APOLOGIES FOR THE ‘INCONVENIENCE’ (We’re Trying To Fix The World) #StayGrounded [The Occupied Sun]

It's time for a climate camp reboot, to set up a #PeoplesClimateConference and start taking mass, worldwide action to save our planet's life support system!

The 1% Media’s Headlies Scream: FEAR, HATE and CO2LONIALISM [The Occupied Sun]

#Deadvertise* NOW to #StopFundingHate and Climate Destruction *Boycott corrupt media. Boycott corrupt media's advertisers. Tell them why you are boycotting them. Tell your friends and family why you are boycotting them. Resist the destruction of our planet. Stop the 1%.


Here are a few upcoming and ongoing happenings to get on your to do-list and in your diary. Please help distribute this content, cheers.