An archive of original videos created by Ann Narkeh in various media and forms.

This page might take a little while to load because it’s full of youtube playlists. I’m in the process of mirroring all my best stuff on D-tube.

World Scientists’ Warning to Humanity: A Second Notice

A short documentary visualising the original text, which was signed by 15,364 scientists from 184 countries in November 2017.

I’d rather you watch it on this D-Tube mirror, so I get a little crypto, the network gets stronger, youtube gets weaker…up to you though. I haven’t figured out how to embed Dtube in wordpress yet, so here’s the youtube link.


Playlist of original subverts by Ann Narkeh.

Post Satire

Post Satire is the inevitable conclusion of post truth, which was the inevitable conclusion of reaching peak bullshit. Hence, it gets a bit weird.

This playlist includes subvertising breaks, unfinished and cut scenes.

Angry Band

Music videos for Angry Band.

Occupy The Arms Fair 2015 and 2017

Playlist of promotional materials and realtime coverage from Occupy The Arms Fair 2015, supporting a broad coalition of protest groups to occupy, to obstruct, to hinder and ultimately, to stop the DSEI arms fair from taking place in London Docklands every two years.

Promotional videos by Ann Narkeh. Livestreams from Tarpaulin Simon, Obi and various other fantastic comrades via Occupy News Network, edited by Ann Narkeh.

Occupy The Arms Fair 2017

Promotional videos.

Realtime coverage, edited by Ann Narkeh for Occupy News Network.

The Occupied Sun Headline Reports (2015)

More video reports from the Occupied Sun on youtube.

What Can I Do?

Pilot episode, dealing with activist burnout. Presented by a Compassionate Artificial Intelligence called, H.O.P.E. the Holistic, Optimistic, Pacifistic, Evolutionary.

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