016


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The Occupied Argus

The Met Office has issued a Severe Weather Warning across the Sussex coast for today, Saturday 26th March and this Bank Holiday Monday. Wind speeds today are 60mph.

It is expected to ease off a little on Sunday, though by Tuesday, they are expected to reach 70mph.

Love Activists Brighton contacted the relevant authorities to find out whether the emergency shelters would be opened up, to discover that apparently they are not.


This is not OK.

Do whatever you can to let our elected representatives know that this is not OK. Take direct action.

March With the Homeless in Brighton this April 16th.

Meet 11am, Old Steine

#OpSafe – #SolidarityNotCharity – #NoMoreDeathsOnOurStreets