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BEAUTIFUL TROUBLE: Still Elegant and Incendiary [The Occupied Sun Book Review]

…more than a book, it’s the serious artivists’ wikipedia…

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Seize The Memes of Production!

In the current Orwellian, Trumpistani, Post-BREXIT, Post-Truth, Post-Satire, Post-Apocalyptic socio-political cultural landscape, it is vital right now that we netizens of all backgrounds and persuasions engage in rational, truthful discussion with each other – as difficult as this can often be.


Technical [Freeware for Digital Creatives]

UPDATED 18.10.21 For anybody that’s interested in what kit I’m using, or who just wants to find FREE tools to express themselves with. I’m immeasurably grateful to all the open source, freeware developers and communities for providing all the FREE tools I use. Much respect to you all. These days I’m mostly using a laptop […]